Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1940

Chapter 1940 Jealous

Susan quickly wore it on her neck, packed her backpack, and got ready to meet the young man, only to notice two students coming her way. “Someone’s looking for you at the entrance, Susan.” “Huh?”

Susan was taken aback. Who’s looking for me? I don’t know anyone here aside from just a few people.

Upon walking to the school entrance with her backpack, she spotted a silver Land Rover parked outside as a young man in military uniform stood outside the vehicle waiting for her. “It’s you, Vincent.”

“Yup.” Vivian was as dashing as always, but his gaze darkened slightly as he noticed the exquisite necklace the Astorian woman was now wearing. “I came over today because I need your help with something, Ms. Limmer.”

“Go ahead,” Susan responded at once, sighing with relief internally at the realization that he just wanted her help. Yet, the man’s expression turned grim as soon as he spoke. There was also a hint of rage in his eyes.

“We’ve been dealing with a few cases of people having gone missing these days. According to police reports, this may have something to do with an ongoing international organ-trafficking case. That’s why I thought of asking the young Mr. Hayes for access to his information company.”

“What?” There was so much to take in that Susan fell into a daze upon hearing Vincent’s words. He wants to use… Ian’s information company?

The woman was extremely taken aback. Still, her astonishment was immediately replaced by a feeling of pride once she returned to her senses. My boy’s doing so well now, huh?

Later at noon, Ian brought Vincent to a new electronic information company that was newly established under Hayes Corporation and had the software engineers there help retrieve data on the trafficking group.

This company wouldn’t have been founded if it weren’t for Ian, and the fact that a local official had dropped by to seek the firm’s help within less than a year of its establishment showed how rapidly it was progressing.

“According to the leads you’ve provided, Lieutenant, we’ve only managed to come up with three individuals who meet the requirements. The first one’s a local fishery tycoon, the second’s an oil magnate from Ackleton, and lastly, Hugo Tilan from Southeast Astoria. “Hugo Tilan?”

The mere mention of this person’s name caused Vincent’s expression to cloud over.  Ian and Susan waited carefreely inside the office, not interfering much with what Vincent and the software engineers were doing.

On the other hand, the subsidiary manager gasped as he heard that name. “Are they talking about the Tilan family, Mr. Hayes?”

“Hmm?” Ian glanced at him, confused by his reaction.

“Hugo Tilan’s the head of Astoria’s underground world,” the manager explained hastily. “He seems like a businessman on the outside, but the truth is every underground industry chain in Astoria has to go through him. In fact, sometimes when the legitimate cargo ships are too afraid to carry our smuggled goods, we have to get his help.”

He let out a sigh. Remaining silent, Ian finally exited his game, opened up a browser tab, and ran a search on “Hugo Tilan.”

“Good Lord! He’s that terrifying? I can’t believe he’s actually in control of the entire region of Southeast Astoria! He’s even involved in some of the things we do. His resources are pretty much on par with the Hayes family’s!” the manager exclaimed.

“Actually, I’ve heard of this saying…” he continued warily. “In Astoria, the Tilans are basically Hayes Corporation’s evil counterpart. That’s what people in the underworld say.”

Ian finally glowered as he heard those remarks. How dare a criminal gang compare itself to Hayes Corporation? These guys obviously don’t know their place.

Now, he was ticked off.

About ten minutes later, Vincent walked over with his men and glanced at the people inside the room. “Thank you for your help today, Mr. Hayes. We’ve found our guy.”

“Where is he?”

No one had expected the young president of the company to actually speak.

He still sounded as frigid as ever, though.

It took Vincent a moment to accustom himself to that. “It’s most likely the guy in Southeast Astoria. All of Astoria’s underworld answers to him, and we’ve found out that many wealthy figures have gone there lately.”

“To traffic organs?”

“That should be the case, so we’re going to make our preparations right away. Thank you once again, Mr. Hayes.”

With that, Vincent headed out.

Ian had no intention of keeping him, but after seeing the latter leave, he decided to ask for Hugo Tilan’s details from one of the software engineers.

Hugo really was a force to reckon with.

Judging from its aerial shots, his residence appeared to be two-thirds wider than the Oceanic Estate. Moreover, the entire sea area in front of it belonged to him too.

“I wonder what Vincent plans to do. He’s up against such a powerful force. Is he going to be in danger?”

Susan couldn’t help but worry after finding out about Hugo too.

As soon as her words fell, the young man sitting in front of her turned around slowly, his emotionless gaze sending chills down her spine.

“D-Don’t get me wrong. I just… I figured that these bad guys could kill anyone without batting an eye, and Vincent’s probably going to send the police. I-I’m just worried about them,” she explained hurriedly.

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