Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914 Going Down On The Knees

Some of the ladies were envious of Susan’s good fortunes, but many were secretly letting out sighs of disappointment. Those ladies who were disappointed had wanted to introduce their sons to Susan and harbored hopes of becoming in-laws with the Limmers.

Sasha could not hold in her annoyance anymore. She slammed down her cutlery and angrily asked, “Sigrith, did Susan tell you that?”

Sasha’s outburst shocked everyone into silence, and when Sigrith turned around and saw how grim-looking Sasha was, she was startled too. “Sasha, I…” she stammered, ashen-faced.

“Sigrith, you should not be speaking untruths. Recently, I made a trip to Yartran to visit Ian as I was worried about his condition. I discovered none of what you just said happened. It is true that Susan paid a visit to Mdm. Bennett, but it was because of Mr. Louis Limmer. She had no further interactions with Mdm. Bennett after that visit. As for the boyfriend that you were talking about, I think it is another lie. Susan has never told me about such a friend.”

Sasha bluntly exposed Sigrith’s lies in front of all her friends. She could not understand why Sigrith had turned into such a big liar, going about spreading rumors and boasting shamelessly.

She wondered if Sigrith did that to break Ian and Susan up, or if she had become vain and wanted to boast about her daughter’s achievements to elevate her own social standing.

Sigrith’s face turned red with embarrassment as the socialites began to throw her mocking looks of contempt while gossiping among themselves.

Within a few minutes, all the ladies left, and only Sasha and Sigrith were left glaring at each other in the empty hall.

A furious and humiliated Sigrith stared coldly at Sasha and hissed, “What is that for, Sasha? Why did you shame me like that in front of all the ladies? Are you trying to make me leave Jadeborough?”

Sasha was speechless, stunned that that was Sigrith’s main grouse. She returned a stern stare and said, “I want to ask you the same question. What do you think you are doing? Why did you knowingly spread such lies? Also, what are you trying to achieve by pushing my son into such a predicament?”

Sigrith was cowed by Sasha’s stern questioning. She muttered feebly, “I-I have no idea what you are talking about…”

“You have no idea? Do you want me to refresh your memory? Sigrith, the Jadesons have treated you well all these years. Did Sebastian and I not do everything we could for you and your family? Why are you doing that to my son? If you have any objections to his relationship with Susan, you can come to me with your complaints. Why do you resort to hurting my son?”

Sasha was getting agitated and trembling with anger. The thought that her son nearly lost his memory and shut himself off from the world terrified her.

Sigrith was stumped for words, guilty. She could not think of anything to say to fend off those accusations.

“I want the truth from you, Sigrith. What did you say to Ian, and why did you kneel before him?” Sasha demanded.


“Tell me!” Sasha roared, and her anger caused all the helpers in the room to cower in fear.

Sigrith trembled fearfully for a while before she finally managed to find her voice. “I… I thought their relationship was a bad idea. They are technically aunt and nephew, so it will not work out.”

“Is that so?” Sasha gave her a wry smile before adding, “Aunt and nephew huh? Is that the reason? If you have their best interest at heart, you should have discussed this with Sebastian and me, and not confront Ian directly. He is only nineteen, still young and innocent. How do you expect a young boy like to handle that?”

Seeing Sigrith could not defend herself, Sasha stared intently at her and blurted out, “You did that because you were worried about Ian’s condition, didn’t you?”

Sigrith looked up in fear, her eyes popped wide open in shock. “No, no! That’s not what it is. Don’t get the wrong idea, Sasha!” She shook her head profusely and hurriedly denied Sasha’s question.

“Wrong idea?” Sasha could not help but give her a mocking laugh.

“Let’s do some analysis and see if I really got the wrong idea. Ian and his siblings were only seven when they were brought to the Jadesons. Sebastian and I had to spend all our energy and attention fighting against Eddie and his scheming plots. We had no choice but to leave the three kids in the care of the other family members, which included you,” Sasha said.

“I remember Matteo and Vivian received praises constantly from all of you. Everyone in the family complimented them for being obedient and sensible. On the other hand, no one has ever praised Ian. Why is that so? Because he is aloof and keeps to himself. He has a quick temper, will flare up, and start throwing things around whenever he gets upset, right?” She looked coldly at Sigrith and asked.

Sigrith silently looked down and avoided her gaze.

Unable to get a response from Sigrith, Sasha continued, “After knowing how Duncan met his sad end, Ian locked himself in his room for three whole days, refusing to come out. By then, everyone in the Jadeson family would have realized he is a special needs kid.”

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