Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1902

Chapter 1902 Is There Anyone You Like

From a psychological perspective, when a person whose mind worked differently was unstable emotionally, he should be placed in a quiet and dim environment.

That would enable him to relax completely. At that time, it wouldn’t be difficult to get him to reveal some of the things he kept hidden in the depths of his heart. Sasha took Ian into the movie theatre.

Even though she was the mother, he had long since grown up. The instant they stepped into the dark, Ian swiftly grabbed her hand as though afraid that she would trip.

He then led her in slowly. “Be careful, Mom. There are steps here,” he even reminded thoughtfully in the dark. A smile blossomed on Sasha’s face.

She nodded and followed behind him. Soon, the two of them found their seats and sat down with some snacks in hand.

“It’s been eons since I last watched a movie with you, Ian. I still remember that the last time was when you came back from studying at the base. At that time, both Matt and Vivi were also with us,” Sasha reminisced nostalgically beside her son before the movie started.

Murmuring an acknowledgment, Ian opened the carton of milk in his hand. After inserting a straw, he handed it to his mother beside him.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Sasha took it from him and sucked a huge mouthful in relish. However, she was again melancholic after she finished drinking the milk.

“Say, Ian, all of you are growing older now. Will there still be such an opportunity to watch a movie with me in the future?”

“Of course!” Ian answered resolutely without the slightest hesitance.

“Don’t worry, Mom. No matter how old we grow, we’ll still be your children and will always keep you company.”

“But you’ll all get married one day. Honestly speaking, Ian, when I heard your great-grandfather saying that he wanted to choose a wife for you, I was already a bit sorrowful. Oh, my precious son is going to get married. You’re already grown up and will be leaving me in the future.”

Sasha deliberately feigned an expression of utter devastation.

Ian was entirely dumbfounded.

Mom’s acting seems a touch too exaggerated. Oh well, what can I do when she’s my mother?

“Don’t worry. It’s early yet. Great-grandpa has his wires crossed,” Ian reassured patiently.

“Yeah, I think so too. Anyhow, Ian, is there anyone you like? Or what kind of girl do you like? Verily, I’m a bit curious. Can you tell me about it?” Sasha queried hopefully.

As her words fell, she could see a flash of resistance and irritation marring her son’s face in the dark.

However, after calming himself down for ten or so seconds, Ian gently replied in the face of his mother’s question, “No.”


Sheer disappointment promptly flooded Sasha.

Oh God, this is bad! Don’t tell me he’s still suffering from a mood disorder? Others begin developing crushes at the tender age of sixteen, but he’s already nineteen. How could he not even have anyone he likes?

She turned and fixated her gaze on the screen. Due to her heavy heart, she didn’t say anything for some while.

Ian turned and cast his gaze over.

Upon seeing that his mother’s mood had abruptly taken a nosedive, and her expression appeared much dimmer, he pursed his thin lips in the dark.

“Well… That’s not exactly true…”


The instant his words fell, Sasha snapped her head over.

“What did you just say?”

“I mean, I answered wrongly to your question earlier. There’s someone, but… she’s unbiddable.” He pondered for a long time before he thought of that term.


All at once, Sasha’s eyes went wide.

Good Lord! What kind of term is that? He actually needs the other person to be biddable when they’re dating? This is so domineering of him, exactly the same as his father!

All of a sudden, excitement inundated her.

“W-Why is she not biddable? Does she not like you?”

“No, that’s not it,” Ian replied morosely.

When Sasha heard that, she grew all the more anxious. “What is it, then? Since the two of you like each other, why is she not biddable? Don’t tell me you… you want—”


The smart and brilliant Ian raised his voice several decibels, just to cut off his mother’s wild imagination.

What’s she thinking? Did Daddy not teach her properly?

In the dark, his fair face flushed bright red to the extent that he almost resembled a ripe tomato.

Sasha went silent.

Okay, fine, I got his meaning wrong. He’s still a pure and innocent young lad.

Subsequently, she continued asking, “Then, tell me why exactly that is. Share it with me. Perhaps I can help give you some ideas.”

“She’s afraid of our family,” Ian admitted.

“Huh?” Sasha gasped.

I really don’t understand. Afraid of our family? Why? Is the Jadeson family a wild beast? What’s there to fear? Logically speaking, many would want to marry their daughters into a family like ours. The year Ian and Matteo came of age, countless wealthy and influential families sent someone over to feel us out. Yet, someone is now afraid?

Truly, she couldn’t make sense of it.

However, the movie started then. In order to keep the silence, the two of them didn’t talk further. Instead, they shifted their attention to the movie.

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