Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1930

Chapter 1930 What Else Do I Need

“That’s not true!” At the most critical moment, a slender figure dashed into the room. She was just like a gigantic hand that had suddenly appeared in the stormy seas, stabilizing the boat that was just about to capsize.

“That isn’t it, Ian. Indeed, that gene runs in the Soprano family. However, Aunt Sabrina is fine. Also, there isn’t anyone in the Soprano family who is like Uncle Sebastian. Haven’t you realized that?”

That person was Susan, who had been listening to the conversation outside. She stood next to Ian while holding his hands which were trembling slightly.

Even though it was already summer, his hands were so cold that Susan could not help but shudder. Ian was rather stunned to see the woman as he had not expected her to appear suddenly.

“I… It was just a casual remark.” A look of panic flashed across Ian’s eyes as he did not want to continue discussing that topic.

He tried to retract his hand, but Susan tightened her grip on his hands as she said, “No, Ian, hear me out. What happened to Uncle Sebastian has got nothing to do with genetics. Well, perhaps there’s a slight connection, but it’s mainly because of his childhood experiences and other things that he had encountered as an adult.”

Taking a pause, she continued, “But you’re not the same, right? You grew up in a loving environment with so many people caring about you. There’s no reason you would be like Uncle Sebastian. If a person walks down the wrong path, most of the time, it’s due to their own choices and factors other than genetics. Ian, don’t you understand that?”

Susan started choking up at the end of her sentence.

In fact, she was so scared that tears started streaming down her face.

That was because she knew what that meant to the young man in front of her. When she first heard the truth, she had a hard time accepting it as well, not to mention Ian, who was directly affected by it.

Besides, he was in so much agony that he had even chosen to forget his memories.

Susan looked up at Ian, her teary eyes filled with fear and unease. She was grabbing Ian’s hands so tightly that her fingers had turned white.

“Ian, you—”

“All right. Let’s go out first and let them talk.” Before Vivian could finish her sentence, Kurt quickly interrupted her and dragged her out of the bedroom.

Vivian did not mean to hurt Ian. She had only revealed the truth as she was too worried about her brother.

However, even if she had not said it, it was just a matter of time before Ian would find out.

After the door was shut, the atmosphere in the room suddenly turned heavy with tension. Susan was still kneeling on the ground while looking up at Ian.

“Ian?” A few seconds later, Susan finally broke the silence.

After what seemed like a long time, Ian, who was sitting on a chair, slowly turned back from the window and looked at the woman.

“Have you thought about it carefully? You do know what the future might entail if you choose to be with me, right?”

“There’s nothing for me to think about. We grew up together, and I know the kind of person you are. That’s enough for me to be sure about this,” Susan said resolutely while holding Ian’s hands tightly.

She could feel her heart aching as she met the young man’s sorrowful gaze.

In fact, she knew very well what he was afraid of.

He was worried that he would end up being like his dad and was even more afraid that their future children would suffer from the same fate.

At that moment, Susan felt herself having difficulty breathing as if she could feel the man’s pain.

She reached out and caressed Ian’s handsome face, which was pale and had a tense expression.

“Ian, you have to remember that I’ve known you for a long time. Back then, when I ran out at midnight to get you that gift, you’d already left a deep impression on my mind.”

The woman could feel Ian’s hands trembling slightly after she said that. The next moment, he shut his eyes.


Susan felt a jab to her heart as hot tears fell on her palm.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Kurt were downstairs, getting ready to go to school.

However, Vivian was still feeling very low. She kept looking back up at the apartment, wanting to know what was going on.

When Kurt noticed that, he tried to comfort her after they got into the car. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. By the way, how did you find out the truth about your brother’s forgotten memories?”

“I heard it from Sigrun. The second day after she returned, I suddenly saw a post on the forum that was indirectly scolding our Jadeson family. I was really mad about it and got someone to find that person’s IP address. It turned out that Sigrun made the post,” Vivian replied furiously.

Kurt was momentarily stunned to hear that.

“Sigrun? Why haven’t you mentioned this to me before?”

“It’s just a small matter. Besides, I’ve already settled it. I have also warned her that if she continues creating trouble, I won’t let her off,” Vivian answered casually.

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