Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1892

Chapter 1892 Bold As Brass

Ian merely stood there, watching how Susan went about starting the fire. She blew on the blackened coals until red flames really did start slowly appearing. Suddenly, there was a crackle as the fire flared and spat sparks.

Susan’s mind went blank. Before she could react, a hand had already moved in front of her face to shield her, and she felt herself getting pulled backward swiftly.

Everything happened so quickly that Susan was still in a daze after getting dragged backward. “Ian? What happened to the two of you? Are you okay?”

Vivian was setting the table in the living room when she noticed the commotion and rushed toward them worriedly.

Susan finally returned to her senses, instantly realizing what had happened. She straightened her back immediately as if by reflex while she stood in the arms of the person behind her, then turned to grab the hand he had quickly retracted. “Are you okay, Ian? Let me see your hand.”

“I’m fine,” he replied, stubbornly refusing. He did not let either of the two girls take a look at his hand. After all, a minor injury like that was nothing to a man like him.

The two ladies usually appeared gentle and weak. However, at such a critical moment, Vivian came up from behind and grabbed him forcefully. As for Susan, she was even bolder!

She wrapped her arms around his, practically latching onto his arm. “Just hurry up and let me take a look!”

He stared at them, speechless. What are these two creatures?

The veins in Ian’s head throbbed even worse when he swept his gaze over to Kurt. Not only had the latter not stepped forward to lend a helping hand, but he wore the expression of someone watching a good show instead.

In the end, Ian showed them his hand.

He only realized how badly injured he was when he showed them his hand and saw that it had begun to blister.

“Oh my goodness! That’s serious! Quick, I’ll take you to the doctor’s.”

Seeing how severe it was, Susan immediately became anxious and dragged him after her without another word.

Vivian wanted to follow too, but just when she reached the door, Kurt pulled her back.

“Hey! What are you doing, Kurt?”

“You should stay and eat. Your aunt is with him, so what do you have to worry about? Hurry up and eat. Otherwise, the fish won’t taste as nice anymore,” Kurt responded without the slightest hint of guilt.

After dragging her back to the living room, he made her sit down, ladled steaming hot stew into a bowl for her, and told her to eat up.

Right. Once we’re full, we’ll go and game for a while…

Meanwhile, Susan quickly rode up on a bicycle after leading Ian downstairs.

He stared at her in the evening light without saying a word.

When she saw him standing rooted to the spot, she urged, “Hop on. Why are you still standing there? It’s only a short distance to the clinic near our university, so we can just ride the bicycle there. If we were to go to the hospital, we’d have to make an appointment, and it’d be much more troublesome.”

Fortunately, he finally approached her after hearing her explanation. He climbed onto the back of the bicycle, and she began pedaling away.

By then, the beautiful sunset of an early spring evening was not glowing as brilliantly as before. It seemed to have lost its dazzling luster, leaving behind the soft grey twilight.

Although the sky was a little dark, it was still beautiful.

As Ian sat behind her, something flashed across his mind for a split second. It was so fleeting that he could not figure out what it was.

What was that?

As he puzzled over it, he did not notice his hands had moved to clutch at Susan’s skirt.

“Don’t clutch at my skirt, Ian. You might hurt your hand further. Just hold onto me.”


His eyes flew wide open, wondering whether he had misheard.

But while he was still reeling in shock at her words, the bold as brass Susan had reached for his other hand and placed it on her slender waist.

This is crazy…

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