Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1932

Chapter 1932 Warmth

Ian’s mood was getting better. As the morning classes ended, he glanced at the watch on his wrist, and realizing that it was still early, he got out of the classroom and headed toward the Faculty of Media. “Hello, is Vivian here?”

“Vivian? She has gone to the television production studio. A celebrity is visiting their faculty today, so she’s heading there to snap some photos for an assignment,” a student from the Faculty of Media explained. Celebrity?

Ian scrunched his brows upon hearing that. At the thought of how Vivian had to shoulder the weight of the heavy camera to shoot a person who she had no interest in, his mood, which had just turned for the better, became gloomy again.

Coming within his vision upon arriving at the studio was a large crowd flocking around the stage. Among them, he spotted Vivian at one corner, struggling to capture some shots of a blonde female celebrity on stage.

Alongside her, many students from the film major were also trying to take some photos. Unfortunately, that female celebrity did not seem to be very cooperative. “Ms. Lina, where would you be filming for your next project?”

“If everything goes according to plan, it’ll probably be at your school,” the female celebrity answered, her tone as if her presence was a blessing bestowed upon the students.

In an instant, an exhilarated cheer erupted from the crowd. Delighted to hear that piece of news, everyone in the studio angled their camera lens toward the celebrity and clicked their shutter button incessantly.

Like the others, Vivian wanted to snap some shots too. However, given how she had to shoulder a bulky camera’s weight with her petite frame, she was on the verge of getting squeezed by the other students. Right then, a hand held onto her from behind.

“Ian?” Whipping her head around to the youth, Vivian was thrilled. Ian nodded and pulled her to her feet after grabbing the camera from her hands. “This is the assignment you have to complete?”

“Yeah. The professor wanted us to start by taking shots of figures before progressing to scenes.” The visibly crestfallen Vivian sat beside Ian as she spoke. The resentment within her was so overpowering even the youth beside her could sense it.

It was no wonder why she could react that way. After all, that was not what she had wanted to learn.

Picking up the camera in his grip, Ian switched it on and browsed through the photos inside, only to find that they were of mediocre quality, taken from not-so-flattering angles. At once, his brows knitted tightly together again.

“Vivi, you can always change your major if you don’t like this one. Stop forcing yourself anymore.”

“But there’s nothing I like here.” Vivian clutched her head and said aggrievedly.

Ian fell silent.

After a long while, he abruptly suggested, “How about… a school transfer?”

“No way!”

As expected, Vivian violently objected to that suggestion as soon as his voice rang out.

“I’m not going to switch schools. I want to stay here because Kurt is here. Don’t worry, Ian. I will do my best.” As she finished speaking, she reached out to grab the camera back, intending to continue with her assignment.

Seeing that, Ian grabbed her by her arm. “Vivi, that’s not what I mean. I just don’t want to see you so stressed because of your studies.”

“Then what about you, Ian? Weren’t you also in agony? You even tried to remove your memory because you couldn’t be with Susan, didn’t you?” Vivian retorted.

Ian held onto Vivian’s hand, unable to vocalize a single word for a long time.

The reason was crystal clear. They both had tolerated the pain and hardship to be able to stay by the side of the person they loved. Only those involved in it would know whether it was worthwhile to go through such tribulation.

Eventually, Ian did not persist in discussing the matter anymore.

He released his grip and brought up another topic.

“Regarding Susan’s mother, I know you probably dislike her a lot, Vivi. But I want to remind you that I’m greatly responsible for it as I was the one who didn’t handle it well.”

“What?” Vivian sounded surprised.

He didn’t handle it well? What has that got to do with him?

“A-Are you speaking up for her, Ian?”

“That’s not it. I’m only stating a fact. About Susan and I, it has been my fault from the start. I did whatever I wanted to. When we encountered problems, I only resorted to extreme methods. That inadvertently caused Sigrith to have more doubts about my mental health,” Ian placidly expressed.

Strangely enough, he could finally talk about this matter calmly after talking it out with Susan in the bedroom that morning.

It was to the point he could mention his mental disorder without letting his emotions get the better of him.

Vivian was dumbfounded.

“So, do you mean to say that you’re the one who caused her to misunderstand?”

“Yes.” Ian bobbed his head.

“Besides, she knew about my character, and that’s why she came kneeling and begging me. Of course, she’s indeed being selfish. But I also learned from Susan that her mom’s temperament significantly changed when she came over. That’s why Susan suspects that someone instigated her mom.”

“Who would do that?”

“A housekeeper from the Heard family. He’s called Mr. Glen. I heard Eddie placed him at their neighboring house to keep an eye on them. Daddy is already investigating right now. You don’t have to worry about it.”

This time, Ian decided to reveal the truth about everything, including such a confidential piece of information.

At once, Vivian became wordless.

Her initially relaxed expression swiftly grew tense. Thinking about how that matter had arisen because someone had been stirring trouble from behind, her eyes glinted with anger.

“Why do these irksome scums keep showing up everywhere?”

“Fret not. Daddy will deal with it. So, you’re no longer angry now, right?”

“What is there to be angry about? I’m just worried for you and don’t wish anyone to hurt you.” Unlike her words, Vivian did not seem too pleased. She was still huffing in frustration as she lowered her gaze.

Instead of uttering a response, Ian merely pulled her closer to him and gently massaged her head.

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