Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1898

Chapter 1898 What Is Wrong

“I came to see you guys. Are you happy?” “Yes, I’m so happy!”

Feeling touched by her words, Vivian was almost in tears. Next, it was Ian. He was also excited to see his mother, but he was a boy, so he did not come over until his sister and mother had separated.

“Welcome, Mom.” “Hi, sweetie. Come, let me hug you.” Sasha then opened her arms and hugged her son, who was almost as tall as his father.

The mother-son duo smiled happily. “What a surprise, Mrs. Hayes. I didn’t think you’d come. It’s the biggest surprise we’ve had this week.”

Sigrun also came over. She was such a sweet talker. In just a few words, she was able to express her suspicion about her future mother-in-law’s arrival.

Sasha also greeted her with a smile and caressed her head. “Good girl!” As the girl had been chosen by Jonathan, she naturally would show her due respect. The last person was Susan.

However, at that moment, she merely stood there. Anyone could tell that she was tense by the hint of panic in her eyes. “What’s the matter with you, Susan? Am I not welcomed here?” Sasha shifted her gaze toward the girl and asked with a warm smile.

Right after she spoke, not only did Ian turn to look at his mother, but even Sigrun and Vivian next to him also looked over with widened eyes. “Mom, why did you—”

“You all didn’t come back at the end of last year, so I forgot to tell you that ever since Susan was inducted into the Limmer family, I’ve changed the way I address her. After all, she’s around the same age as you all, so there’s nothing wrong with addressing her like this,” Sasha explained with a smile as she ruffled her daughter’s hair.

Upon hearing that, Vivian finally understood. She nodded and did not comment further.

However, when Sigrun, who was beside her, heard that, a wave of sudden anger surged within her.

I can’t believe she even changed the way she addresses Susan! It seems that she came here really well prepared.

Susan kept fiddling with her backpack. No one knew how nervous she was to see the reactions of the others when they heard the new form of address, especially the young man standing beside his mother.

Will he be happy about this?

She sneaked a glance at him but discovered that he was shocked like everyone else after hearing the new form of address.

After hearing his mother’s explanation, he seemed to understand. However, there was none of the surprise and relief that Susan desired to see on his handsome and cold face.

Instead, he frowned, and there was even a hint of mockery in his alluring eyes.


Susan’s heart sank to her stomach.

“How long will you be staying this time, Mom?”

“Not long. I came because I also have something to do here, so I decided to stop by to see you all. I’ll probably stay for two or three days.”

Sasha gestured for the others to sit down as she smilingly explained to her daughter, who had been pestering her.

“That’s only a few days.”

Sure enough, Vivian’s face fell upon hearing the words “two or three days.”

Seeing that, Kurt placed her favorite chicken drumstick onto her plate. “Mrs. Hayes still has matters to attend to. Your dad is also waiting for her at home. There are still many things to settle.”

“All right then.”

As expected, coaxing her with her mother’s homemade drumsticks was effective.

During the meal, everyone was chatting happily except Susan, who was silently pushing her food around her plate. Even when someone addressed her, she would reply briefly and quickly lower her head again.

Sasha noticed it and found it rather odd.

Wasn’t she quite cheerful at home in the past? Why has she grown silent after coming here?

Sasha decided to talk to her that night before asking her son about it. After all, she had always felt more sympathy for Susan and her brother after their father died.

Hence, after the meal, when Susan had tidied up the kitchen and returned to her bedroom to take a shower, her door was suddenly pushed open.

“Are you preparing to take a shower, Susan?”

“M-Mrs. Hayes…”

Susan was so startled that she almost lost her grip on her pajamas.

“Yes. I’m planning to take a shower.”

“I wish to have a chat with you. Why don’t I come over after you’re done showering?” Sasha looked at the girl’s nervous expression with a smile and asked patiently.

She truly has changed. Our previous conversations have never been this way.

“I-It’s fine. Have a seat, Mrs. Hayes. I’ll get you some water.”

Susan was even more nervous.

She quickly put down her pajamas and moved a chair over. After that, she went to get Sasha a glass of water.

As expected, she kept trembling in fear as she poured the water.

She thought that the older lady in front of her had learned about what had transpired between her and her son and was there to reprimand her.

Susan had never felt so flustered and scared.

“It’s all right. You don’t have to be so nervous. I came to ask you, are you not used to living here? Are you having trouble getting along with your classmates at school? Or is it stress from studying?”

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