Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1907

Chapter 1907 Do Not Let Go

Due to Ian’s lack of skill and knowledge, lunch took an hour to finish preparing. “What’s wrong with my mom today?” Ian asked. “I don’t know,” Susan answered hesitantly.

“Where did you meet her?” Ian questioned. Susan stayed silent, not daring to answer his question because she was about to get in someone else’s car when she met Sasha.

Susan guilty carried her dishes to the dining table. “Let’s eat first and talk later. Mrs. Hayes, lunch is ready.” “Lunch is ready?”

Sasha was having a good time sunbathing on the balcony before Susan called for her. She left the balcony and walked to the dining room.

There were pork ribs, lemon butter fish, mushroom soup, and even steak and salmon. Sasha was ecstatic at the variety of food.

As she took a seat, gratification filled her when she saw her capable daughter-in-law serving soup for her. “Mommy, you… Why are you smiling the whole time?”

“Huh?” Sasha turned her head to see Ian who was observing her with a strange look. Sasha chided herself internally. I need to control myself.

Susan was preparing to return to campus after lunch while Ian had taken leave that day, so he planned to spend the rest of the day with Sasha. However, Sasha had already booked her return flight after lunch.

“Ian, Susan, I have to return as your dad is looking for me.” “Huh?” Both Ian and Susan were stunned at her sudden change in plan, especially Ian. His heart turned heavy after hearing the news.

“Mommy, didn’t you say you plan to stay here for a couple of days? Why is Daddy even looking for you anyway? He couldn’t find his shirt at home or he couldn’t eat without you by his side?”


Sasha didn’t know how to rebuke Ian’s smart mouth.

I’m not heading home for Sebastian but Ian. I need to urgently settle his affairs and matters regarding the Lightburn family and Sigrith.

Sasha had Ian send her to the airport.

“Ian, I want to ask you something. Do you truly like the girl you told me about this afternoon at the cinema? Are you sure she is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?”


Her sudden question shocked Ian into jamming on the brakes.

“Mommy, you-” With his ears turning red, Ian couldn’t finish his sentence from the embarrassment at having the girl he liked being brought up in their conversation.

How did our conversation get there? We were talking just fine earlier, so why is she suddenly asking me about this out of nowhere?

In that split second, he noticed how his mother’s usually gentle and humorous expression had turned serious.

“I’m not joking with you. When I married your dad at eighteen, my life had just started, and I had a bright prospect ahead of me.

“However, I didn’t hesitate and decided to marry him right away when I heard that I could marry him. I was sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Ian, everyone needs to make numerous decisions in their life, including choosing their significant other. If you’re sure about her, then don’t ever let go of her. Sometimes, thinking too much will only lead you to regret,” Sasha earnestly advised.

Of course, I can’t tell Ian I hypnotized him before and therefore knew everything about him. He’ll be very upset if he finds out since he has a strong sense of pride. Besides, I hope he can find the stuff he has thrown away back using his own means.

Ian didn’t respond and merely stared dead ahead as though he was mulling over her advice.

Sasha knew he needed some time to think, so she didn’t bother him. Instead, she reached for her phone and texted her daughter, telling Vivian she would be flying off soon.

Vivian texted back almost immediately: Mommy! Didn’t you say you were going to spend a few days here? How come you’re going back now?

Vivian cried on the spot when she heard about her mom leaving.

Sasha’s fingers instantly tapped on her phone quickly trying to comfort Vivian.

I’m sorry, Vivi. I need to meet with your dad urgently, but I’ll be back to visit you when I have time. Don’t worry.

Vivian sent a crying face emoji.

Suddenly, Kurt texted: Okay, stop crying. There is Easter holiday in April. I can take you to visit your mom then.

Vivian was so ecstatic that she could only manage to send: !!!!

Then, she smiled again.

Sasha was relieved when she saw Kurt caring for Vivian.

Sasha left the city that same day.

When everyone returned to the apartment that night, they were surprised that Sigrun didn’t come back.

Vivian asked, “Why isn’t Sigrun back yet? Did she have something going on?”

Susan didn’t say anything and buried her head into what she was doing.

Ian didn’t even listen to the conversation and focused on the pealing scallions in the kitchen. His long slender fingers fiddling with the vegetable were like a work of art.

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