Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1903

Chapter 1903 The Truth Finally Comes To Light

Sasha had no idea whether the romance movie she chose was too literary or otherwise, but when she was halfway through it, she heard even breathing from beside her.

She turned, only to see that Ian had fallen asleep. “Oh, well…”

Chuckling in exasperation, she slipped off her coat and draped it over him. “No…”

Without warning, her son clutched at her hard. Sasha was startled for a moment. “Ian?”

“No… Don’t take her away. Don’t… disappear. I won’t pester her anymore.” He grasped her arm firmly as he brokenly uttered those words in a choked voice in his dream, as though pleading with her.

For an instant, Sasha’s mind went blank. She glanced around, only to be greeted by vast darkness around her as a sorrowful piece of music played from the movie. Out of the blue, realization dawned upon her.

Her expression changed. This is a remarkably suitable space for hypnosis. And right now, it’s also why he’s in the clutches of a nightmare.

She sensed the pain in her arm increasing, and clear moisture trickled out of the corners of Ian’s eyes while he was in the grips of a nightmare.

Finally, she gritted her teeth and placed her other hand on his forehead, which was damp with cold sweat. There were many methods to conduct a hypnosis.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t much talent in that aspect. Back then, the only method she learned from that professor in Jetroina to save Sebastian was the emotional detachment method. It was accomplished by the massaging of some of the patient’s facial acupoints.

The professor taught her that method precisely because he took into consideration the fact that she knew TCM.

In no time, Sasha could sense her son entering a deep slumber.

“What were you saying just now, Ian? Who’s going to disappear?”


Once again, Sasha was taken aback. Never had she imagined that her hypnotized son would utter that name.

Susan? Why doesn’t he want her to disappear? Also, why would she disappear?

It took a long while for her to compose herself before she inquired, “Why? Why would she disappear?”

Having been hypnotized, Ian replied, “Because… Sigrith said that she didn’t wish to see me… having anything to do with her daughter. She didn’t want to ruin the relationship with the Jadeson family. If I insist, she… she’ll disappear with them.”

Ultimately, the hypnotized lad revealed that final secret in a whimper before his mother, looking just like a little puppy that was all bruised and battered.

Indeed, that was the truth behind his request to have his memory erased.

When he last spoke to Susan on the phone during the holidays last year, the latter’s decision to give up had hurt him badly.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t at the point of conceding defeat.

It wasn’t until Sigrith in Jadeborough received news from somewhere that he was dating her daughter, Susan. Utterly stricken, she came knocking on Ian’s door the very day he returned to Jadeborough.

The weather was extremely hot and humid that day.

However, when Ian stepped out of the door and saw her kneeling in front of him, a sense of bone-deep chilliness enveloped him.

Subsequently, everything he said while under hypnosis earlier transpired.

Sigrith threatened to take Susan away from Jadeborough so that he wouldn’t be able to find her forever if he maintained a romantic relationship with her.

Ian broke down there and then.

He knew that he couldn’t stop that from happening.

Neither could he change anything, for Susan had too many concerns then. She had been overthinking in the first place and was giving up, so hope was all the more negligible with her mother’s interference.

In the end, he went abroad that night itself and sought Kurt out.

After locking himself in his room for ten days and nights, he chose to forget those memories that tormented him.

That was everything.

Sasha sat in the movie theatre in stunned silence. She didn’t even realize when the movie ended as she stared blankly at her son, who was still asleep beside her.

“Miss? Miss?”

Sure enough, the staff called out to her upon seeing her dazed state.

Only then did she jolt back to her senses.

Half an hour later, at a coffee shop beside the movie theatre, Ian thumped the back of his head that was still spinning while asking his mother, “Are you sure the milk we bought was fine, Mom? Why is my head hurting so badly?”

“Yes, there was nothing wrong with it.”

Sasha gazed at him tenderly.

Taking out a long and thin silver needle, she reached out and inserted it into his acupoint after having him stretch his arm out.

“Remember this, Ian—no matter how old you are, you’ve got me and your daddy backing you up. If you encounter any problems, remember to speak to us, okay?”


Ian scrutinized his mother, whose eyes were red-rimmed, finding her behavior a tad strange.

Why is she so sentimental all of a sudden? Also, did she cry? Was it because of the movie earlier?

Nevertheless, he was embarrassed to voice that question since he hadn’t watched the movie just now.

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