Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894 Mutual Attraction

“Eh? You’re up early, Ms. Susan.” Outside the bedroom, she bumped into Sigrun, who had just woken up. At once, Susan’s heart sank to her stomach.

It was a reflex every time she ran into Sigburn. Every time Sigburn showed up, she would do her best to keep Susan away from Ian.

Susan’s mood took a downhill. Strangely, Sigrun didn’t try to make things difficult for her that morning. “Vivi, Kurt, I have an event at the campus this morning. I need to leave now instead of joining you for breakfast. Ms. Susan, goodbye!”

She grabbed a bun on the table and hopped out of the house. Susan regarded her back doubtfully. How surprising. No matter what, she heaved a sigh of relief after Sigburn left and hurried to Ian’s room ahead.

“Ian? Are you awake? Do you need help?” she asked worriedly after knocking on the door. Less than two minutes later, Ian strode out in a black outfit, looking refreshed and clean. “It’s just a small injury. I didn’t lose any limb!”

He opened the door with his expression all scrunched up. It seemed like he was upset at how she was treating him as though he had lost a limb. Susan chuckled in response.

“You didn’t button your shirt till the end. Let me help you.”

She stretched out her slender hands and buttoned up his shirt nicely. Ian fell silent. In the living room, Vivian stared at them, her eyes wide in shock.

“Kurt, don’t you think Aunt Susan treats Ian really well?” she whispered. “Really?”

Kurt reached out to turn her head around, his expression calm and collected. Vivian blinked her eyes twice. Her long lashes fluttered adoringly, causing Kurt’s heart to skip a beat.

“Yes. Don’t you realize it? That’s how you usually treat me, right?” she insisted.

The little fool is finally catching up, huh?

Kurt arched his brow as his lips curved.

“How do I usually treat you?” he teased.

Comprehension dawned on Vivian.

At once, her cheeks flushed red. She immediately struggled out of his reach and ran to the dining table.

Is he out of his mind?

When Susan and Ian came down, Vivian dared not meet Kurt’s gaze.

However, when everyone headed out, things went back to normal. Vivian climbed onto Kurt’s back so he could bring her to the car park. Her tinkling laughter could be heard from afar.

“Vivi looks happy now,” Susan commented when she saw them both downstairs.

She meant it.

Ian didn’t say a word.

They soon arrived at the public bicycle parking area. When Susan was paying for her ride, Ian suddenly said, “She deserves it.”


Susan lifted her head abruptly when she heard what he had to say.

She deserves it? Does he mean…

“They went through a lot. They never gave up on each other in their darkest and most dangerous times. Naturally, they deserve hard-earned happiness. It’s only fair for them to be this happy,” Ian explained as Susan seemed confused.

Alas, he didn’t know that his words went through her heart like an iron shard and revealed the deepest, darkest secret that she kept buried. Her smile promptly slipped.

In just a few seconds, the color completely drained from her face.

Give up? Is he talking about me? No. He has lost his memory, so he shouldn’t be referring to me. Nevertheless, his words proved that he hated people who “give up.” He even mentioned the word “fair.” That means he despises selfish cowards.

Susan lost the strength to speak.

That morning, they rode a bicycle each.

Ian’s expression was gloomy.

As Susan had ridden away, he had no choice but to take another bicycle and ride after her.

Once they arrived at the campus, Susan headed straight to the Faculty of Accounting.

Ian’s bicycle came to a stop. He stared at the building and locked his bicycle unhappily before striding away.

Buzz, buzz…


“Mr. Hayes, this is Dr. Blanc. I heard you’re doing well recently. Do you have time to come over? I need to examine you thoroughly.”

It was the psychologist that Ian had seen previously.

His brows snapped together at the sudden phone call.

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