Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1934

Chapter 1934 You Are An Utter Disappointment

There were more than a handful of branches in the media industry—media studies, production, directing, and arts, to name a few. On one look, it was adequate to say those were not something that would pique Vivian’s interest.

However, as Kurt lowered his head to browse through the document, he noticed that Susan had circled the point “scene and costume design” under the directing section with a red pen. “What’s this?”

“That’s what suits her. The professor mentioned that other than the actors’ superb acting skills, the success of a film is also closely tied to these two factors. For instance, that wildly popular drama rose to fame because of its costume, props, and makeup.” Susan found some images of that particular film as she patiently explained.

As an incredibly clever youth, Kurt immediately understood upon seeing the documents before him. Even his eyes lit up in realization.

Above all, Vivian’s name would be equivalent to a living signboard if she could make a breakthrough in that aspect of the film industry. When that happened, directing anything she was interested in, including documentaries, dramas, and fashion shows, would not be a problem.

She’ll be able to film and coordinate everything by herself. There’s nothing she isn’t capable of, right?

With that, Kurt grabbed everything and strode out.

In no time, Susan walked out of the architecture faculty and coincidentally ran into Ian at the school’s central square. As the two exchanged glances from a distance away, the smile on their lips grew increasingly brighter.

“When did you go over there?”

“Oh… While you two were busy taking photos. Is everything resolved?”

As they strolled along the forested trail, Susan dared not look at the youth beside her. She walked awkwardly and deliberately kept a distance between them.

It was probably the first time the two walked side by side after their relationship’s breakthrough.

There was no doubt it was an awkward moment—and also a nervous one.

Susan lowered her head and stared at her toes.


All of a sudden, a student riding a bicycle appeared from behind.

Shocked, Susan was about to move aside when a large hand reached out to her shoulder and tugged at her. In the next second, she found herself landing directly into his embrace.

Susan was so startled her mind went blank.

Her heart thumped so wildly that it almost felt like it was about to leap out of her chest.

“Are you all right?” Ian seemed slightly unsettled too.

Vividly sensing Susan’s soft and warm skin resting in his palms, coupled with the scent of her silky hair lingering around his nostrils, he felt the tips of his ears burning red.

However, he did not loosen his grip.

“I-I’m fine.” Leaning against Ian’s chest, Susan felt her heart pounding vigorously, causing her to stutter as she tried to speak.

Nevertheless, it was apparent she enjoyed that situation since she did not try to break free. Even when there were passers-by along the two stretch of lanes beside them, she merely buried her head deeper into Ian’s chest.

As she listened to his strong and steady heartbeat, her cheeks began to turn bright red.

The pair eventually left while holding hands, with the young man grabbing onto Susan’s slightly quivering hand in his warm palm tightly without letting go.

It was a really sweet moment between the two.

Meanwhile, Sasha had once again found Sigrith. She had also brought along Mr. Glen’s recording with her.

“Listen to this.”

She took out the device and played the recording in front of Sigrith.

The latter’s face turned ghastly white at once.


“I’ve always thought that you know how to differentiate right from wrong though you’re a little dumb. That was why I was willing to lend a helping hand when something happened to your family.”

Sitting opposite Sigrith, Sasha appeared relatively calm.

Yet, her expression was slightly different this time. It felt like it was missing warmth even though it was peaceful-looking, so much to the extent her whole body seemed to be exuding a terrifyingly frosty aura.

Sigrith clearly felt a chill running down her spine.

“Sigrith, you’re an utter disappointment. It turns out you’ve attributed your husband’s death to my children and my husband all this while. Don’t you find your mentality extremely absurd?” Disgust and rage were apparent in Sasha’s eyes as she coldly snorted.

When Sigrith heard those words, her face lost all colors instantaneously. She sat there, unable to maintain her composure in the slightest.

“I-I… only heard them talking about the situation during then. T-They said Colton wouldn’t have died if not for that desperate circumstance. He died in their hands in the end.”

“Bullsh*t!” Sasha could no longer hold herself back and cussed.

“What do you mean desperate circumstance? That was because Elizabeth had been bewitching and misleading him from the beginning. She didn’t even reveal his real identity to him and made him become one of her pawns. Why didn’t you direct your resentment toward the Heard family? Why are you venting your anger on us instead of settling scores with the real culprit?”

Sigrith remained silent.

“Anyway, even if it’s true that my husband and kids caused Colton’s death, do you not think he deserves to die? Do you have any idea how many people he killed? There were over hundreds of children on that name list. Elysium’s matter drove Kurt mad. That was why he rushed over to the capital and killed everyone. Everything is Elizabeth and his fault! Does he not deserve to die?”

A wave of fury crashed through Sasha as she threw Sigrith a barrage of questions. She was very close to serving the latter a tight slap on her cheek to bring her to her senses.

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