Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1937

Chapter 1937 Utter Shock

“Hello?” When the call connected, a familiar predatory voice rang out. Natalie cowered instinctively at his voice. Matteo added, “Who is this? Why aren’t you talking?”

Natalie couldn’t bring herself to utter a word. A long while later, she gripped the phone and stammered, “I-It’s me. I miss my daddy. Can you bring me back?”

“What?” Matteo was training on the training ground. Sweat dripped down his forehead, and he was taken aback to hear her voice.

Wait a minute. Is this the little crybaby?

Comprehension dawned, and he halted in his tracks. Silence ensued. He didn’t want to tell her that her father was dead.

Matteo hung up despondently. “What’s wrong? Who did you talk to on the phone? Why are you acting this way?” his friend asked in concern after noticing his expression.

All Matteo wanted was to stay silent. He would have difficulty breathing whenever he recalled the photo of the body covered with a white cloth.

Right then, their discipline teacher showed up. He spotted Matteo and waved at him. “Matteo Wand, come here!”

“Got it!” Matteo responded curtly and ran over to him.

A few minutes later, he was brought to the higher-ups’ office in the military school. There, he got to meet several strangers. One of them was a professional-looking woman.

Matteo glanced at the other students beside him in surprise.

“Captain Warlow, these are the students I told you about. They are the most agile and smartest students among their peers. Which ones will you pick?”

The discipline teacher introduced them to the lady after bringing Matteo and his friends into the office.

Captain? Is she here to pick a few talents?

Matteo fell into deep thought while his friends gave the woman curious and earnest stares.

As military school students, they were prepared to serve the country anytime. Thus, they couldn’t help but grow curious about why the captain came here.

Matteo grew excited as he recalled his grandfather and uncle.

Nevertheless, he didn’t know what was lying in wait for him. The lady brought him to a room and showed him his mission. His mind went blank after seeing the unexpected photo.

“He’s the only person who survived for one year after his kidneys were removed. We finally cracked down on the organization, thanks to him. Matteo, have you made up your mind?”

The female captain pointed at the photo of the dead body covered with a white cloth and the two gruesome scars on his waist before explaining how the person died.

Matteo’s body started trembling.

His mind was blank save for the fury that clouded his thoughts. He tried hard to still his rage, but the little crybaby’s plea seemed to ring in his ear repeatedly.

I still remember her sweet voice pleading with me to bring her back to her daddy. Why? Why did he fall prey to the bad guys? He’s an Emmanuel, and the Emmanuels are related to the Hayes family. Who the f*ck did that to him? Does the person have a death wish?

Matteo was on the verge of losing his mind.

Lana Warlow demanded, “What’s wrong?”

As she kept her gaze on him, she immediately noticed something was amiss with his reaction and demanded to know why.

Matteo was at a loss for words.

It took him a while before he regained his composure and replied, “I’m fine. I-I was just a bit shocked, that’s all. By the way, why were his kidneys removed? I remembered he used to be a popular celebrity.”

Matteo didn’t reveal that he knew Brandon in real life.

He knew that the police wouldn’t allow those related to the victim to carry out the mission—if there were one—to prevent their emotions from taking over their senses.

Indeed, the wariness in the female captain’s gaze faded away after hearing his answer.

“You’re right. He’s Brandon Emmanuel, a top actor seven years ago. According to our investigation, it was pure accident that he ended up in the criminal organization’s hands,” Lana explained.

“An accident?” Matteo repeated dumbly.

Lana nodded. “Yes. One year ago, he brought his daughter on vacation in Gronga. He ran into someone he knew, who was his ex-manager. It was this person who brought him to the boss of the criminal organization. He had lost his kidneys when he showed up again.”

They got the information from Brandon, who called the police before his death. Thanks to him, they solved an international organ trafficking case that had been troubling them for some time.

Matteo didn’t remember how he stepped out of the room.

All he remembered was that he went to the bathroom in his dorm and turned on the tap to allow the water to pour on his body.

He was afraid that he would act recklessly and feel the urge to kill someone if he failed to calm himself down.

Outside the military school, Lana was about to leave. She brought the students’ resumes with her but excluded Matteo’s.

“Captain Warlow, why didn’t you pick him? I’ve read his resume, and he’s better than the ones you selected,” her assistant asked in confusion.

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