Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1910

Chapter 1910 The Wedding Cannot Be Cancelled

Despite spending his entire life on the bloody battlefield and never batting an eyelid at all the gruesome scenes he had witnessed, Jonathan suddenly wavered at his former subordinate’s attempt at eliciting pity. “A-About that—”

“Old Mr. Lightburn, from my perspective, you’re overestimating the gravity of the situation. Grandpa would definitely not do anything of that sort to someone younger. Thus, I think it’s wise to help your granddaughter back to her feet.”

Sasha had stepped forward to preempt Jonathan’s answer. Standing defiantly in the center of the living room, she calmly deflected the pressure Lucius was exerting.

Just when Lucius was getting carried away with his reprimand, he looked up upon hearing Sasha’s words. In that instant, he felt his heart sink.

Isn’t that Old Mr. Jadeson’s granddaughter-in-law? And the lady of the Jadeson household? She’s a clever one. If not for her, Sigrun’s actions in school would never have been exposed.

A sense of dread began to creep into him. “Old Mr. Jadeson, is this your granddaughter-in-law?”

“Yes, yes. That’s her.” Jonathan, who was mired in a dilemma, nodded vehemently as if he was clutching at straws. No sooner had he replied than Lucius dragged Sigrun up and flung her at Sasha’s feet.

“Look, this is your future mother-in-law, you fool. Of all the things to do, why did you have to harm someone? If she hadn’t gone over, you—”


Sasha stopped him, as she couldn’t bear to listen to another word.

“Old Mr. Lightburn, let me put it this way. Firstly, since the children are yet to be married, it’s inappropriate to address me that way. Secondly, we are planning to annul the marriage contract. I’m sorry if I didn’t manage to let you know in time,” Sasha asserted without hesitation.

In that instant, her words drained the blood out of Sigrun and Lucius’ faces.

“Cancel? On what basis? Have I heard it wrongly? Old Mr. Jadeson, you were the one who came to me and propose the marriage contract back then. I never had the intention of ingratiating myself with the Jadeson family at all.”

Lucius, who was suddenly worked up, threw the ball back into Jonathan’s court. In fact, he sounded as if he was demanding answers from the latter.

Stumped by the question, Jonathan blushed in embarrassment.

“You’re right. It was my idea from the beginning.”

“In that case, how can you cancel it on a whim? Old Mr. Jadeson, that would be crossing the line. Even though I’m your subordinate, it’s still unfair to the child. Now that all our relatives know she will be married into the Jadeson family, how is she going to continue living if you cancel the engagement all of a sudden?”

D*mn it, he has the audacity to bring up the issue of how she is going to live her life going forth.

Unable to help her curiosity, Sasha asked someone beside her, “What was his position when he served Grandpa last time?”

“Mrs. Jadeson, I heard that he was the Chief of Staff,” someone replied.

Chief of Staff? No wonder he’s so shrewd.

Once again, Sasha watched as Jonathan’s face turned red from the insinuations.

“Old Mr. Lightburn, please calm down. With regard to this matter, I-I’ll—”

“Old Mr. Lightburn, why are you resorting to emotional blackmail? This is no longer the era of arranged marriages. Back when Grandpa spoke to you about it, I’m sure he didn’t promise that it was set in stone. In fact, I clearly remember telling him—when he brought up the matter with me—that unless my son agrees to it, it would never count,” Sasha responded on Jonathan’s behalf.

Jonathan nodded to acknowledge her words. “Right, right. Sasha did tell me that back then.”

“But that wasn’t what you told me. You said that you had an eye for my granddaughter because of how pretty and kind she was. In fact, you even declared that she’s the perfect candidate to be your great-granddaughter-in-law!”

Just when Jonathan struggled to squeeze out an answer, he was instantly rebuffed by the agitated Lucius, who denied that Jonathan had ever told him that.

Truth be told, Jonathan had really messed up.

Subsequently, Sasha softened her tone. “Old Mr. Lightburn, if that’s what you think, I’ll admit that Grandpa did make a mistake. Why don’t we do this—the Jadesons will compensate you a sum of money, how about that?”


Lucius was outraged by the suggestion.

“Mrs. Jadeson, do you think money can solve this problem? Did you actually think that just because the Jadesons are rich, you can settle everything with a snap of your fingers?”

Infuriated by Lucius’s outrageous words, Sasha felt a burning sensation in her face.

Just when she was about retort, a towering figure finally came down from upstairs.

“Since that’s the case, let’s do it by the book. Mark, go to Yartran and find out what the granddaughter has done in school. When you’re done, report the result of the investigation in front of the two families. We’ll then let them weigh in on whether the marriage contract should still continue.”

Just as Sebastian strolled out of the elevator, his frosty gaze shifted from the grandfather to the granddaughter. In that instant, everyone could feel the rising tension in the atmosphere.

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