Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1924

Chapter 1924 Hold Your Horses

109373##: What? This is insane! A marriage between those two families? What’s going to happen to everyone else? The Jadeson family is already powerful enough on their own. They’re linking up with the Limmer family? They’re going to be invincible!

Bobogirl: Exactly! Whose idea is this? The comments went on and on. Everyone was angry and violently objecting to it.

Not long after that, someone revealed that Jonathan had gone to the White House to propose the idea. He was very adamant about linking up with the Limmer family. This is the end! Everyone was lamenting the situation.

Ian was also stunned. Is this real? From what I know, Great-grandpa wouldn’t do such a thing. Besides, the Jadeson family is already so strong. We don’t need to form ties with the Limmer family. Ian went to school with an uneasy feeling.

By the time the incident broke out entirely, he had just finished his class. When he was taking notes in the classroom, a group of students suddenly appeared, and they were staring at him from outside the classroom. “Look! Isn’t that Ian from the Jadeson family?”

“Yes. That’s him. Who knew he would end up having to marry the exchange student from the Faculty of Accounting? Weren’t they relatives in the beginning?”

“I don’t think so. Didn’t you see the statement issued by their country’s officials? That exchange student is a descendant of the Limmer family. The Limmer family produces heroes in their country.”

The students chatted among themselves. While they were staring at Ian, not only were they shocked, but they were also feeling sorry for him.

Some of those who had talked to Ian or consulted with him before couldn’t help but approach him. “Ian, I heard about how you’re getting forced to marry the exchange student. Is it true?”

“You have such a tough life, Ian. Someone of your family background will never have a say in such personal matters. Even your girlfriend has now gone missing.”

“Oh, you’re right! I’ve only remembered that. That girl, Sigrun. What is she going to do now? Ian, I feel so bad for you.” Within a few minutes, everyone went up to Ian and consoled him.

Ian was confused. After staring at them for a while, he asked, “Where did you guys hear that from?” One of the students answered, “God! You know nothing about it yet, do you? Poor you.”

Another chimed in, “Exactly. Why are your parents like that? Ian, I feel so sorry for you. Since you weren’t told, I guess it’s better to just ignore the whole thing.”

Some of them even had tears in their eyes, and they went to the extent of patting his shoulder.

Ian was getting sick of it. He immediately took out his phone, cleared his table, and ran away after pushing through the group of students.

Everyone was dumbfounded. We’ve forgotten about how bad Ian must be feeling. Should we go after him? What if he does something stupid?

In the end, Ian found out about everything that was going on.

He didn’t get his information from the news, though. It was Sasha who called him and told him about it.

“Ian, did you see the news? Did I do a good job?” Sasha asked.

Ian’s mind was a mess, and he couldn’t find the words to answer Sasha.

Hearing no response from Ian, Sasha chuckled and asked, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking? Are you too happy to speak?”

After a while, Ian replied, “Mommy, the next time you do something like this, do you mind telling me about it beforehand?”

Finally, Ian had spoken, but he sounded irritated and helpless.

Sasha smiled. “All right. I’ll remember that. Still, are you happy with the arrangement? I was the one who proposed the idea to your great-grandpa. Your great-grandpa is from a different generation, Ian. It’s only normal that he has a feudal way of thinking. Besides, he had been a prominent figure throughout his life, so he’s bound to be prideful. Hence, I think the situation now is the best we can hope for.”

After composing herself, Sasha went on to explain the reason behind their method of breaking the news.

She had indeed done her best for Ian and Susan.

Ian quickly nodded and answered, “Okay. I understand. Thank you, Mommy.”

“Don’t say that. However, I need to know your opinion on the next matter. The White House had already made the announcement. If you were to get engaged at nineteen—”

Before Sasha could finish her sentence, Ian interrupted, “Did she agree to it?”

After being stunned for a moment, Sasha smiled and explained, “Why wouldn’t she? Frankly, we have a lot of respect for Susan because she had done a lot to get us to where we are. After I spoke to her about it last night, we only got your great-grandpa to go to the White House after we got the confirmation from her this morning.”

In fact, that was exactly what happened. They only got Jonathan to go to the White House after Susan told them Sigrith had agreed to it.

Susan is very efficient.

“Ian, what now? Do you want to get engaged first? Your great-grandpa was over the moon after he came back from the White House. He had even gone to the study and prepared a lot of invitation cards because he said he wants to invite his comrades to the happy occasion.”

Ian kept mum.

“Also, both your grandpas, Uncle Solomon, and the others had also called to ask about it. They wanted to know when the engagement is because they want to celebrate with us.”

“Mommy, hold your horses. Have you asked her about it?” Ian asked.

Sasha was confused. After a while, she finally realized what Ian was asking about. “You’re right. How did I forget about that? Okay. I’ll just ask your wife about it. Take care, okay?”

With that, she hung up the phone.

Veins were popping on Ian’s forehead. Who’s the one getting engaged? I’m the son, no?

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