Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938 Dowry

Lana’s brows snapped together. Why didn’t she pick Matteo? That was because he wasn’t a suitable fit for the job. As an experienced police officer, she knew something was wrong with his reaction earlier.

Lana drove away in her car. That night, a black Jeep came to the military school to pick the students up. The person in charge had a list and photos of the students with him. Hmm, the number of students is correct. However, one student’s height and looks don’t look right. “Well…”

“Let’s go. Captain Warlow is hurrying us. We’re leaving in half an hour. If we miss the opportunity, they won’t get another chance to sneak in,” another man urged.

In the end, the students were brought away. The birthday celebration for the triplets in Oceanic Estate was going to be held half a month later.

Ian and Susan only received news that their families confirmed their engagement a week later in Atlantius. They would be getting engaged on the same day as the triplets’ birthday, less than a month away.

Ian and Susan were rendered speechless. They didn’t know what to say. I can’t believe Mom is this efficient at this age!

“Ian, I’ve prepared everything for your engagement party. You can buy a present for Susan if you want. Just let me know how much it is,” Sasha reminded Ian after she told him the date of their engagement.

Ian pursed his lips. She prepared everything. What else can I buy?

Ian hung up and came out of the bedroom to see Vivian heading downstairs with a bucket of dog food to feed Lotus. He followed her down the stairs. “Ian, don’t you need to work?” Vivian asked curiously.

Ian often spends the whole day in his room. Why did he follow me out to feed Lotus? Ian said naught a word.

When they arrived at the kennel, Vivian poured the dog food into Lotus’ dog bowl. Lotus proceeded to munch on its food greedily. Right then, Ian said casually, “Why do girls like dogs?”

“Hm? Why not? Look how adorable Lotus is. We also like cats,” came Vivian’s answer.

“Really?” Ian bore a doubtful expression as though he didn’t believe her words.

Seeing his reaction, Vivian started fretting and told her brother earnestly about what girls normally liked.

Upstairs, Kurt was watering the flowers on the balcony after he finished doing the dishes. He happened to spot their exchange and watched without a word as Vivian got tricked by her brother.

Soon, Ian came upstairs.

Seeing him, Kurt asked, “We’re going fishing today. Do you want to join us?”

“No. I’m busy,” came Ian’s curt reply.

He then strode to his room and slammed the door shut behind him.

Kurt shook his head in resignation. When Vivian skipped up the stairs with the empty bucket, he pulled her into their bedroom on the second floor so they could change their clothes.

“Vivi, I’ll bring you somewhere later,” he told her.

“Really?” Vivian enthused as her eyes lit up in excitement.

She was too innocent to realize what his real intention was.

Shortly after, they departed. Ian and Susan were left alone in the apartment in their respective rooms.

Susan was in her room, talking to her mother on her phone. It was pretty rare for her mother to keep discussing her engagement.

“Susan, what about this? Mrs. Jadeson told us not to worry about anything, for she had prepared everything. But you’re going to marry into their family, so I think we should show our sincerity,” Sigrith said.

“What will it be?”

“They prepared a bride price, so I need to prepare a dowry for you. What do you need? Just let me know, and I’ll prepare it for you,” Sigrith explained cheerfully on the other end of the line.

She was grateful that the matter was resolved peacefully. Thus, she was willing to spend her own money to prepare a dowry for her daughter and respond positively to the engagement.

She had been muddled for too long.

Alas, Susan found her action pointless.

“They will prepare everything for us. Keep your money for yourself. You don’t have to prepare anything for me,” Susan responded.

Sigrith protested, “What are you talking about? Susan, I know I was wrong. However, I have more experience than you. I’ll have you know that women are supposed to have a proper wedding. You can’t marry your husband without taking anything with you just because his family is rich. Even if the Jadesons say nothing, others will look down on you. They will assume you’re greedy for not preparing any dowry. Instead, you’re getting their money for your own family. It concerns your reputation, my reputation, and the Limmer family’s reputation!”

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