Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1933

Chapter 1933 Bearing Her Responsibility

When Susan showed up at the television production studio, she saw Ian and Vivian busy taking photos. With Ian’s presence, that female celebrity also became much more obedient.

“Is this posture fine?” She flashed a bright smile and took the initiative to ask the two while standing on stage. While Ian said nothing, Vivian was so ecstatic she brought her camera up and began snapping photos wildly.

That sight left Susan feeling slightly relieved. Since they’re taking photos together, they’ve probably resolved their misunderstanding and patched things up. A smile crept up her face, and she turned around to leave.

“That should be Vivian’s brother, right? He’s rather impressive, isn’t he? His appearance instantly made a female celebrity obey him. Look, she even allows Vivian to take photos of her.”

“Exactly. I guess money does make the world go round.” A group of students began gossiping in dissatisfaction outside the studio after catching a glimpse of Vivian and Ian’s actions inside. Susan’s eyes darkened.

Throwing a glance at the group, she noticed that they also had a photography pass hanging on their necks, similar to one that Vivian possessed. Comprehension instantly dawned upon her, and she strode up to them.

“Hi, may I know… why you guys are crowding around here to take photos of that lady?”

“It’s an assignment we have to complete!” Seeing that it was a senior they were unfamiliar with after peering at Susan, one of them within the group impassively answered.

Ignoring the displeasure written on their faces, Susan continued to probe, “I see. Then why are you all standing outside? That girl is in there; you guys can head inside too.”

She was, in truth, rather perplexed. To Susan’s understanding, Vivian was a magnanimous person who surely would not mind sharing such an opportunity with her classmates. Nonetheless, those girls’ faces immediately contorted into an ugly scowl upon hearing her words.

“Why should we go in there? Didn’t you see that celebrity’s assistant chasing us out? Gosh, Vivian, that brat, is usually so laid back and always ranks last in grades among everyone in the faculty. But now that there’s an assignment due, she calls her brother here to help. Is there a need for her to study if she completes her assignment this way? Her family is so rich that she can probably afford to start up her own media company after she graduates. Why does she still need to come to school and go through the drill?”

Those girls spared no leniency with their words. Of course, those nasty remarks caused anger to brew deep within Susan, but she chose not to say anything and left to find the Faculty of Media’s professor.

About half an hour later, she learned from the professor that Vivian was not scoring well for the various modules since her admission into the school.

Knowing that Vivian was such an intelligent girl, Susan was appalled to find that her results were at the bottom of her class after flipping through pages of documents. “Sir, w-what’s wrong… with her? Vivi used to be an outstanding student.”

“My take is that she doesn’t seem very interested. She always looks listless during my classes. It appears like she’s merely trying to idle the hours away.”

Despite Vivian’s poor attitude in class, the professor was nice enough to share his understanding of her when he encountered someone enquiring about it. Doesn’t seem interested?

Susan’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

It’s honestly torturous to do something without any interest. This matter obviously isn’t a minor issue. Vivi learning something she doesn’t like now means she’ll have a job that she’s unenthusiastic about in the future. She’ll be in an agonizing spot when that day comes.

That afternoon, Susan chatted with that professor for a long time in the latter’s office. Following that, she went to look for Kurt. “The professor said that?”

Like Susan, Kurt’s mood instantly went downhill after learning about the matter. Truthfully, he had his suspicions too.

Yet, Vivian had done everything she could to keep the truth from him, mainly because she was worried he would chase her away for that reason. To avoid chances of him learning about it, she had even fostered a good relationship with her professors and classmates prior.

So, that silly girl has been forcing herself. That revelation made Kurt leap to his feet. “Where are you going?” Susan hastily asked when she saw his action. “I’m going to look for the professor to apply for a school transfer.”

Little did she expect that instead of confronting Vivian and helping her resolve her problem, Kurt would choose to apply for a school transfer for himself. Where does he intend to transfer to? To a school that offers a program that Vivian is interested in?

Susan was undoubtedly stumped. It was the first time she came across such a couple where one would go to such an extent for the other half. She knew well that her relationship with Ian was far from that stage.

“Don’t act recklessly just yet. Sit down and hear me out first.” It took Susan a while to calm her emotions before she could assuage Kurt with her analysis.

Bracing himself, he sat back down. “The thing is, I’ve learned from Vivi’s professor earlier today that she shows no interest in classes because she hasn’t found her professional hobby.” “Professional hobby?”

“Yes. The Faculty of Media, in the eyes of many, is merely dealing with the entertainment and film industry. Vivi probably sees it that way too, and that’s why she isn’t interested. But there’s actually something within the program that fits well with her interests.”

Susan took out a document she retrieved from the professor and placed it in front of Kurt.

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