Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929 Diseased

Kurt thought that Ian was the spitting image of his old man when the latter was being unreasonable.

“Mr. Ian. Firstly, it truly was your fault last night. You truly did keep the truth from her from the beginning. You could have just apologized. Not only did you not apologize, but you turned the situation around and blamed her instead.”

Ian was at a loss for words.“Secondly, do you not know your own sister? She views her relationship with her two brothers in the highest regard. She would always share everything with you, so when you keep secrets from her, she would feel hurt, thinking that you are treating her like a stranger. Got it?”

Once again, Kurt reminded Ian bluntly. Just as Kurt’s voice dissipated, Ian fell silent. It was as though he had been pulled out of his own world.

At eight o’clock, Vivian finally woke up. As she opened her eyes, she noticed her favorite blue velvet cake on the table, as well as Ian, who was sitting nonchalantly by the window, waiting for her to wake up.

Vivian was stumped.

“Awake? Go freshen up quickly and eat the cake. It’s not early anymore.”

Seeing that Vivian was awake out of the corner of his eye, Ian made a casual comment as he scanned the document in his hand.

Vivian pursed her small lips together before slowly getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom.

When she returned to the table, she noticed that the cake had been taken out of the box. There was also a mug of warm milk next to the cake, with its steam still visible. The milk even had her favorite sugar cubes.

It was evident that Vivian had a sweet tooth.

“Vivi, I’d like to apologize for my behavior last night. I was not keeping the secret from you on purpose. It’s just that… things between Susan and I are complicated. Because of that, no one else knew besides Kurt.”

As Vivian took a seat at the table, Ian put down the work in his hands and started explaining.

Indeed, he had not intended to hide it from her.

It was more of a subconscious decision not to let Vivian know about it. In Ian’s mind, Vivian was his younger sister. He had built a habit of wanting to protect her, yet he had never thought about letting her help him.

Not only so, Ian realized that Kurt had been right. His personality did include him keeping his feelings to himself and not letting anyone else know about them.

Vivian picked up the small spoon and ate the cake in small bites.

After a whole night of rest, Vivian was significantly calmer. Between bites, Vivian raised her head and looked at Ian.

“Ian, you should have talked to us about it. When you went to Yeringham on your own to look for Susan, could the troubles you faced be avoided if someone were to help?”


“I’ve heard everything. To prevent the two of you from being together, Susan’s mom tracked you down, knelt in front of you, and said that you’re… you’re diseased, and you two are not fit to be together. Do you know how heartbroken I was when I heard that? My brother is not diseased. If Matt and I were to have any clue—even if it’s just a small one—we would have been able to help, or at least shield you from the pain.”

Vivian was still eating the cake as she spoke.

However, at the end of her sentence, the mist in front of her eyes started pouring down as giant tear droplets.

Did she stay up late last night just to get an answer from them?

Of course not. In reality, her heart had been aching for quite a while, to the extent that she had sleepless nights. It was so painful that she wanted an answer, as though an answer would soothe the pain.

Ian was stunned.

His lips parted slightly as he gaped at Vivian. All of a sudden, it was as though something had struck his brain. In a flash, fragments of memories flooded to the surface.

Knelt? That’s right; there was a woman who knelt in front of me. She said… She said…


The fork in Ian’s hand fell to the ground as his hand trembled. The sound of it hitting the floor reverberated in the room.

“Ian?” Vivian was startled. At the sight of Ian’s odd expression, she quickly stood up and made her way in front of Ian.

“Are you all right? Ian?”

Vivian repeatedly called Ian by his name. After a few tries, color slowly returned to Ian’s paled face as he recomposed himself.

So this is the memory I had suppressed. This is the reason—the true reason—why I had left Susan.

Ian’s finger turned cold. Within a matter of seconds, a sense of despair weighed on his heart, choking the breath out of him.


“Vivi, tell me. Do you… Do you think that I’ll be like Daddy? Do I… really have a psychological condition?”


Vivian immediately rejected the idea with a firm voice. She looked at her brother with an agitated expression. The tearing pain in her heart caused her just-dried eyes to water once again.

“You’re not diseased! You’re healthy and perfectly fine! Also, Daddy doesn’t have psychological illnesses either! He was forced to be like that!” Vivian denied the idea. Her voice raised higher and higher with each sentence she said.

Kurt and Susan finally heard the commotion from downstairs.

The two of them exchanged glances before bolting upstairs.

Just as they reached the bedroom door, Susan heard a sentence that scared the daylights out of her.

“But, it is true that psychosis runs in the family. It was because of this reason that Daddy was locked up by Grandpa for all those years. It can’t be made up. Even when we were younger, I have always been different from the both of you, haven’t I?”

A heavy silence hung in the bedroom, suffocating everyone inside like the calm before the storm.

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