Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896 Do You Think You Can Do It Now

Ian fell silent. A long while later, he calmed down completely and pulled a piece of tissue out to wipe his face dry. He parted his lips and explained, “I wanted to know the memory that was wiped away from my brain.” Oh? What a surprise. Kurt whipped his head around in surprise. Did he really want that?

“Why? Why do you suddenly want your memory back?” “Because…” Ian looked out of the window as confusion flashed past his eyes.

“I could guess what it was. But I don’t understand why I chose to wipe it away from my brain. Thus, I’d like to confirm what it was before making any mistake,” he said honestly.

Kurt gaped in disbelief. His jaw hung open for some time.

Before he makes any mistake? I can’t believe he described his own actions this way! Is he referring to him and Susan? He couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with her again. Hence, he wants to find out why they separated in the memory he lost?

For a moment, Kurt was overwhelmed by mixed feelings.

He remembered how Ian went all out for Susan previously. Ian was head over heels in love with Susan and went to her without paying any heed to their identities, age, and reputation.

Kurt looked away.

“If you’re curious, I can tell you everything.”

The moment he uttered those words, silence fell. The car became so eerily silent that one could even hear a pin drop.

Kurt waited in front quietly.

Actually, he flew into a fit of rage in the doctor’s office because he was afraid that Ian would be in anguish after regaining his memory.

He was also scared that someone would try to alter Ian’s memory. That would be problematic, for no one knew what the consequences would be.

If all Ian wanted was the truth, Kurt didn’t mind telling him everything.

In the end, Ian agreed to his suggestion.

Thus, Kurt told Ian everything that had happened.

“I don’t actually know what happened between you both. After leaving Avenport and coming here, you didn’t even go home. Instead, you came here and locked yourself in your room for ten whole days,” Kurt revealed.

He told Ian everything he knew honestly. Indeed, he had no idea what went wrong between them.

Ian was quiet the whole way through.

Deep down, he was shocked to discover that he was involved with Susan back then.

At the same time, he felt an indescribable sadness. It felt like his heart was tossed into an icy bucket of water, and the chill went all the way into his bones.

An image of him holding an umbrella in the rain emerged in his mind.

“She’s afraid,” he said suddenly.

“What?” Kurt blurted out and turned at his shoulder in astonishment.

Ian was staring out of the window, shrouded in gloominess.

“She’s my aunt, and I’m her nephew. If we end up together, the entire world will mock us,” he added.

Silence ensued. Kurt only broke the silence a long while later. “But she’s not a Jadeson now. Her surname is now Limmer, so there’s no need for her to be afraid now.”

“Nothing changed. Her mom told me everything when she got on her knees to beg for help,” Ian replied sarcastically.

Kurt’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He could barely hide his surprise after hearing Ian utter those words.

Sigrith? Did he regain his memory? Why did he suddenly say that to me?

Right when Kurt was about to ask for details, he realized Ian bore a confused expression as though he didn’t know why he had said that out loud.

Kurt was speechless.

Suddenly, an ominous feeling began to grow in his heart.

Oh, I forgot he’s Sebastian’s son. No matter how weak he is, he would never ask someone to wipe his memory out just because Susan asked him to forget about it. Besides, there was a chance to turn things around back then. Not long after, Colton’s real identity was exposed. Ian knew that well, for he was investigating the matter. Then, what was the real blow that caused him to make up his mind?

Kurt’s emotions were still in turmoil even after he dropped Ian back on the campus. After considering the matter carefully, he decided to report the matter to Oceanic Estate.

His gut feeling told him that it was not a minor matter.

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