Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1904

Chapter 1904 Are All Mothers Selfish

Sasha didn’t ask him anything else, but after leaving the coffee shop, she didn’t allow Ian to drive anymore. Instead, she went to the driver’s seat herself with the car key in hand.

Seeing that, Ian didn’t insist on driving either. Shortly after, the two of them arrived back at the apartment.

“Ian, since you have a headache, don’t go to school in the afternoon. Just rest at home. I’m going out to handle some personal matters, okay?”

After returning to the apartment, Sasha went to the kitchen and cooked Ian a pot of thick oatmeal. She then carried it to his bedroom. “Okay,” Ian replied docilely.

Only then did Sasha close the room door for him before leaving. Half an hour later, she stepped foot into the hospital Ian once visited. “Hello, may I know whether Dr. Blanc is in?”

“Yes, he’s at the psychology department on the third floor.” The nurse pointed upstairs. With her bag in hand, Sasha went straight up.

When she found the psychologist—Alain—a few minutes later, she discovered that there were quite a number of patients in his consultation room, and he was calling them in one by one to treat them.

She took a seat outside and snagged a random newspaper to read. After waiting for about twenty minutes, she got to her feet when she saw that the room door was finally opened. Without waiting for the nurse to call her number, she barged right into Alain’s office.

“Hey! Miss—”


Sasha unceremoniously slammed the door shut.

Alain had just taken a sip of water in his office. Upon hearing the loud noise, he immediately swung his head over.

He was greeted by the sight of a very young woman. While the woman was dressed more maturely than young maidens, her skin was fair and delicate, and her face was exquisite without a single wrinkle. On the whole, she appeared to be a highly-educated lady at the forefront of the times.

“Who are you?”

“There’s a patient named Ian Hayes. You’re his psychologist, yes? I’m his mother.”

Sasha introduced herself graciously.

At once, the psychologist was stunned.

Ian Hayes’ mother? Good Lord! His mother is actually so young? But why is she here?

Suddenly, he remembered that he was beaten up because of Ian’s matter the other day. At once, great unease filled him.

“Is something the matter? I’ve already told the young man that day that it has nothing to do with me. It was Ian’s fiancée who ordered me to do so. Don’t come and seek me out anymore,” the cowardly Alain clarified before Sasha even said anything.

Ian’s fiancée? Is he referring to Sigrun? She even went as far as making a move against Ian?

Sasha’s eyes darkened further.

Putting her bag down, she snagged a chair over and took a seat.

“That’s not why I sought you out. I want to ask you about the memories my son asked you to erase when he came here back then.”

Alain hesitated, going silent for a moment.

At that, Sasha threatened, “You’d better speak the truth. Firstly, I’m a doctor myself and know psychology as well. A while ago, I already hypnotized him at the movie theatre. However, he only revealed part of the story. Secondly, if you plan to keep anything from me, you should know that the person sitting in front of you right now is Astoria’s First Lady. You’d better think twice.”

She promptly verbalized her request and warning precisely.

Alain’s pupils started trembling.

Astoria’s First Lady? Oh my God, I actually offended such a powerful figure unknowingly?

Not daring to hide anything further, he narrated the whole series of events when Ian came for treatment.

“Your son was in agonizing pain when he first came here. He said he fell in love with someone he shouldn’t have. That person was his aunt. The gulf between their identities and their elders’ objection tormented him greatly.”

Sasha was at a loss for words, and her mind stalled once more.

Never had she imagined that her eldest son, who was the most obedient among her three children, would actually have such a shocking story when it came to matters of the heart.

In that case, this is most likely the reason Susan abruptly proposed acknowledging her roots previously and later changed her name. Does that mean she has changed her mind?

She plunged into a deep contemplation.

“M-Mrs. Hayes?”


Sasha lifted her head and looked at Alain with a frown.

“A-Actually, I didn’t seal those memories completely back when I hypnotized your son. If you’re also a psychologist, you can unlock them,” Alain explained.

“Unlock them?”

The furrow between Sasha’s brows deepened.

No, I don’t wish for my son to be in such torment. I’ve already witnessed his pain at the movie theatre, and it was the first time I’ve seen him in such agony after reconciling with him when he was five years old. Therefore, why should I unlock those memories? Sigrith was selfish, so why can’t I do the same?

She left the hospital and headed straight for the school.

At school, Susan, who had just finished her morning classes and was going to have lunch, received a phone call from Vincent out of the blue. He said he had waited for her outside for the entire morning.

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