Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1927

Chapter 1927 The Price of Saying The Wrong Things

After a while, Susan continued to eat her food and replied, “It’s up to you. However, please remember not to stay close to the socialites anymore. I’d rather see you dancing with the ordinary women in the square.”

“I won’t go!” Sigrith mumbled, expressing her unwillingness. Susan stopped persuading Sigrith, for she knew Sigrith wouldn’t listen to her. After dinner, Susan dragged her luggage out and wanted to call a taxi to the airport.

She spotted a silver car parked outside the apartment as soon as she got downstairs. The car windows rolled down, revealing Mark as the driver. “Susan, are you heading to the airport? Mrs. Jadeson asked me to pick you up.”

Susan expressed her gratitude and quickly hopped in. As the car sped down the road, Mark only chatted casually with Susan. However, Susan seemed to be deep in thought.

When they were almost at the airport, she finally said, “Mr. Stewart, can you do me a favor?”

“Go ahead and say it,” Mark responded without hesitation. Nonetheless, what Susan said next was a bolt from the blue to him.

“Mr. Stewart, I don’t know if my guess is correct, but something is wrong with my mom. Ever since my dad passed away, she taught us to be nice to Mr. Hayes and the others and be grateful to them. Also, we have to repay them after we’ve grown up.”

She paused for a while and added, “However, I feel she holds a deep grudge against Mrs. Hayes and the others now. Furthermore, she is displeased with how close I am to everyone at Oceanic Estate. She will get mad whenever she finds out I go there or Mrs. Hayes drives me home. Mr. Stewart, she wasn’t like that in the past. Even if she quarreled with Mrs. Hayes before, I can’t believe her attitude toward them would upend.”

As Susan spoke, tears uncontrollably streamed down her face due to worry.

Mark quickly pulled over and comforted her, “All right. Please don’t be upset. I’ll inform Mr. Hayes once I’m back. Rest assured that everything will be fine once he looks into the matter.”

Susan felt relieved after she heard Mark’s assurance. “Okay.”

He’s right. After all, everything can be resolved as long as a god-like man like Mr. Hayes decides to interfere!

Hence, she went abroad with relief.

It was already midnight when Susan arrived at the airport in Yartran’s capital and came out with her luggage.

Although she contacted someone before boarding the plane, she couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious when she set foot in another country.

Will he come here? After all, he has to drive for three hours from Atlantius to the airport.

As she restlessly exited the airport, she saw a red Lamborghini in the parking area at the front.

At that moment, she unknowingly thought the car’s headlights were like two bright beams of light amid the pitch-black night.

Although the lights shone on her for only a few seconds, her eyes began to feel slightly tired.

“Did you lose your intellect during your trip?”

While Susan felt emotional, someone suddenly pulled something off her ear.

As her body shivered, she quickly turned around and saw a handsome young man in a black jacket standing behind her.

The man with a cold expression was none other than Ian. He was holding the earphones he had taken from Susan’s ears.

Susan was at a loss for words.

No wonder I didn’t see him or hear any of his movements.

Susan lowered her head in embarrassment.

“I… I forgot. Did you go in just now? I didn’t see you when I came out from that exit.”

As Susan wanted to diffuse the awkwardness in the air, the seemingly unhappy Ian grabbed her collar and dragged her toward the car.

Susan was startled for a while before she could hastily come up with some words.

“Ian, don’t do this. I’m not Vivi. Let go of me now. You’re stepping out of line! I’m your aunt!”


The next moment, Ian threw Susan onto the car and sprang upon her.

“What did you say? Come again?”

How terrifying!

His tall and sturdy figure was like an iron tower that entirely encapsulated Susan. Besides, his alluring gaze, coupled with a surge of emotion, sent a chill down her spine.

At that time, Susan’s mind went blank.

Earlier, she instinctively blurted out a few words, for she was too nervous and scared.

While Ian seemingly wanted to devour her, Susan shrunk back like a fawn that was frightened.

“I… I said the wrong thing. I’m not… your aunt…”

“Well, who are you to me then?”

Susan gulped when she heard the question. After a while, she finally mustered up her courage to cautiously ask him back, “Uh… Your girlfriend?”

Girlfriend? With a question mark?

Ian stared at Susan with his darkening gaze, exuding a growing sense of coldness. Moments later, he grabbed her head with his slender fingers and kissed her lips ferociously.

All Susan could feel was a buzzing in her head.

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