Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906 This Is Outrageous

Snapping out of her shock, Sasha folded her arms over her chest and calmly watched the two girls argue.

It looks like I was wrong earlier. It wasn’t that Susan didn’t care about my son, but she buried her feelings for him deep inside her. However, she’ll turn into a lioness on any issues related to Ian.

Memories of Devin’s incident rose to her forefront. I remembered the scene when Sabrina went to Yaleview alone. Why are all these women so tough?

“Say something!” Crack! The already furious Susan had rage pouring through her when Sigrun didn’t respond. In her blind haze of rage, she unconsciously tightened her grip on Sigrun’s finger, eliciting the sound of something breaking.

The sound triggered Sasha’s temper. “All right. Susan, calm down. Let me handle this.” Sasha hurriedly came up to the two girls and extracted Sigrun’s fingers from Susan’s grip when Susan was about to choke Sigrun.

She wouldn’t have gotten this mad if she didn’t care about my son’s well-being, so she must’ve valued Ian’s life more than hers. Sasha gently patted Susan’s back in an effort to calm her down.

The gentleness in her gaze turned sharp as she directed it toward Sigrun. The soft expression on her face turned stony.

“Ms. Lightburn, I’ll inform your father about this once I return. I also want to talk to you about something else. Even though Old Mr. Jadeson and your grandfather were the ones who decided on your engagement with Ian, I’ve already told Ian’s father prior that we would respect Ian’s wishes. So I asked Ian about the engagement last night, and he disapproved of it because he doesn’t have feelings for you. With that, I’ll have Old Mr. Jadeson visit your grandfather later to give him an explanation to annul the engagement.”

Since Sasha was already confronting Sigrun about Ian’s memory, she figured she might as well be frank about her decision to call off their engagement too.

Sigrun, who had finally calmed down, felt the world was crashing down on her. On the other hand, Susan snapped her head to Sasha with surprise and glee in her eyes.

So that was what they were talking about last night.

The gloominess in her chest finally dispersed. She quickly ducked her head and looked down at her toes, hiding the fact that she was holding back the tears swimming in her eyes.

Sasha pretended not to see Susan’s tears and had Susan get in her car, leaving Sigrun there.

Around ten minutes later, Susan had collected herself and finally noticed they weren’t heading downtown. Instead, they were on the road back to the apartment.

“Mrs. Hayes, this is…?”

“Yeah, I suddenly remembered Ian hadn’t had lunch yet, so I think we should return to the apartment. Are you okay with that?” Sasha asked intentionally.

She caught Susan immediately dropping her head to glance at her watch through the rearview mirror. “He hasn’t had lunch? Why didn’t you say so earlier, Mrs. Hayes? We should hurry back then.”


Sasha’s lips lifted into a smile.

Every mother only wants their children to live a happy and healthy life with their significant others.

When they got back to the apartment, Susan had Sasha go up to the unit first as she went to the corner store to get some groceries. She raced back to the apartment once she was done with the chore.

Ian heard the commotion and came out of his room.

He was puzzled when he saw Sasha, who just left not long ago, was back at his place again.

“Mommy, you-”

“Okay, I’m back. I bought fish so we could make the lemon butter fish dish that Ian likes. I also bought the tofu he likes. We can make stir fry with it.”

Susan rushed through the front door with a bag of groceries and started listing out what she was planning to cook, not noticing Ian was right there in the living room.

Sasha merely stood there silently with a smile.

When Susan finally noticed Ian was in the same room, she froze on the spot.

“Y-You’re awake.”

“I didn’t sleep.”

Ian could only manage that reply since Sasha was present too.

Sasha chipped in, “Ian, I was the one who told Susan you had a headache. Susan got worried and wanted to rush back here to take care of you. She didn’t even want to have lunch with me anymore.”

With blushing cheeks, Susan looked at Sasha with disbelief. She never thought the matriarch of the Jadesons household could lie so smoothly.

“M-Mrs. Hayes, I-”

“Okay, Susan. Let’s go to the kitchen and prepare lunch. I should help you, but my back hurts. How about this? I’ll sit on a stool beside you and direct you on what to do. Ian, come over here and lend Susan a hand.”

Sasha ordered her son to help out.

Both Ian and Susan didn’t even have a chance to say no.

In the end, they went to the kitchen while Sasha sat on the side watching them with a bowl of fruit in her hand.

It was outrageous.

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