Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1912

Chapter 1912 Lone Souls Are Desperate For The Light

“What are you babbling about? A marriage alliance between the Jadesons and Limmers? What Limmers? Sebastian, look at your wife. How can you allow her to make such delirious remarks?”

Jonathan threw Sebastian an anxious look. However, what came as a surprise to everyone was how ridiculously calm he was. In fact, he looked like everything he heard was well within his expectations.

“No, she isn’t. What’s wrong with what she just said?”

Even though he turned his attention to Jonathan with a face void of emotions, his piercing gaze sent a chill down everyone’s eyes. Jonathan almost blew his top.

“How can there not be a problem? Susan is Colton’s daughter. When she was living with the Jadesons, she was considered Ian’s aunt. Now that they’re going to get married, wouldn’t it be incest?”

Overwhelmed by anger, Jonathan had lost any regard for his speech.


In that instant, Sebastian, equally enraged, smashed the coffee cup he was holding onto the table.

“What do you mean incest? Since when are they related by blood? Based on your logic, the fact that I, who have been raised by Frederick who is of your age, am addressing you as Grandpa would be equally inappropriate.”


Jonathan was so angry that he was stumped for words.

In the end, Mark, hoping to de-escalate the situation, came over to persuade Jonathan, “Old Mr. Jadeson, let me help you back to your room. We’ll talk about this later.”

With that, he led Jonathan, who was still rolling his eyes in anger, away.

Only then did peace return to the living room.

Meanwhile, Lucius raised his head, thinking that Jonathan’s violent reaction had given them a chance.

Much to his dismay, his vision was met by a frosty gaze that sent a shiver down his spine, leaving him speechless.

“Lucius, we have said everything there is to say. Hence, I trust that you’re smart enough not to do anything to displease me.”

The way Sebastian put things caused Lucius to tremble again.

What does he mean by anything that displeases him?

Obviously, Sebastian was warning them against pursuing the matter further and starting malicious rumors about it.

Nevertheless, Sasha wasn’t worried about the second point. From her perspective, it wasn’t a big deal as long as Ian and Susan weren’t related by blood. After all, there were plenty of married couples in the world who were also relatives in name.

Since the law allowed it, she couldn’t understand why the conservative elderly found it difficult to accept the fact.

When she arrived upstairs and saw that Sebastian was right behind her, she asked, “You don’t look surprised at all. Have you known about the matter all along?”

Sebastian didn’t reply.

It wasn’t that he knew, but he did have a hunch about it, especially after his trip to Yeringham.

There, Ian was arrested by the police for destroying public property in a fit of rage. The event had served to intensify Sebastian’s suspicions further.

Meanwhile, Sebastian brought a glass to the water dispenser and filled some water for himself.

“I just didn’t expect him to be that daring.”

“Daring?” Sasha knitted her brows.

“It isn’t him being daring. Instead, it’s because he lacks a sense of security. Unlike Matteo and Vivi who are more outgoing, he’s more introverted and prefers to immerse himself in his own world, as there’s where he feels most comfortable,” Sasha analyzed patiently.

Sebastian nodded in agreement. “What happened after that? Since he’s engrossed in his own world, how did Susan manage to enter it?”

“That’s because she has been kind and attentive to him since they were kids. Don’t you remember? During Christmas one year, the present he received from Grandpa was different from everyone else’s because there wasn’t enough to go around.

“Later on, Ian was upset the entire night because he was very sensitive. What’s more, he knew his great-grandpa treated him differently from all the other children. As I was busy then, I didn’t realize what was going on. It wasn’t until Susan headed out to get him the same gift and told him that it was from his great-grandpa that he finally cheered up,” Sasha related the past incident.

Even though it had occurred many years ago when Ian was only about seven or eight, she remembered the incident vividly. Susan, who was not even ten then, not only understood his feelings but also went out of her way to get him the same gift.

Consequently, it was hard not to be fond of someone like that.

Sebastian fell silent after Sasha finished.

I can’t deny the fact that it would do Ian a lot of good to have a girl that’s caring and attentive by his side.

“In that case, what do you plan to do? Are you really going to announce the engagement with the Limmer family?”

In the end, that was his only question, as his role in his children’s marriages was as an executor. The one who made the decisions was naturally his dear wife.

No sooner had he spoken than Sasha shook her head.

“Let’s not be hasty for I plan to pay Sigrith a visit first. After all, Ian fell sick in Yartran because of her and even had to get a psychologist to wipe out his memories. Therefore, I would like to question her on what actually happened.”

Sasha’s tone suddenly turned frosty and even carried a tinge of anger.

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