Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939 Their House

She was right. Sasha and Sebastian didn’t mind, but if this were to happen in an ordinary family, the bride would be looked down upon by her in-laws.

Susan’s cheeks turned pink when she finally understood what her mother meant. She had never considered that before. “I-I didn’t know about that. You can call the shots,” she faltered.

After a brief hesitation, Sigrith made up her mind. “Mm. What do you need? I’ll have to prepare household electrical appliances, a car, jewelry, and the sort according to traditional customs. I think your in-laws have prepared those. Why don’t I buy you a house?”

A house? Susan was shocked by her suggestion. That’s expensive. One house costs at least millions. After we get married, we’ll stay in Oceanic Estate. Who will live in this house, then?

Susan couldn’t make up her mind. Right then, Ian came upstairs. The door to her room was shut, so he frowned and knocked on the door. “Susan, what are you doing inside?” he pressed.

Shocked, Susan ended the call and hurried over to open the door. “Ian, you’re awake?”

The tall young man stood at the door. Noticing her averted gaze, he brooded unhappily. Why did she ask that? “Who were you talking to on the phone? You chatted for so long.”

“I-I was talking to my mom,” Susan replied as she hung her head low shyly.

The call reminded her of their engagement. After resolving the misunderstanding, they confessed their feelings for each other and then planned their engagement. Everything had happened in the blink of an eye. She dared not meet his gaze. “Your mom?”

Fortunately, Ian was reminded of the conversation he had with his mother a while ago. The tips of his ears turned red. “What did she say?” he asked.

“S-She asked if she should prepare a dowry for our engagement. She even suggested buying a… house for us. By then, we can do anything we want without asking for the elders’ permission.”

Susan’s head was so low that it was practically in front of her chest. After revealing the content of her conversation with Sigrith, she couldn’t help but blush.

Mom was talking nonsense.

To her surprise, Ian nodded in agreement. “That’s a great idea.”

“Huh?” Susan lifted her head at once. “Do you think it’s a good idea?”

“Yes. We can decorate it however we like and live there. We’ll only visit Oceanic Estate during the holidays. What’s the problem?”

Huh? How could he say that so matter-of-factly?

Susan could barely hide her bewilderment.

I’d love that, too. I want nothing more than to build our own house together. Imagine how blissful we can be in our own home. Nevertheless, won’t his parents get upset?

That was what got Susan all worried.

However, Ian wasn’t worried at all. He knew Sasha was pretty busy with the clingy Sebastian and the three children.

Besides, Sasha was also an open-minded parent.

Thus, Ian agreed to the matter. In the evening, he received an unexpected text message.

Matteo: Ian, I heard you’re going to marry Susan. Congratulations!

It was Matteo, who hadn’t been in touch with him in a while.

Ian’s lips curved into a grin.

He replied: Yeah. Remember to come home early.

He was referring to the day of their engagement. That day was also their birthday, so Matteo should be home early for the occasion.

To his surprise, Matteo rejected him outright.

Matteo: Ian, I don’t think I’ll be home in time. I’ve been selected to participate in special training that will span a few months. I heard that those who complete the training would get to join the SWAT team. I must grab the chance!

After sending the text, Matteo didn’t forget to send a pitiful emoji to beg for forgiveness in order to emphasize how rare the opportunity was.

A flash of disappointment appeared in Ian’s gaze when he learned that Matteo wouldn’t be home in time for his engagement party.

It was an important day, so he felt sad that Matteo couldn’t be there for him.

However, he readily agreed to Matteo’s request as it was a rare opportunity.

Ian: Okay. It would be best if you worked hard, then. You’ve always wanted to join the SWAT team. After you succeed, you can attend our wedding.

Matteo: Of course!

Matteo didn’t forget to send a smiley emoji. Ian was reminded of Matteo’s cheerful smile, and his mood immediately lifted.

He placed his phone aside after their chat ended.

A week later, Susan was in class when she received a parcel. She unwrapped it to see a custom-made necklace nestled in a blue jewelry box.

The pendant hanging on the necklace was a pineapple tart with a bite mark made of rhinestones.

It looked pretty ridiculous, but she loved it nonetheless.

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