Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1935

Chapter 1935 Cancelling The Arranged Marriage

Colton wasn’t willing to be Elizabeth’s puppet, but he had done many things starting from the children’s list. He was the one helping Elizabeth scheme things.

Thus, there was no reason for him to stay alive. He knew that his deeds were unforgivable, so it didn’t make sense for Sigrith to beg for his forgiveness. She’s nothing but a fool!

Sasha lost patience and refused to talk to her anymore. Getting to her feet, she shot Sigrith a look full of disgust and hatred.

“I wouldn’t have agreed to come to see you if you weren’t Susan’s mother. Don’t you have a brain? If you can’t even differentiate between good or bad, you’re no better than trash,” she mocked.

With that said, she stormed away. She didn’t bother sparing Sigrith’s feelings at all. Sigrith’s entire being trembled profusely as the color drained from her face. However, she couldn’t manage any retorts even after Sasha left.

In the evening, she went home to receive a call from the White House.

“Mrs. Limmer, the Jadeson residence called me this afternoon to inform me that the arranged wedding between your daughter and their son will be called off. What happened? Why is it canceled all of a sudden? Did something happen?”

Sigrith gaped in shock as she gripped her phone tightly. Her mind went blank, and she stood rooted to her spot at the door. Never in her wildest dreams did she know this day would arrive.

I thought the Jadeson family wanted my daughter to marry into their family. Their son has been clinging to my daughter all the while. Why did they call off the wedding suddenly?

That was when she started to panic. After hanging up, she gave Sasha a call. To her shock, the call failed to go through even though she tried a few times.

It was pretty obvious that Sasha had blocked her number. Flustered, she called Oceanic Estate. Fortunately, someone answered the call. “Hello? Who is this?”

Recognizing Olivia’s voice, Sigrith asked hastily, “Olivia, it’s me, Sigrith Halford. May I know if Mrs. Jadeson is at home?”

Alas, Olivia’s reply was harsh, even though they were on good terms previously. “Oh, Mrs. Limmer. I’m sorry, but Mrs. Jadeson isn’t at home. She’s on the way to cancel the reservation at the hotel. I think she has to cancel the jewelry, gowns, and the sort. She doesn’t have time to see you.”

Sigrith’s mind went blank as her face paled. She’s canceling everything? That means they are determined to call off the wedding. “O-Olivia, wait a minute. What about Old Mr. Jadeson? Is he there? Does he know about this?” she stammered.

“Of course, he knows everything. Mrs. Limmer, you know that he didn’t agree to the wedding in the first place, so it was Mr. and Mrs. Jadeson who made the decision. Now that you think Mr. Ian isn’t worthy of your daughter and have found a better husband for her, Mrs. Jadeson decided to call off the wedding to grant your wish.”

Olivia was eloquent enough to explain the entire matter in just a few sentences. She didn’t forget to expose Sigrith’s doing to humiliate the latter entirely. Sigrith could feel her cheeks turning pink after she heard what Olivia had to say.

Alas, she had fallen victim to her own avarice. Olivia hung up and turned to see Sasha descending the stairs with two jewelry boxes in her hand.

She flashed a smile. “Mrs. Jadeson, what did you pick for your darling daughter-in-law?”

“Oh, these aren’t from me. The Hayes family sent two sets of jewelry—one from Solomon and one from Saul. Ugh, I’m a bit embarrassed,” Sasha explained as she glanced at the boxes in her hands.

The kids were only engaged, but it didn’t stop them from sending over these gifts. Only family members who cared about the kids would get this excited over their engagement.

Olivia was delighted to see that. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. Oh, by the way, I mocked Sigrith Halford when she called a while ago. That won’t be a problem, will it?”

“Huh?” Sasha raised her head in surprise. Did she call? That was fast. Did she put aside her pride to contact us after learning that we’re calling off the wedding?

Glancing at the jewelry boxes in her hand, Sasha responded calmly, “It’s fine. If I’m not mistaken, she’ll show up soon. Tell Old Mr. Jadeson about it. I have to leave to pick the kids up.” “Sure!” Olivia agreed readily.

Shortly after, Sasha drove her car out of Oceanic Estate to pick up Nina, Natalie, and Yoel from school. Indeed, Sigrith showed up not long after she left home.

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