Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931 Steal The Partner Of Another

She wasn’t someone to be messed with. When Vivian confronted Sigrun that day, Sigrun’s attitude was arrogant. She thought Vivian wouldn’t know what to do since Vivian had always been naive.

Despite getting caught, she wasn’t afraid and even threatened Vivian she would spread the word about how the Jadesons allowed an aunt to marry a nephew. Her words sparked Vivian’s temper.

With a wave of her arm, Vivian got all the information on the Lightburn family in her hands in less than an hour. Without giving the Lightburn family a fair warning, Vivian immediately published it on the internet.

Did Sigrun take Sebastian’s daughter as a wimp?

The members of the Lightburn family felt as though they were thrown to hell that night. The situation finally de-escalated when Lucius personally gave Vivian a call.

Vivian had Sigrun tell her everything from the start. That was when Vivian heard about Ian’s incident.

To be honest, she was furious when she heard about it and even hated Susan’s mother for it. She couldn’t understand how someone who was once family could become so cruel.

Vivian swore she would take revenge on her if anything happened to Ian.

That was why she was so worked up the night before when she waited for Ian’s and the others’ return.

“Kurt, let me tell you something. I won’t allow anyone to hurt my brother. If Susan deals with this matter properly, I’ll forgive her. Otherwise…”

Otherwise what?

Vivian didn’t finish her threat, but Kurt knew Vivian was infuriated when he caught the dark look on her face. It was the first time he’d seen her get so angry after Elysium’s incident.

Seeing it was almost time for class, Kurt took Vivian to the campus.

Not long after they left, Susan and Ian came down the stairs.

They were calmer than before, but Susan couldn’t help but be filled with worry when she didn’t see Vivian and Kurt in the living room.

“Did Vivian… got angry?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll explain it to her.”

Ian held an umbrella over them. His tone was much better now that he had relaxed.

Susan nodded.

After a while, they got on their bicycle to get to class.

Regardless, Susan didn’t expect the students on campus would whisper and point at them with furious expressions when she and Ian arrived.

“Is it her? She’s the one who took advantage of her background to be engaged to Ian?”

“Yeah, that’s her.”

“She’s too much!”

The whole way from the bicycle parking lots to her class, Susan had only received looks of contempt from everyone she passed by.

She was confused by all the looks she’d been receiving. Her strand of patience finally snapped when she saw the students still throwing her the same looks despite almost reaching the finance and accounting block.

“What is going on? Why are they all looking at me like that? They’re staring at me as though I’m forcing you against your will.”

“You’re not. Don’t listen to their nonsense.”

Ian nonchalantly denied her claim.

Susan didn’t know how to retort Ian.

Without a choice, she let him leave for his class.

After she stepped into the building where her class was, she saw Anna racing toward her.

“Ms. Limmer, you’re finally back! Let me ask you something. Did you really snatch someone else’s boyfriend?”


Susan shot Anna a look of confusion.

I snatched someone else’s boyfriend?

Susan stared at her best friend intently. “Who are you talking about? Whose boyfriend have I snatched?”

Anna replied, “Sigrun Lightburn from the Faculty of Business Administration. The entire campus already knows. What’s going on, Ms. Limmer? I’ve never seen you talking with that Lightburn girl’s boyfriend before. How did you manage to steal him from Sigrun?”

Susan felt like she had a ball of cotton stuck in her throat for an entire minute.

Me? I snatched Sigrun’s boyfriend? She was the one that stole mine! We were already a couple back at the University of Pollerton and in Yeringham.

Susan was so mad she only saw red in her vision.

“Anna, I didn’t steal her boyfriend. Ian has always been my boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend?”

“Yeah. We’ve been together ever since we came back to the country. We had some misunderstandings between us. That was why Ian came here, and I followed him here to get him back.”

To clear her name, Susan told Anna the whole story.

As Susan expected, Anna had a look of comprehension on her face after Susan finished explaining.

“So that was what happened. That means you guys are fine now?”

“Yeah.” A pretty shade of pink colored Susan’s cheeks.

“Our families have approved our relationship, and we’ll probably… get engaged on Ian’s birthday.” Susan’s cheeks blazed hotter.

Wow! An engagement.

Anna’s eyes sparkled at the news.

Ian was in the Faculty of Finance that day afternoon. He could hear the students’ comments were starting to turn in Susan’s favor.

They weren’t criticizing Susan anymore. Instead, they were describing her with surprise and admiration in their tone. After all, not every girl could chase their man over thousands of miles.

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