Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928 Grievance

No one knew how long it had been. Just as Susan was almost out of breath, the guy finally loosened his grip on her.

It was early summer. Thousands upon thousands of shining stars shone above their heads, unhindered by the cloudless night. Cacophony filled their ears as the crowd hustled around the city airport. Yet as the two stood feet apart in front of the car, it seemed as though they were oblivious to the noises around them.

All they could hear were their hearts pounding against their chests and their mingled breaths as they panted. The warmth of their breaths heated their skins.

Beep!Just then, a car emerged from their right side, about to leave. Seeing the pair frozen in a daze, the driver honked at them, annoyed that the pair were blocking the path.

Susan jolted out of her daze. With lightning speed, she shoved the man away from her and ducked into the car without looking back.

Ian fell silent.

It was somewhat out of character for him to do something as daring. Flustered, he scrambled into the car as well, with his ears all red.

The pair rode in awkward silence all the way to Atlantius. In the end, it was Vivian who broke the silence. Vivian, along with Kurt, had been sitting on the couch and waiting for their return. Upon their arrival, Vivian immediately leaped to her feet.

“You guys are finally back! Quick, Susan, tell me. What’s going on? Since when have you two become a thing?”

Vivian’s curiosity about the topic was the reason she was willing to stay up late. She had been pondering on that question for quite some time, and she was impatient to finally be able to ask it out loud.

A furious blush flared up in Susan’s face.

She tossed a glance at Kurt, who was standing next to Vivian. To her surprise, a look of resignation was written all over Kurt’s face. It was as though staying up along with Vivian took quite a toll on him.

“Go on, tell me. What’s going on? I’ve been confused out of my mind. Since when has your relationship shifted to romance? It can’t be like what the rumors are saying and that you’re forced to date each other, right?”

Vivian was getting a little irritated.

From her perspective, she was supposed to be considered family by both of them. Keeping something so huge from her was unacceptable.

Panic shot up Susan’s chest as she stammered, “N-No, Vivi. L-Let me explain. The two of us, uh, w-we…”

“Why are you explaining yourself to her? Didn’t she keep us in the dark when she was having issues with those behind her back?”

Unexpectedly, before Susan could say anything, Ian cut her off. The latter had been standing quietly behind her before making the snide remark out of impatience.

At first, Vivian had intended to wait for an answer. However, after Ian’s comment, Vivian’s pale face instantly reddened in fury. She stared daggers at Ian as the rim around her eyes turned bloodshot.

“You’re both unbelievable!”

Stomping her feet, Vivian turned around and dashed up the stairs, leaving Kurt gaping at her in disbelief.

Poor Kurt was dumbfounded.

Is she really angry?

Instinctively, Kurt wanted to chase after her, but after a second of thinking, he decided to deal with Ian first. With an unpleasant tone in his voice, Kurt warned, “Don’t cross the line. You just got the girl, and you’re already tossing your own sister aside because of the girl? Is that how you should act?”

With that being said, he headed upstairs without another word.

Susan’s face turned pale before blushing at Kurt’s words.

Just as she was about to chase after Vivian to explain the situation, Ian grabbed her by her arm before she could even take the first step.

“Ian, what—”

“Talk to her tomorrow. She’s not calm enough right now.”

With just a casual comment, Ian pulled her into the bedroom.

That night, Vivian waited bitterly in her room for the pair to explain themselves, but to no avail. Disappointment filled her heart as tears began rolling down her cheeks. In the end, it was Kurt who slowly coaxed her to sleep. Even after Vivian had fallen asleep, her frustrated tears still lingered on her long eyelashes.

After all, she had the right to feel aggrieved.

Ian had kept such a huge thing from her. Sometimes she wondered if the former still considered her as his biological sister.

Not only so, but Ian had also talked back at her in a menacing manner. Ever since they were children, Ian had never raised his voice at her. Yet because of another woman, Ian had snapped at her that night.

With a heart filled with frustrations and disappointments, Vivian drifted off to sleep. As Kurt was pulling a blanket over her shoulders, he heard her mutter in her dreams, “Matt…”

She truly does seem like a baby.

Kurt shook his head in mild exasperation.

The next morning, Kurt woke up around seven o’clock. When Susan had not been around for the past few days, it was Kurt who had been preparing breakfast.

Out of habit, Kurt went over to the room next to his to check up on Vivian. To his surprise, the door was already open. Without hesitation, he went over to take a look inside.

“It’s you?”

Kurt stared at the tall outline in disbelief. The person inside was placing a small cake on the small table in front of Vivian’s bed.

Indeed, the person inside the room was Ian.

He was dressed in workout attire with a cap on his head. Peeking from below the cap was a forehead drenched in droplets of sweat.

It was as though he had gone for a long workout session since early in the morning.

Ian did, in fact, go out early in the morning.

After placing the cake on the table, Ian took out the earphones in his ears and strode toward the door.

Kurt said nothing as Ian made his way toward him.

“Why did you stir up trouble last night?”

Kurt remained speechless.

Stir up trouble? It was just a mere reminder.

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