Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1919

Chapter 1919 Do You Know Shame

That was a question Susan contemplated in the past too. Why did Ian erase his memories?

Back then, she felt that it was because she was not brave enough at that time. However, with the way the two interacted at Yeringham, and with how the young man had returned without a second thought when he heard that she felt bad about the comments from others, she wondered if he truly needed to forget about her.

Susan was suspicious about it. However, by then, Ian had already forgotten all about her.

She had not dared to ask him about it, and nor did she dare to ask anyone about it. Susan had been afraid that she would not be able to stay by his side if she were to make him mad.

It was only now she finally knew that her suspicions had been right—something else was at play.

“Mom, do you know what you’re doing? Do you know… what he had to go through because you kneeled before him? In the end, he had to get a psychologist to erase the terrible memory you gave him to carry on with his life!” Susan screamed as she fixed her bloodshot eyes on her mother.

The heartache and anger she felt were spilling out of her, but all she could do was bellow them in her mother’s face.

Yes. Does she know how badly she had hurt him? Does she think that only her children deserve to be treated well while someone else’s children don’t? “I… I…”

Sigrith never thought that the boy she had kneeled before and pleaded with had suffered that much. Instantly, she became distressed. “Susan, I… I didn’t think that much. I just wanted… I just wanted him to leave you!”

“But that doesn’t mean you can do that!” Susan roared. “When Timothy had seizures as a kid and was laughed at by other kids, you were livid. Why didn’t you think about what you felt back then, huh? Why don’t you think about how his mother felt when you called him a freak? How can you be so selfish?”

Susan burst into tears. As she stared at her mother, she let the disappointment and devastation wash over her.How can she do that?

Finally, Timothy understood what was going on, and he whipped his head to the side to look at his mother in disbelief.

“Mom, did you really do that? Why did you say that Ian was mentally ill? Ian is fine. Why did you come to the conclusion that he’s mentally ill?”

“I… I…”

“It’s because she saw Ian’s father kill the people from The Ataraxy back then!” Susan yelled, tears still streaming down her face. “Her father has psychological issues, so she felt that Ian has them too. That was why she did that.”

“Are you crazy? How can you think of that? Mr. Hayes went mad back then because his uncle, Charles, destroyed his family. Also, even though he has psychological issues, did you forget that he saved this world? What were you thinking? How can you do something like that?”

Even Timothy turned furious after hearing his sister’s words. Although he was not as smart as his sister, he grew up under his father’s guidance. Therefore, he could still think critically about major matters.

By then, Sigrith was as pale as a sheet. She never thought that her son would end up chiding her as well. Forced to a dead end, she could only insist that she was doing it for Susan. “For me?”

Susan could no longer believe those words, for she realized that the religious and cowardly Sigrith back then would never muster enough courage to kneel before Ian and beg him.

Yet, she had done it.

Susan then calmed down, but she continued fixing her tearful eyes on her mother, who had turned into a stranger with a familiar face.

“If you want me to forgive you, then you’ll have to apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Hayes. You have to apologize to Ian too.”


“Also, I’ll be moving out of Golden Heights tomorrow. We’ll be finding a new place.”

Sigrith never thought her daughter would say that to her.

Thus, she turned anxious.

“Move out? Where are we going? That place belongs to the Limmer family!”

“It’s the Limmer family’s property, but we have no right to stay in there anymore. I don’t want to ruin my grandpa’s reputation. He has a good reputation, and nothing could make up for it if we were to ruin his reputation,” Susan grimly uttered, her voice echoing in the ward.

Sigrith’s already colorless face turned paler.

For a moment, she felt as if her husband was the one standing in front of her—the man who everyone thought was gentle and nice was standing in front of her.

He was standing there with his eyes wide in righteous fury.

Indeed, no one knew that Colton Limmer had two different sides to him—one for the outsiders, and one for the family.

Around others, he always played the part of a nice man. However, the moment he was home, everyone had to go by the rules, including Sigrith. She was never allowed to do anything immoral at all.

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