Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908 Be A Good Kid

Susan peered at Ian a few times with confusion. Why is he suddenly helping me? Did his mother nag at him to help me before she left?

Crack! A sudden sharp sound cut through the silence. Susan looked over to Ian and saw that he had snapped the scallions into two parts.

There was a silence that hung in the air for a while before Susan finally broke it. “You have to do it this way. Come, I’ll show you how.”

Her fair fingers reached for the scallions in his grasp and patiently showed him how to prepare them. Ian lowered his head and watched intently.

He was surprised that she didn’t chase him out of the kitchen. With the stalk gone from his fingers, he let out a relieved sigh and shifted his gaze to the tiny beads of sweat on the tip of Susan’s nose.

Each bead was clear and shiny, like the morning dew bathing under the soft morning sun.


Susan finally finished preparing the scallions and passed them over to Ian.

As she looked up at him, a hint of uneasiness flashed across his face swiftly, and he turned his face to the other side.

Susan didn’t comment anything about his weird expression.

After that, none of them spoke until they finished preparing the dishes.

Back in the living room, Vivian finally found out the reason Sigrun didn’t come back that night—she had flown back to her country.

“Why so sudden? She just left without even saying goodbye,” Vivian complained, upset at Sigrun’s rudeness.

Kurt crossed the room over to her, patting her head to comfort her, then tugged her over to the dining table.

“Just ignore her. Let’s eat. I’ll take you out to have fun later.”

“What are we going later?”

Hearing she would be having fun later, Vivian immediately directed her attention to Kurt.

Kurt gave her a card about the new Esports room that opened nearby. He bought one on his way back.

Vivian beamed with excitement looking at the card.

She gobbled down her dinner and dashed up the stairs to change into something casual, then rushed back down and pulled Kurt out of the house.

“Susan and Ian, do you guys want to come with us?”

Pausing at the door, she didn’t forget about the other two in the house.

Vivian remembered her mom’s instruction to stop addressing Susan as Aunt Susan.

Ian didn’t answer her.

Susan rejected immediately, “I won’t be going. I have to take Lotus out for a walk later.”

“Okay. How about you, Ian?” Vivian asked as she glanced over at him.

He replied instantly this time. “I am busy. I have something to do tonight.”

Something to do? What else is he doing? Isn’t he just playing games at home?

Vivian whirled around and walked out the door with Kurt in tow.

After they left, the apartment became silent. Susan went to the kitchen to wash the dishes while Ian returned to his room. Once she came out of the kitchen, she heard the dog barking downstairs.


Shocked at its sudden barking, Susan raced to Lotus’ side to see some kids were throwing stones at Lotus.

“What are you kids doing? How could you throw stones at it!” Infuriated, Susan strode over to Lotus and picked up the dog.

However, the kids weren’t scared of her. They didn’t apologize but made an ugly face at her before running off. Susan almost cussed at the anger rolling through her.

What kind of children are these?

Susan hurriedly checked the dog in her arms with concern.

“Oh my goodness! Lotus, you’re bleeding!” Her expression turned frantic, and her eyes glistened with tears when she noticed the wound on the dog’s head was bleeding profusely.


She began to look up at the apartment and shouted for Ian.

The window to Ian’s room opened and Ian’s handsome face poked out of the window to see what was going on.

Susan was looking at him with red eyes and tears on her lashes.

About twenty minutes later, they were at a nearby veterinary hospital.

“Miss, we can’t treat your dog since you haven’t registered it. If you wish to consult the vet, you’ll have to register for a microchip and fill out the relevant forms. We can only treat your dog once the system updates your dog’s information.”

Both Ian and Susan didn’t expect the vet to refuse to treat Lotus because it was not registered.

Lotus was indeed not registered.

From the first day she arrived in the city, Susan had been queuing to register Lotus, but even after a month, it still wasn’t her turn. The city council wasn’t very efficient at their work.

Susan was crying again when she glanced at the unmoving dog.

“What should we do, Ian?”

“Calm down,” Ian said, then walked over to the vet.

Before long, he came out of the room, and Lotus was taken into the operating theater. Stunned, Susan just watched the turn of events.

“H-How did you get the vet to agree? Didn’t the vet say Lotus needs to be registered first?”

“Oh, I reprogrammed that stupid system and added Lotus’ details into it,” Ian answered nonchalantly.

Susan was shocked by his answer.

That is Yartran’s pet registration system. Did he just nonchalantly say he reprogrammed the system?

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