Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917 Wait For My Return

She had to admit that she was really happy. It seemed like the matter she had been concerned about for a long time was finally settled. She was thrilled, and she could feel a sense of joy she had never felt before.

The plane soared through the air. By the time she got back to the country, it was already late at night. As she did not inform anyone about her arrival, Susan hailed a cab to get home.

“Mister, to Golden Heights, thank you.” “Golden Heights?”

The cab driver turned to glance at her through the rearview mirror. “Miss, you’re going to Golden Heights? Are you someone from the Limmer family?”

“What?” Susan snapped her head upward to look at him. “Mister, how do you know about the Limmer family? You’re…”

The cab driver chuckled. “Of course, I know about the Limmer family. I’m sure the Jadeborough people all know what place is Golden Heights. However, something happened at Golden Heights today. I heard that the Limmer family’s widow had a conflict with the Jadesons.”

“What? A conflict?”

Susan’s face went pale.

What kind of conflict? What did my mom do this time?

Susan was panicking to the point cold sweat was beaded on her forehead. She instantly asked, “What kind of conflict? Mister, can you tell me more about it?”

The cab driver answered, “I heard this from someone else. Apparently, the Limmer family’s widow was celebrating her birthday with a party today, and Mrs. Jadeson attended it too. However, they ended up fighting because of her daughter’s matter, and Mrs. Jadeson left angrily. The widow of the Limmer family couldn’t take the pressure, and she actually tried to kill herself at Golden Heights this afternoon.”


What is she thinking about? Trying to kill herself?

Susan’s heart sank to the bottom, and she shook from the fury she felt.

She then took out her phone and made a call to someone despite how late it already was.


The moment she heard the voice of the woman on the other end, she hastily choked out, “M-Mrs. Hayes, it’s Susan. I’d like to ask what… happened to my mom. I heard from the cab driver that she tried to kill herself. What’s going on?”

Susan knew how terrible the Limmer family’s relationship with the Jadeson family would become if that were true. In that case, what hope could she still have to be together with that young man?

Fortunately, the woman on the other end of the call quickly consoled her upon hearing her anxious voice, “Susan, don’t panic. Your mom’s fine. We had a talk in the afternoon, and she was worried that I would blame her, so she was trapped with stubborn thoughts.

“Mrs. Hayes…”

The moment Susan heard that, she could no longer stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks.

About forty minutes later, Susan arrived at the hospital downtown.

The moment she got out of the cab, she rushed straight into the building.

“Hello, can I ask if a patient named Sigrith Halford is here?”

“Sigrith Halford?”

The nurse on shift furrowed her brows.

Just as she was about to check the records, a tall man stepped out of the elevator. When that man saw Susan, his eyes lit up.

“Susan, why are you here?”


Susan was surprised.

The siblings then went to the inpatient section, and on their way there, Susan learned about the incident from Timothy.

“I’m telling you. This matter happened because Ian’s mom is a little too mean. All Mom did was mention that you found a boyfriend during the birthday party. She refuted her in front of so many people, so don’t you think that Mom would be embarrassed?” Timothy growled.

A boyfriend?

Susan immediately stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her brother. “Who told her that I have a boyfriend? When did I have a boyfriend?”

Instinctively, she realized that might be the root of the problem.

She knew that Ian must not be the boyfriend her mother was talking about, for the two of them had yet to say anything to their family. Even they themselves did not make their relationship official until not long ago before she boarded the plane.

Indeed, just as those words were out of her mouth, her brother gave her a strange look.

“Isn’t he that officer from an aristocratic family? Weren’t you the one who told Mom this? Why else would she have told those rich ladies?”

“I didn’t!” Susan fumed, her face turning red from anger.

An officer from an aristocratic family? So it’s Vincent. When have I said that he’s my boyfriend? I have never mentioned him during our calls.

The more Susan thought about it, the more she felt that something was amiss. However, before she could reach the ward, she heard the discussion at the nurses’ station.

“Say, Mrs. Jadeson made the Limmer family’s widow kill herself. What are the Jadesons going to do with this matter? They’re not going to dismiss the matter just like this, right?”

“What’s odd about that? The Jadesons are powerful. It’s nothing new if they just ignore it.”

The person sighed.

Susan had just heard a few sentences from them, but they were all criticisms of the Jadesons.

Susan’s expression turned grimmer. She then ignored the talking people and went straight into the ward.


When the door opened, Susan was greeted with the sight of the patient inside eating an apple. Although the woman’s face was a little pale, it was clear that she seemed fine.

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