Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1936

Chapter 1936 Crybaby

“I-Is Old Mr. Jadeson at home?” Sigrith asked carefully. Everyone in Oceanic Estate scared her senseless, including the housemaids who came to welcome her. Thus, she put on a flattering smile and asked to meet Jonathan politely.

Alas, the housemaids ignored her. In the end, Olivia had to come out to deal with her. “Oh, Mrs. Limmer. Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you that Mrs. Jadeson went out to cancel the reservation at the hotel? She isn’t home,” Olivia said airily.

“N-No. I’m not here to see Mrs. Jadeson. I want to talk to Old Mr. Jadeson,” Sigrith explained hurriedly. She was so embarrassed that she wished the ground would swallow her.

After all, she never knew she would be in such a pathetic state one day. Fortunately, Olivia wasn’t about to ruin things for Oceanic Estate despite having a sharp tongue. She ended up bringing Sigrith to Jonathan.

The moment Jonathan spotted Sigrith, his expression turned as dark as thunder. With a snort, he demanded, “Why are you here? Are you worthy of visiting Oceanic Estate, Mrs. Limmer?”

Thud! At once, Sigrith fell to her knees as fear clawed up her throat.

“N-No. Old Mr. Jadeson, I’m sorry. I really am. Please be kind enough to forgive me this time. I grew too arrogant and forgot my place. Old Mr. Jadeson, please spare me this once!” she pleaded.

All she wanted was for Jonathan to forgive her. Thus, she got on her knees willingly without any hesitation. She wanted nothing more than things to return to how they were before.

It turned out that being abandoned by an influential family was a horrible thing to experience. She never knew that. After losing everything, she realized that the fame and power she had dreamed of was nothing but a joke that wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Kneeling on the ground, Sigrith wiped her tears away. Jonathan was speechless. When Sasha came home with the kids, Sigrith had already left. Jonathan heard that she was home and summoned her to discuss the matter.

Thus, Sasha left the kids in the living room. “Nina, remember to take good care of them. I need to leave,” Sasha reminded Nina, the eldest among the kids.

Nina didn’t say a word. When they were left alone, she spotted Natalie sitting on the floor. The latter was cupping her cheeks as her eyes turned red. Thus, she ran into the kitchen and got a slice of strawberry cake.

“Stop crying. Even if you cry, your daddy won’t come home. It’s more important to fill your tummy. You can visit him when you grow up,” she told Natalie. Hearing that, Natalie burst into noisy tears.

Brandon’s illness had deteriorated, so shortly after Matteo sent Natalie back to Netheria, he sent her back to them again. Sasha grew anxious after picking Natalie up.

However, Brandon refused to reveal the truth. After learning of the matter, Sebastian told Sasha to take good care of Natalie and stay out of Brandon’s case. Indeed, they shouldn’t be interfering in his business.

She was busy enough with Tillie. From the beginning, she helped Tillie give birth to her child and paid extra attention to them until Tillie’s child was three months old.

As a result, she got so tired that her hair nearly went grey. Sebastian didn’t want her to tire herself out. Sometimes, it was impossible to change things as humans weren’t God.

Natalie sobbed nonstop. In the end, Yoel came to sit beside her and offered her his shoulder to lean on.

Sitting in a proper manner, he suggested, “Don’t be sad. My dad says he’ll come to pick me up after my little brothers celebrate their first birthday. I’ll ask him to take you to your dad.”

It seemed that he had inherited his patience from his father, Solomon. Indeed, Natalie stopped crying. She rubbed her eyes and turned at her shoulder to glance at the little boy who was younger than her.

“When will your brothers celebrate their first birthday? Can Momma Ichika take care of them alone after that?” she asked innocently. Yoel didn’t want to talk about it.

His wish to go home was destroyed after his mother, Ichika, gave birth to a pair of twins in Jetroina. They were both boys, so she was devastated as she wanted adorable baby girls.

Alas, she gave birth to boys. Hence, Solomon had to take care of the newborn twins and ensure she didn’t suffer depression. He also had to work, so he was pretty overloaded.

Naturally, he couldn’t take care of his eldest son.

Yoel fell silent and cupped his cheeks sadly.

“Why are you guys overthinking? Natalie, why don’t you call Matteo if you want to see your daddy? He can bring you to your daddy,” Nina told them.

Natalie lit up at once, and her distress faded into thin air.

She ran away to call Matteo, who always bullied her. Nina, who was two years older than her, trotted behind her.

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