Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1905

Chapter 1905 So Fierce

Susan didn’t know how to respond. She wanted to decline, but upon hearing that he had waited the entire afternoon, she still came out to meet him.

However, she didn’t imagine she would see the familiar red Lamborghini drive over and stop beside her when she was about to get on the Land Rover. “Susan, where are you going? Is he your boyfriend?”

Sasha stepped out of the Lamborghini and calmly assessed the guy with blond hair and blue eyes sitting in the Land Rover and the young girl who was about to get on it.

It was disappointing, to say the least, after witnessing such a similar scene again. I would’ve been happy for her if I didn’t know about it. However, now that I do, it feels so disappointing. Does everything my son did for her isn’t enough?

Since he was young, I have never seen him do so many things out of character. He has always been withdrawn and lived in his own world, innocent like a blank canvas. Yet, he learned how to lie to his dad and followed her everywhere because he liked her.

I understand everyone has the right to reject, but that right doesn’t allow one to stomp on another’s passionate and sincere feelings. No matter if it’s Sigrith or my own daughter.

Sasha merely stared at her. “Are you getting in the car?” Susan immediately released the handle of the car door.



Sasha was slightly satisfied with Susan’s answer and swung her gaze to the second lieutenant, Vincent.

“Apologies. I’m one of the Jadesons. Susan used to spend time at the Jadeson residence when she was younger. I came here specifically to see her. Your trip might be a waste today.”

After a long silence, Vincent finally turned to look at the elegant yet domineering woman and nodded shamefully.

Soon, he pulled away from the campus’ gate and left.

After the trunk of his car disappeared, Sasha turned to the girl standing beside her with anxiousness and nervousness evident on her face.

“Should we go and have lunch? I suppose your lectures have ended.”

“Okay,” Susan braced herself and answered.

The two were about to get in Sasha’s Lamborghini when a girl raced toward the gate from inside the campus. Excitement was written all over the girl’s face when she spotted the two were still there.

“Mrs. Hayes, what are you doing here? I would’ve come out to greet you if you told me you were coming.”

It was Sigrun.

Susan’s face immediately paled upon recognizing the girl was Sigrun. She wanted nothing more than the ground to open up and swallow her at that moment.

Sigrun’s words had upset her so much that she skipped her lectures that morning. Her chest felt stuffy the entire morning. It was suffocating.

Susan instantly turned her back to Sigrun.

Sasha turned and glimpsed to her side, but Sigrun wasn’t the one she was looking at. Sasha’s gaze was focused on the pale-faced girl staring out the car window.

Sasha stared at her silently for a long while.

Noticing Sasha wasn’t paying attention, Sigrun asked, “Mrs. Hayes?”

Done with the pretense, Sasha said, “Just the person I want to see today. I visited Ian’s psychologist this afternoon, and he said you asked him to help Ian recover his lost memories?”

Sigrun didn’t expect Sasha to ask her so directly in public.

Her bright smile froze. After staring at Sasha briefly, all the blood drained from her face leaving her pale as a ghost.

“Mrs. Hayes, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Is that so? Then, should I take you over to the psychologist and ask him directly?” Sasha retorted coldly.

Hearing that, Sigrun didn’t dare to speak another word. Panic engulfed her at that moment, and even her neck was flushed red as she stood there panic and ashamed.

Susan finally turned her face toward the two.

She was beyond stunned at Sasha’s confrontation.

“Recover his memories? Sigrun, why did you ask the psychologist to do so? Didn’t you hear what Kurt said? Ian wants those memories gone. How could you ask the psychologist to recover them without asking for Ian’s permission first?”

In a few short seconds, Susan was a whole different person. She had stomped toward Sigrun and grabbed her by the collar.

Even Sasha was taken aback at her sudden change.

Does she needs to be so fierce?

“I-I didn’t,” Sigrun stammered with guilt under Susan’s pressure.

However, Susan’s anger grew at Sigrun’s denial. Susan recalled Ian suddenly treated her coldly two days ago and made the connection.

“You didn’t? How dare you say you didn’t! That day when the Foreign Affairs minister’s wife called me over to her place, Ian was the one who fetched me back that night. I heard from Vivian the next morning that you’d waited a long time that night. So you saw us?

“You saw us, didn’t you? That was the reason for your revenge, right? Once he recovers his memories, I won’t be in your way any longer, is that it?”

As her mind continued to connect the dots and made the deductions, Susan lobbed one after another question at Sigrun.

Sigrun couldn’t come up with an answer under Susan’s fierce interrogation, so she merely kept silent, dropping her gaze to the ground. Susan’s fierceness had stunned Sasha momentarily, who was standing beside the Lamborghini.

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