Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1913

Chapter 1913 No One Stays The Same

Although he did not say anything, Sebastian’s expression turned grim in a split second. That afternoon, Sasha left Oceanic Estate and drove to Golden Heights.

She did not know a grand party was taking place at Golden Heights at that moment. It was Sigrith’s birthday party and all the socialites of Jadeborough were there to celebrate with her.

“Didn’t I tell you so, Mrs. Limmer? Everyone cares so much about you! We came over immediately when we heard it is your birthday!” “That’s right, Mrs. Limmer. That’s what friends are for!”

Soon, all the ladies were crowding around her, showering her with expensive gifts and fawning over her.

Sigrith was overwhelmed by all the attention. She had moved to Golden Heights half a year ago, and her life had changed drastically during that few months. After being recognized as part of the Limmer family, she found herself thrown into the limelight. From a relatively unknown Mrs. Jadeson, she had become a wildly popular Mrs. Limmer, very much sought after within the high society circle.

The socialites behaved as if Sigrith was their best friend, so she felt obliged to invite the ladies into her home.

When Sasha arrived, what she saw was a beaming Sigrith being surrounded by a crowd of ladies, commanding all the attention of those around her.

What is she doing?

Sasha frowned puzzledly as she parked her car near the main entrance of Golden Heights. She grabbed her bag, alighted from her car, and headed straight into the hall.

“Sigrith, what are you…?” she blurted out.

The hall suddenly fell into silence, and all the ladies turned toward the entrance upon hearing Sasha’s voice. They were taken aback as they had not expected Sasha to be there. Immediately, the atmosphere in the room turned awkward.

“Oh?” A look of panic flashed in Sigrith’s eyes as she hurried over to meet Sasha and said, “What brings you here, Sasha? You should have told me you are coming.”

“I came to see you. What are you…?” Sasha asked, throwing a glance toward the room full of ladies.

Sigrith’s expression betrayed her uneasiness, and she hesitantly replied, “It-t’s my birthday today, and the ladies insisted on coming by to celebrate with me. I did not expect so many of them to turn up and am overwhelmed too!”

“Oh, it is your birthday? I am so sorry it slipped my mind!” Sasha felt bad and quickly apologize for it.

It was not easy managing a big family like the Jadesons. There were simply too many things to look into daily at Oceanic Estate, so she could not have possibly remembered everyone’s birthday.

Since she knew it was a birthday celebration, she felt obliged to present a gift to the birthday girl.

Sasha immediately removed the elegant green bracelet from her wrist and presented it to Sigrith, saying, “I’m really sorry I did not know it’s your birthday, Sigrith. I did not get ready a present for you. This is a bracelet Sebastian bought for me at an auction some years back. I hope you don’t mind and will accept this as our birthday gift to you.”

All the ladies in the room gasped at that generous gesture.

The emerald stones on that bracelet were richly colored and had near-perfect transparency, obviously of top quality. Moreover, Sasha mentioned that Sebastian bought it at an auction. That could only mean it was a highly-priced, premium designer piece.

The ladies could imagine the value of that bracelet and were very envious of Sigrith. However, soon they all felt a tinge of embarrassment, as the gifts they brought for Sigrith paled in comparison and definitely looked inferior when placed next to Sasha’s gift.

Sigrith was stunned to be presented with such an expensive gift and refused to take it. She only accepted it after much insistence from Sasha.

With Sasha’s presence, the ladies became more cautious and restrained. They had to think twice before they speak or stuck to safe and casual conversation topics.

“Are you going to join us at the bannière club, Mrs. Limmer?” Helma asked.

“Oh, Mrs. Croll, that goes without saying. It is our regular activity, so Mrs. Limmer will definitely join us. Isn’t that so, Mrs. Limmer?”

The ladies looked toward Sigrith expectantly for a reply, putting her in an awkward spot.

Since she moved to Golden Heights, she had been attending many social activities and was constantly hanging out with the socialites. She had even stopped helping out at Sabrina’s bar.

Sasha sat at the table together with the ladies but she did not join in their conversations, as their conversations did not interest her. She slowly sampled the food on the table and quietly kept to herself instead.

Her ears pricked up only when they started talking about Sigrith’s children.

“Mrs. Limmer, your daughter is already in her third year in college, isn’t she? I heard she was chosen to go overseas on an exchange program. What an impressive achievement! What are her plans after graduation?” one of the ladies asked.

“She…she has not made any plans yet,” Sigrith hesitantly replied.

That lady enthusiastically suggested, “What about pursuing a career as an auditor? I heard your daughter is taking a degree in accountancy, so audit would be a good choice for her.”

Before Sigrith could reply, another lady interjected and said, “What are you thinking? Mrs. Limmer told us previously that Susan will most likely take up a job overseas. She is acquainted with the wife of the foreign minister in that country. Moreover, she has a handsome boyfriend who is from a prominent family there. I heard he is a high-ranking officer too.”

“Oh, really?” All the ladies present were wowed by that news, and instantly, the room was filled with excited chatters.

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