Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909 The Villain Strikes First

By the time Lotus was discharged from the pet hospital, where it received a few stitches on its head, it was almost midnight.

Holding the dog on a leash, Susan had wanted to hail a taxi home. Unfortunately, when the taxi drivers saw that it was two youngsters with a dog at that ungodly hour, none of the drivers were willing to take them.

Left without a choice, both of them rented a bicycle for the journey home.

Lotus sat on top while they walked alongside it.

“Ian, I’m so exhausted that I can’t another step,” Susan complained pitifully. After maintaining an uncomfortable posture to support the dog, she could no longer keep it up.

She had barely spoken when Ian, who was pushing the bicycle, stopped in his tracks.

Turning around to look at her in the dark and deserted street, he plainly instructed, “Get on.”

Susan was surprised. “Huh? I-If I get on, where is Lotus going to sit?”

“Carry it!”

Finally, there was a minute change in his emotion, one that reflected the frustration he felt.

When Susan realized her dimwittedness, she threw him an awkward glance.

Blushing till her ears were red, she hurriedly climbed up the bicycle where she hugged Lotus, brimming with elation.

“Ian, are we…. heavy?”

“Not at all.”


The sparkle on Susan’s eyes glowed with greater intensity.

That night, the pair, together with a dog, made their journey back to the apartment amidst romance in the air. The most surprising fact was that Lotus stayed obediently in Susan’s arms and didn’t make a fuss at all.

As long as Susan was happy, Lotus too would share its owner’s bliss.

Meanwhile, Sebastian picked Sasha up from the airport, it was almost midnight.

She raised the matter with him on their journey home all the way until they got home.

“Sebby, Ian’s engagement to the Lightburn family has to be canceled!”

“Does he object to it?”

Sebastian, sharp as usual, instantly thought of the issue.

Sasha responded with a nod.

“On top of that, Sigrun’s character is very questionable. If I hadn’t visited them, I would have noticed that she was willing to hurt Ian just to achieve her goals.”

“What did you just say? She harmed him?”

Amidst the growing tension in his voice, Sebastian had a grim look on his face.

Sasha proceeded to relate to him everything that happened at Atlantius.

The more Sebastian heard about the matter, the greater his disapproval.

“Even if you set aside Susan’s past, we can’t guarantee something similar wouldn’t happen after they get married. I might sympathize with her jealousy, but that doesn’t justify hurting others. Do you still remember Roxanne? She was jealous that I had taken you from her, so she forcefully changed your memories through hypnosis despite knowing how weak you were. Consequently, her actions had dealt significant damage to your health. I can see Sigrun is no different from her.”

Sasha’s temper flared as she spoke, for she now hated Sigrun as much as she did Roxanne back in the day.

Jealousy should never be the reason to harm someone else. Isn’t Susan just as devastated to see Ian together with Sigrun? And why didn’t she do anything to harm the latter?

By then, Sebastian’s face was already brimming with rage.

Cognizant of Sasha’s exasperation, he brought her a glass of water and patted her on the shoulder, indicating that he would deal with the matter accordingly.

With that, he headed to Jonathan’s room it was past midnight.

The next day, the fuming Jonathan got up early, intending to visit the Lightburn family.

Unexpectedly, a Jeep in military green had already arrived outside Oceanic Estate before he stepped out. A short while later, an angry-looking old man with a headful of white hair came in with a crying girl in tow.

“Old Mr. Jadeson, I’m glad I finally get to see you. I’m truly sorry for the trouble this useless granddaughter of mine has caused you. Thus, I have brought her here so that you can punish her as you see fit.”

The old man was none other than Lucius Lightburn. He had brought Sigrun, who rushed back the night before, over to apologize first thing in the morning.

Their sudden arrival had caused Jonathan to be stunned and stood still.

Standing behind him, Sasha wore a gloomy expression the entire morning.

This girl is craftier than I expected. Realizing that there’s no way out after being exposed, she rushed back at the same time I did so that she could take the initiative to own up to her mistake.

An icy glint flashed across Sasha’s eyes when the thought struck her.

Due to Jonathan’s presence, both grandfather and granddaughter were invited into Oceanic Estate. The moment they entered, Lucius shoved Sigrun toward Jonathan.



The dull sound of the impact was followed by Sigrun’s agonizing cry.

Lucius thundered, “What are you crying for? How dare you have the cheek to cry after committing such a grave mistake? Let me tell you, even if Old Mr. Jadeson beats you to death today, you deserve every bit of it!”

Given how convincing his words were, it was a waste of Lucius’ talent not to have chosen acting as his career.

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