Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1922

Chapter 1922 Miss Me

Meanwhile, in Atlantius, Yartran. Vivian noticed Ian had been acting weird for the past two days. He seems so distracted and jumpy. Even when everyone was having a meal together, he would just get up and run to his room. What’s going on?

That evening, Vivian went to see Kurt when he was busy cooking in the kitchen. “Kurt, don’t you think Ian has been acting weird recently? Also, why did Aunt Susan… No. I mean, why did Susan suddenly go back?” Vivian asked puzzledly.

While he was cooking, Kurt tilted his head and glanced at her helplessly. She’s actually very smart, but once she’s in her comfort zone, she tends to stop thinking and rely on others. Hence, she’ll find the simplest things unfathomable.

“Maybe they have an argument?” Kurt voiced. “Oh?” Upon hearing that, Vivian was stunned. They’ are fighting? Why would they argue though? Goodness! Did something happen that I didn’t know about?

Finally, Vivian realized something was wrong. She ran toward Ian’s room and peeked inside. After a while, Kurt heard her running back toward the kitchen. “Kurt, Ian is on his smartphone!” she said. “Okay. So?”

“So?” Vivian was dumbfounded. She scratched the back of her head and looked at Kurt in confusion. Kurt was speechless. After letting out a sigh, he passed the vegetables that he had just washed to her and reminded her, “All right. Let it go, okay? They’ll figure it out on their own. Now, you need to focus on your STEP examination and make sure you pass it.”

As soon as those words fell, Vivian’s beautiful face turned glum.

STEP was a mathematics examination in Atlantius. After she graduated from Royal Academy back then, she had to pick a random major in Atlantius because they didn’t offer a major in her field.

The major she had chosen was media art, and her professor had chosen mathematics as her elective.

Vivian was frustrated because she had never enjoyed studying mathematics.

“Kurt, I’m bad at it. My professor was angry at me when I failed it the last time around.” She pouted, and her eyes turned red.

If she were to fail again, it would definitely affect her chances of getting employed in the future.

Kurt was preparing the ingredients for dinner. When he saw how she looked, his heart ached.

“All right. Don’t worry. I’ll guide you. However, you ought to be more focused. From today onward, come to my room after dinner. I’ll teach you,” he said.

“Okay!” Vivian smiled.

She didn’t even know Kurt was just trying to keep her close so that she would stay out of other people’s business.

That night, Kurt had kept Vivian with him. In the room downstairs, Ian finally had some peaceful and quiet moments. However, he grew even more restless.

He checked his phone once again and saw no incoming messages. He had been checking the chat numerous times, and yet, he hadn’t received any updates.

Consequently, his expression had turned solemn. He narrowed his eyes, and he realized he couldn’t stand it anymore. Once again, he opened the chat and started typing.


Suddenly, his smartphone vibrated.

He froze momentarily because he had just received a text from the person he was just about to text. What a coincidence!

Susan: Ian, are you still awake?

Ian was perplexed. Why is she asking if I’m still awake? Doesn’t she know I’ve been waiting for her to update me?

He was slightly pissed, but he suppressed his anger. After deleting the words he had typed, he replied: Yes.

Susan: Oh…

At that moment, Susan was in bed, and she had been thinking about how to deliver the news to Ian. I want to tell him that I’ve settled the issue, and we should be fine going forward. However, what if those people at Oceanic Estate change their stance after I’ve told him that? After all, Old Mr. Jadeson didn’t seem too happy with me when I was there.

Susan hesitated for a long time before she decided to reply.

Right then, someone called her on her phone.

Susan got anxious, and she picked up the phone.

After a long while, she tried her best to compose herself and pretended to be calm. “Hello? Ian?”

“What are you doing?” Ian asked in a cold tone. In fact, he sounded a little angry.

Susan got even more nervous when she heard that. “I-I’m in bed now. I’m not doing anything. Ian, I-I went to your house today.”

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