Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1901

Chapter 1901 Does Susan Have A Boyfriend

Sigrun stood in front of Susan with her arms crossed and told her that shocking news while looking all triumphant. Susan was wholly stunned.

Standing there, she gaped at Sigrun blankly, feeling as though a bomb had gone off in her mind. In the blink of an eye, all thought vanished, and her mind went blank. Engagement? So they’re getting engaged?

“Also, were you planning to ask Kurt about Ian visiting the psychologist? Indeed, that’s true. It was the same psychologist as before. Susan, you’re really something else that he still has feelings for you after erasing his memories.” “W-What are you talking about?”

While in utter shock, Susan heard herself asking that question. On the heels of that, however, Sigrun dealt her another fatal blow.

“But don’t be too smug. He wanted to erase everything negative about you, so after having the psychologist restore his memories, he now remembers the entirety of his past with you.”

Once more, she viciously told Susan that brutal truth. Ultimately, she still went to the extreme. She was initially a girl filled with passion and enthusiasm for life, but after eavesdropping on the conversation last night, her mentality started becoming twisted.

It was as though something that initially belonged to her was suddenly stolen away by someone else and was no longer hers.

She wanted revenge, almost mad with the thought of it, and she was desperate to take everything back.

In the end, Susan didn’t have any recollection of how she left.

All she remembered was the fact that she was wandering aimlessly by the roadside with her backpack when her mind finally cleared up. Just then, a silver-gray Land Rover came to a stop beside her.

“What’s wrong, Ms. Limmer? Why are you walking along the roadside alone?”

When the car window rolled down, the incredibly handsome countenance of an Epean man came into sight. It was none other than Vincent.

Susan bit her lip hard, her eyes turning red-rimmed in an instant.

It wasn’t that she loved to cry, but her heart was currently aching terribly. Now that she was in a foreign land, as long as someone showed her an iota of concern when she seemingly couldn’t see a single ray of hope in the entire world, she would inevitably break down.

In the end, she got into the man’s car.

Little did she know that a red Lamborghini appeared no sooner had they left. Witnessing the scene before her eyes, Sasha, who was in the passenger seat, was exceedingly astonished.

“Gosh, what was happening there? Was that Susan’s boyfriend?”

Her eyes shone brightly, and she sat up straight.

The person driving beside her was none other than Ian.

He had taken a leave of absence that morning to accompany his mother for some fun in the city, and they left after Kurt and Vivian did.

Alas, he witnessed such an incident.


He nixed it, the look in his eyes glacial.

Sasha immediately turned to him. “Hmm? How do you know that? Are you acquainted with him?”

“No!” Ian snarled.

This time, his attitude was even worse. In fact, he was a carbon copy of Sebastian back when the latter threw a tantrum with Sasha.

Sasha didn’t continue pursuing the subject any further, but she took out her phone and entered the license plate she had committed to memory. In no time, a litany of information appeared on her phone.

“Whoa! He’s actually a second lieutenant, and his family members are real aristocrats!”

As she scanned through the information, she grew increasingly jubilant.

Right away, she sent a message to Sebastian back home.

She texted: Darling, guess what I saw here!

Sebastian replied: What is it, Darling?

In view of his awful attitude yesterday, his tone that day was particularly gentle.

Sasha told him the news at once.

She typed: Look, this is the car Susan just got into. How impressive! She just came over, but she managed to snag the attention of such a handsome boy with an excellent family background.

Sebastian was rendered speechless.

A long moment passed before he again sent a message in exasperation.

He texted: All right, your mission is to visit Ian, Darling. How is he doing? Is he okay?

Sasha answered: Well, if you’re asking about this, he isn’t doing so good emotionally. I took his pulse yesterday. Anyway, I’m bringing him out for a breather.

Sebastian echoed: A breather?

Sasha explained: Yes, a breather. I can then learn more about his situation. Don’t forget that I once studied psychology. Back then, I even learned from a renowned professor in Jetroina for your sake.

Seeing that, the man didn’t say anything further, merely reminding her to be more careful and inform him promptly if there were any news. Then, he ended the conversation.

Sasha likewise put her phone down.

A while later, a map of the city flashed across her mind. She reckoned that they were going to arrive at a mall, so she suggested, “Ian, I want to watch a movie with you. Is that okay?”

“Okay,” Ian agreed.

For the time being, he forcibly suppressed the emotions within him that were on the verge of bursting forth.

Ten minutes later, the two of them arrived at the biggest mall in the city.

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