Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1915

Chapter 1915 He Is Not A Freak

“No, no…” Sigrith denied. “No? Then, why would Susan pay special attention to Ian? Sigrith, you are good at covering up, but you have forgotten that what you said to your kids will be reflected in their behavior.” Sasha reminded Sigrith of that obvious fact.

Indeed. If Sigrith had not given special instructions to her two kids, Susan, a mere ten-year-old kid at that time, would not have given special attention to Ian.

She was a kind and sensible girl, but she was too young and innocent to know how to be mindful of someone or something. She was definitely advised by an adult to do so.

Sasha could imagine Sigrith telling Susan and Timothy about the special kid from Oceanic Estate, and all the unusual things that Ian did. Being an intelligent girl, Susan remembered every word her mother told her.

What Sigrith had not expected was that her warning to her kids about Ian led to a completely different outcome. Instead of staying away from Ian, the kind-hearted Susan ended up becoming more caring and protective of him.

Sigrith lost the last trace of color on her face, worried as she realized Sasha had seen through her excuses.

She was astonished Sasha was so smart and had figured out everything after making just a single trip to visit Ian.

Deep in her heart, Sigrith never thought she had done anything wrong. Sebastian was a good example of how horrifying Ian could turn out to be in the future.

She would never forget the bloody scene at The Ataraxy when Sebastian killed everyone there.

Yes, what have I done wrong? No mother would want her daughter to marry a mentally unstable guy! What is wrong with a mother being protective of her daughter?

With that justification in mind, Sigrith calmed down and was no longer afraid to face Sasha. She tidied her hair, sat down, and made her argument.

“Yes, you are right. I did look Ian up and pleaded for him to leave Susan. But I don’t think I did anything wrong, Sasha. You are a good example. You married Sebastian and suffered so much all those years! How can I allow my daughter to walk down the same path as you? Do you really think I did wrong?”

“What?” Sasha was devastated to hear that. She had not expected Sigrith to justify her actions in that manner!

She leapt to her feet, burning with rage.

“That is ridiculous, Sigrith! Sebastian was pushed to the corner by the Jadesons, and had no choice but to react in that manner. What has that got to do with Ian?” she howled.

“I have made some research into it. Mental problems can be hereditary. Ian has always been special since he was young. His reaction to Duncan’s incident was a telltale sign. Don’t you agree that he could end up like his father?” Sigrith rebutted.

Sasha was so furious she almost fainted. She pointed her finger accusingly at Sigrith but could not find the words to express her anger and deep disappointment.

Sigrith was a living proof of the ugly human nature.

In the end, Sasha stumbled out of Golden Heights, went straight into her car, and wailed.

She had not shed a tear for a long time, but Sigrith’s words devastated her. It was extremely painful to know that her precious son was being seen as a freak by those around him.

Sasha was reduced to a zombie by the immense sorrow in her. When Sebastian found her, she was seated in a cafe in town, staring blankly at the people passing by. There was nothing but deep sadness in her swollen and reddened eyes

When Sebastian saw her in that sorry state, his heart ached for her. He already knew about the matter and was just as furious as she was. However, at that moment, looking at his despondent wife, he felt the pain more than the fury.

He went over and sat down next to her. Wrapping her in his arms, he consoled her. “It’s going to be okay. Don’t be sad. Her opinion does not matter. Susan is already a grown-up, so we only need to ask her for her stand on the matter.”

His words brought tears to her eyes again.

“Ian is really a good boy. He is fine, and he does not…” All her suppressed sorrow erupted and she broke down in his comforting embrace.

Indeed, no mother could bear hearing her child being called a freak.

Sebastian brought her home, and later in the evening, he made a call to Susan.

Susan had just finished school when she got the call.

When she saw on the screen of her phone that the caller was Sebastian, she instantly became nervous. She had always been in awe of him. In his presence, she would constantly worry about speaking or behaving inappropriately and earning his disapproval.

“Uncle…” She nervously picked up the call and greeted Sebastian.

Sebastian’s tone, on the other hand, was gentle.

“Susan, I heard from Sasha about you and Ian. I wish to know how you feel about the matter and what your plans are.” He went straight to the point and did not beat around the bush.

“Huh?” Susan was stunned and at a loss for words.

She always thought no one knew about her relationship with Ian, so it was a big shock when she realized that the elders had found out.

It was even more shocking when Sebastian asked her about her plans.

Traditionally, a couple would want to get their blessings from the family before planning for a marriage, so she did not think she could make a decision all by herself.

“Un-uncle Sebastian, I think you can go ahead and discuss this matter with my mom…” Susan was blushing, too shy to give him a straight answer.

To her horror, Sebastian’s tone turned solemn, and he told her the devastating news. “Your mom disapproves of your relationship. She thinks Ian will inherit my mental problem. That is the reason why I am calling you to find out about your stand.”


Susan stood rooted to the ground, thunderstruck by the terrible news, It took her a while to recover from the shock, and she was so infuriated that she blurted out, “Is she crazy?”

After that, she hung up abruptly in anger, forgetting that it was her most respected Uncle Sebastian on the other end of the line.

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