Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1889

Chapter 1889 His Secretary

“Hello, is it convenient for you if I go for the interview now?” “Okay! I’ll be there soon!” She was on cloud nine after confirming the slot for the interview with the person on the other end of the line. Without wasting any more time, she dashed out of her bedroom after changing into her shoes.

Little did she realize that someone else was still in the apartment. “I-Ian? D-Didn’t you go fishing with them?”

She covered her nose due to the sudden pain and lifted her head, only to find Ian standing right in front of her.

My goodness! I don’t even know he’s at home! Oh my! I’m sure he has found out my intention to get a part-time job! “Where are you going?”

Indeed, no words could describe the grimness on his face. He looked like a predator who was ready to feast on his prey. Susan swallowed a lump in her throat. “I-I’m going for class…”

Ian raised an eyebrow. “I-I’m going for an interview… I’m looking for a job!” Susan stammered, her head down. Intimidated by his imposing aura, she had no choice but to tell him the truth. “To pay me back?”

“Y-Yeah! You lent me fifty thousand!” Susan lifted her head to look at him earnestly with crystal clear eyes. “Are you sure it’s fifty thousand?” Ian sneered. “Clearly I transferred five hundred thousand to you last night?”

Susan was at a loss for words. Even though she did not have any evidence, at that very moment, she could not help but suspect that he intended to blackmail her.

Eventually, she could only zip her mouth when he dragged her to a local securities firm.

“Remember to jot down all the important data when I speak to them later. I’ll look through it once we’re back in the apartment.”

“O-Okay!” Susan responded at once.

Shortly after, they entered a building and were welcomed by an Epean man dressed smartly in a suit. He led them into a conference room and introduced Ian to the others, “Everyone, he’s the representative from Hayes Corporation. If you have any questions about securities, you may consult him now.”

“Mr. Hayes, nice to meet you!”

“Mr. Hayes, it’s indeed an honor to meet you in person!”

The others in the conference room started greeting Ian formally.

The formal occasion was indeed a culture shock for Susan. She could barely take her eyes off the young man alongside her at that moment. Unequivocally, he was a chip off the old block. At the sight of Ian exuding a vibe of nonchalance even when dealing formally with the others, she was in awe of him.

Moments later, she took a seat next to Ian. She calmed herself down, and it did not take long before she was absorbed in the task assigned by him.

She was not a weak person in the first place.

When the meeting finally ended, it was already almost two hours later. Susan had jotted down nearly twenty pages of data in her notebook. On top of that, she had even labeled them.

“Did you jot down all the data?”

Susan passed him the notebook and said, “Yeah, I’ve made a complete record. Those underlined in red stand for the stock they hope the Hayes Corporation will acquire. And those underlined in blue refer to the ones that are unstable at the moment.”

As she had stepped out of the apartment in a rush and she lacked working experience, she did not bring along her laptop and could only record the data in her notebook.

Ian arched his brows the moment he set his eyes on her notebook. Evidently, he was impressed by her beautiful handwriting.


“All right, I got it. Keep it first. It’s almost noon. Let’s have lunch before going back,” Ian said placidly and retracted his gaze from her notebook. After turning off his laptop, he rose to his feet.

Seeing that, Susan quickly followed behind him.

As they reached the lobby and were about to step out of the building, Ian’s phone rang.


“Ian, are you at the securities firm? I think I saw you just now.”

It was none other than Sigrun.

Susan was unaware of that. She had automatically moved aside when Ian answered the call, knowing that it was impolite to stand beside someone when they were talking on the phone.

Susan only approached Ian again after he ended his phone call, and she heard him say, “Sigrun is on the way. She’s joining us for lunch.”

In a split second, Susan’s good mood had been ruined.

She was no saint. Surely, she would be unhappy if someone were to come in the way of them spending time alone together.

Besides, she and Sigrun were well aware that they both took a fancy to Ian. Needless to say, she was sure that Sigrun was dropping by on purpose to rain on her parade.

In the end, Susan had no choice but to head to the restaurant with Ian.

She was overwhelmed with emotions when she realized that Sigrun had made a reservation in a high-end fine dining restaurant. The latter was seated next to the window, waiting for their arrival. The moment they showed up, she smiled blissfully and said, “Ian, this way! I’ve already ordered all your favorite food.”

Susan pretended not to see it.

After she and Ian took their seats, Sigrun finally looked at her and feigned a sincere look. “Ms. Susan, what do you feel like eating? I’m sorry I don’t know what you like to eat. I only ordered for Ian.”

“It’s all right. Let me go through the menu.” Susan took the menu on the table casually.

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