Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925 Sasha Is Too Enthusiastic

Susan, currently in Jasper Lake, couldn’t calm herself down that day. After all, she never thought Sasha and the others would act so quickly and create such a grand scene.

While she was at a loss, Sigrith said, “Are you satisfied now? Your melodramatic wedding is akin to a national-level event.” Instantly, Susan’s face turned pale, for she didn’t expect to receive Sigrith’s mockery about her wedding.

“Mom, why did you say so? What’s wrong with Susan marrying into the Jadesons? You didn’t have to be that harsh,” Timothy couldn’t help but scold Sigrith when he heard her thinly-veiled mockery.

Once he finished, Sigrith stopped holding back her dissatisfaction and argued, “Did I say anything wrong? Didn’t I express my excitement? The Limmer family will finally cement ties with the Jadeson family and become wealthy forever. How could I not be happy?”


Timothy was furious and rendered speechless. In the end, Susan decided to stop Timothy from arguing with Sigrith.

“Timothy, aren’t you supposed to head to the university? It has been many days, right? Let me buy a flight ticket for you. Is that okay?” “But—”

“All right. I’ve heard that the Neal family’s company has recently signed an agreement with you. Hence, you can work for their company as soon as you graduate. Is that correct?”

Susan delicately changed the subject of the conversation and successfully distracted Timothy from the argument with Sigrith. Hence, Timothy no longer looked as tensed.

“Yes. I worked in their family’s hotel for two months during my summer holiday. During that time, Zaylynn’s dad realized I was good at developing software, especially games. Consequently, he suggested forming a partnership with me after I finish my studies.”


A glint of surprise flashed across Susan’s eyes once Timothy explained it. She was aware Timothy loved playing games. All the more so, he had been passionate about computers since he was young.

Understandably, she was excited upon knowing that someone intended to invest in him.

With that, Susan ignored Sigrith and quickly booked a flight ticket for Timothy on the same day. Then, she took him out to buy some gifts for a certain someone.

Feeling confused, Timothy asked, “Why should I give her a present? I mean, I’m not that close to her anyway.”


Filled with slight dismay, Susan hit his head and retorted, “You managed to enter and work in the Neal family’s hotel because of your relationship with her. Besides, her dad was impressed by your talent and wanted to invest in and collaborate with you. So how can you say you’re not close to her?”


“Moreover, I didn’t ask you to buy something for her. Just buy some local specialties of Jadeborough for her parents. After all, you should be grateful to them for valuing your talent.”

The thoughtless Timothy seemed to have understood it. After Susan patiently educated him, he stopped being hesitant and decided to heed her advice.

Later, they visited many stores on the streets and bought a lot of local specialties, especially baked apple roses.

Susan bought a lot of them once she recalled Vivian liked the food very much.

Feeling curious at the sight of it, Timothy asked, “Why are you buying these?”

Susan replied, “The gifts are for Zaylynn. I know many girls love them. She can distribute them to her friends whenever she wants to. Doesn’t she have many friends?”

Timothy didn’t know how to respond upon hearing it.

Why are girls so troublesome?

When they had finished buying everything and were about to go home, they passed by a store and coincidentally saw Sasha. She was shopping with her sister-in-law from Gossamer Creek.

“Huh? Sasha, isn’t that Susan? What a coincidence!”

“Where is she?”

Sasha had stepped into a jewelry store but turned around excitedly once she heard it.

About ten minutes later, she dragged Susan to the jewelry store and urged her to look at the various jewelry.

“Susan, which one do you like the most? Don’t be nervous. I’m just looking around with your future aunt-in-law. Anyway, feel free to pick the one that you think is the best. I’m sure a young lady like you has good taste.”

Although Sasha was honey-tongued, Susan wasn’t naive and instantly knew her intention.

In the end, Susan didn’t specifically say which item she liked but claimed that all jewelry in the store was beautiful.

Nevertheless, Sasha felt conflicted when she heard Susan’s response. “All? I can’t buy everything, can I?”

Feeling shocked, Sasha’s sister-in-law quickly pointed at the most treasured item in the store. “Well… Sasha, I think the jade bracelet looks good. It’s richly colored and has near-perfect translucency. I’m sure whoever wears it will look beautiful.”

Sasha purchased the bracelet when Susan came out of the store. When Susan thought they could go home, Sasha took her to an haute couture store to order a tailor-made dress.

Susan was at a loss once she heard that.

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