Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1899

Chapter 1899 He Wants To Announce Your Marriage

“Huh?” Susan lifted her head, stunned for a moment. “N-No, everything is fine.”

“Everything is fine? Then why have you become so taciturn now? Also, your eyes keep shifting around nervously. Don’t be afraid, Susan. Just tell me if there’s any problem. I’ll go to your school and talk to your teachers,” Sasha urged earnestly while looking at her solemnly.

Indeed, that was her presumption. She had heard that while exchange students had good grades when they first came over, it was always somewhat difficult for them to adapt to the new environment at first.

Besides, the girl before her had never gone abroad in the past. To her surprise, however, Susan again denied it.

“No, no, they’re all pretty nice to me, Mrs. Hayes. I was only apprehensive earlier because… because I was worried that Vivi and the others would be offended that I’m addressing you differently.” “Hmm?”

Sasha chuckled upon hearing that. “That would never happen. You have no blood ties to the Jadeson family in the first place, so now that you’ve changed your first name to Limmer, the different address only means that you respect us even more.” “Really?”

At long last, a ray of light showed in Susan’s gaze that had been dim for a long time.

Sasha nodded in affirmation. “Of course. Actually, you’ve got to remember this, Susan. An address is only a verbal issue. Regardless of how you address us, it doesn’t matter. What’s more important is that you still remember the long-standing relationship between us.”

Ultimately, she still comforted the girl magnanimously. Truth be told, she attached little importance to such things.

After having experienced so much in her lifetime, she had realized that if one truly cared, one would still lend a helping hand at a critical juncture even if one addressed the other person by their full name.

For instance, Solomon and Sebastian. They were brothers, but she had never heard them really greeting each other properly thus far. Yet when something happened, they still helped each other.

On the contrary, there was her and Jackson’s daughter, Xenia. They were cousins by blood, but things didn’t end well between them. In the end, Sasha even patted Susan’s head gently and advised her not to brood over that matter before leaving. Then, she went to Ian’s room.

Meanwhile, Ian was sitting in front of his computer in his room. He wasn’t in the mood to play video games. Instead, he pondered upon the purpose of Sasha’s visit.

His brain whirred at warp speed. But why didn’t she ask me anything after coming to my room?

“Come here, Ian. Let me take your pulse.”

Saying nothing, he obediently went over and presented his wrist to his mother.

After all, they were already accustomed to it.

Sasha was a TCM practitioner, so she often took their pulse and the like at home back then in fear that they would fall sick.

Ian waited patiently.

A few minutes later, Sasha retracted her fingers from his wrist.

“Have you been worrying a lot lately, Ian? Why is your pulse slightly stilted?” Sasha regarded her son somberly.

At that question, Ian was rendered speechless.

Has Mom’s medical skill improved again that she could even tell that?

“Yeah, there’s a minor issue at work,” he fibbed.

Hearing that, Sasha breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s okay. Bring me over for a look tomorrow. Besides that, I’ll get you a few doses of traditional medicine. You’ll be fine after drinking them.”

At once, words eluded Ian.

For several seconds, he sat there in silence.

I forgot that she’s also an expert in finance, and a prodigy at that.

His lips pressed into a thin line. A long while later, he finally asked, “Mom, what did you two talk about that you spent so long in her room?”

“Who?” Sasha inquired reflexively.

“Aunt Susan,” Ian clarified.

“Oh, you meant her, huh? I noticed that her personality underwent a drastic change today and was a tad worried that she hasn’t adapted to the environment here yet, so I went over to chat with her,” Sasha explained.


“And she said everything was fine. She was merely nervous because she was worried that you all won’t like that she’s addressing me differently now. But that’s impossible! She doesn’t have any blood ties to us anyway. Oh yes, Ian, don’t address her as Aunt Susan anymore in the future. Just call her Susan instead.”

Sasha was a straightforward person, so she simply said that after hearing her son’s question.

Once more, Ian went silent for a long time.

Susan? I wonder whether that woman deliberately told Mom to come over.


“Hmm?” Ian raised his head and looked at his mother.

“What are you thinking about that you were spacing out when I spoke to you? I asked you how you feel about that daughter of the Lightburn family. Your great-grandfather said he wants to announce the matter during your birthday,” Sasha abruptly uttered with her eyes fixated on her son.

It so happened that Sigrun was eavesdropping outside right then. The instant she heard that, her breath caught, and she perked up her ears without daring to make a single peep.

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