Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921 A Celebration

“Don’t worry. As long as your mom doesn’t object to this relationship, Mr. Hayes and I will offer our full support. If you guys want to get engaged now, we’ll arrange for it. If you guys want to continue with your studies first, just go ahead. We have no objections.” Sasha smiled gently and gave Susan her full support.

Susan was elated. While blushing, she lowered her head and answered, “Mrs. Hayes, you don’t have to care about what my mom thinks. I have the final say.”

To her surprise, Sasha immediately shook her head. “No. She’s your mom, so you ought to respect her. Even if she had done something wrong, you are still her child. You must get her blessings on your marriage. Otherwise, your marriage with Ian wouldn’t work out,” Sasha said sincerely and earnestly.

Upon hearing that, Susan felt embarrassed. At the same time, she respected Sasha even more. She’s such a selfless woman and a good mother.

Susan then left Oceanic Estate.

After she left, Jonathan, who was sulking on a chair the whole time, finally stood up with his cane and grumbled, “What now? That’s it?”

Sebastian was just nearby when he heard that question. In response, he threw a cold glance at Jonathan and asked, “What’s wrong? Do you have a problem with it?”

Jonathan was rendered speechless. What a b*stard! What’s with that look? Am I not the head of the family?

“All right, Grandpa. Calm down, okay? Susan is actually a nice girl. When she came back this time around, she moved out from Golden Heights so that she could quickly distance Sigrith’s contact and all those socialites. Think about it. She’s smart, witty, and kind. Who else in Jadeborough is as impressive as her? We need to find a girl who’s intelligent and well-mannered, right?” Sasha immediately spoke up to ease the tension. While she was at it, she had also poured praises on Susan.

Hearing that, Jonathan’s expression softened a little. “I’m not saying she’s not a nice girl. It’s just that she had grown up at The Ataraxy. I’m worried that others might have things to say after she joins us at Oceanic Estate.”

“I’m not even worried, so why are you getting so worked up about it?” Sebastian argued.

Goodness! These two are unbelievable. Sasha was having trouble getting Jonathan and Sebastian to get off each other’s necks.

Ultimately, she waited until after dinner to look for Jonathan to speak privately. By then, Sebastian had gone up to the room to rest.

When Sasha found Jonathan at the observation tower, she uttered, “Are you not going to sleep yet, Grandpa?”

“No. Not yet.” Jonathan was having a cup of tea at the observation tower. When he saw Sasha there, he poured her a cup as well.

Sasha accepted his kind gesture and sat opposite him. “Grandpa, do you still think there’s something wrong with letting Susan marry into the Jadeson family?”

Seeing that Sasha had brought it up, Jonathan proceeded to speak his mind. “It’s not that there’s something wrong with her. The younger generation in Jadeborough might not say a word about it. However, people such as my comrades will have something to say once they hear about it. Have you forgotten about how Lucius had reacted the last time around?”

Indeed, that had actually happened.

Sasha took a sip of her tea and put it aside. “You have a point. How about this? Perhaps you could go over to the White House and look for the person in charge. Get him to pull some strings and link the Jadeson family up with the Limmer family.”

“What did you say?” Jonathan was stunned by her words. Is Sasha drunk? I’ve already told her about the embarrassment I would face. Why is she telling me to get the person in charge at the White House to make an introduction? Has she gone mad?

In a cold tone, Sasha looked at Jonathan and reminded, “Grandpa, don’t you remember that the Limmer family is an aristocratic family? Obviously, the White House is going to keep an eye on the situation. That’s because they don’t know who the future leader will be when a new round of power changes comes. Why do you think Sigrith has so many socialites around her?”

Jonathan was stunned once again. She’s right. Why have I not thought about that? At the moment, all the influential families in Jadeborough are eager to get Susan to join them. With her, the family’s status and influence will definitely be elevated.

Jonathan finally understood what Sasha meant. He stared at her awkwardly and uttered, “Your mind is… All right. I’ll go over tomorrow.”

“Yes. Once you’ve involved yourself, the marriage between the Limmer family and the Jadeson family will be official. By right, the White House should support us. After all, the Jadeson family is now one of the most influential in the region. Even if the Limmer family isn’t powerful, no one would be able to cause a problem. The White House will be glad about the fact that they wouldn’t need to worry about internal disputes,” Sasha explained with a smile.

Jonathan didn’t want to utter a word in response because he was pissed. He realized that whenever he tried to converse with Sebastian and Sasha, they would just shut him down with their intelligent solution to all his questions and trouble. So, is the Jadeson family finally going to have a wedding celebration?

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