Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1887

Chapter 1887 Why Is He So Pissed

After getting into the car, Susan could still feel Ian’s imposing aura, so she didn’t dare to utter a word. Instead, she just sat obediently in the back seat and looked out the window.

There was nothing but dead silence in the car. Although Ian was driving very fast, the car was so soundproof that all Susan could hear was the sound of the air conditioning blowing.

Without even realizing it, Susan was clenching her fists when she said, “The man that sent me out was a military officer in the embassy. Mdm. Bennett assigned him to protect me.” There was no response.

Ever since he got here to study, it has been hard to get him to talk. That attitude of his is rather terrifying. After getting no response from him, Susan continued, “Also, he sent me down b-because I-I wanted to bid for something that belonged to my grandpa. However, I don’t have enough money, so h-he-”

Screech! Suddenly, the car came to a halt by the side of the road. I haven’t even finished my sentence. Why did he suddenly stop the car?

Frightened, Susan held her chest and gazed at the driver. She was so scared that she was even conscious of how loud she was breathing. “He lent you money?”

“Y-Yes…” Susan stuttered after hearing his frightening tone. Right after she answered him, his aura had become even more terrifying. “Are you stupid? There are so many people at home. Why didn’t you just call home?”

“I-I wanted to, b-but he had paid for it right away. Besides, I was at the auction. When he raised the paddle, t-the money was deducted from his account instantly.” Susan was terrified, and she was on the verge of crying.

As she was explaining herself in her shivering tone, she looked miserable.

Indeed, there was nothing she could’ve done.

She was told that the starting bid for the items was a hundred. Since it was for charity, Susan agreed to attend when Mdm. Bennett invited her.

However, she didn’t expect the people there to increase the price by ten thousand every time they bid.

Ian’s face was flushed red with fury.

In fact, he didn’t even know why he was so angry. As he stared ahead, he felt a fit of intense anger coursing through his veins.

Ultimately, he asked, “How much?”

Susan quickly whipped out the fountain pen and stammered, “F-Fifty thousand.”

Ian went silent. He then took out his smartphone and tapped on the screen. Soon, he transferred a sum of money from his account.

Susan was watching his movements from behind.

A while later, her smartphone vibrated. When she lowered her gaze to see her smartphone, she saw a notification saying that she had received a sum of money.

“Five hundred thousand? Ian! Have you gone mad? Why did you give me so much money? I only needed fifty thousand!”

“Shut up!” Ian yelled in annoyance.

He then threw his smartphone aside and started driving again.

Susan was rendered speechless. He has gone mad. He has really gone mad. Forget about it. I shouldn’t annoy him anymore tonight. I’ll just return him the money when he’s in a better mood tomorrow.

Susan didn’t bother him anymore. Instead, she quickly transferred fifty thousand to Vincent, and she texted him: Mr. Vincent, here is the money. Thank you for helping me just now.

Vincent replied: So soon? Didn’t you say you have to work to get the money? How did you come up with the money so suddenly? Are you in trouble now?

Vincent was thoughtful enough to ask if she was in any trouble after getting paid so soon.

Trouble? Oh, yes. I am scared out of my wits! However, Susan felt relieved after seeing that Ian had calmed down. At that moment, she could see him focused on the dark road ahead.

Susan replied: No. It’s just that my family has arrived. I meant to call them when we were at the museum just now.

Vincent texted: Oh, okay. Will you work at the embassy?

Susan was just about to reply when she heard Ian asking, “Are you not done texting? Aren’t you supposed to just return the money?”

Upon hearing that, Susan immediately put her phone away and sat quietly. Isn’t he driving? How did he know I have returned the money and texted that man? Does he have eyes on the back of his head? I better not do anything anymore.

After that, Susan fell asleep in the car after being out the whole day. Besides, she didn’t even sleep well the night before.

When Ian heard her slow and steady breathing, he checked on her through the rear-view mirror and saw her sleeping. He then slowed down the car immediately.

Forty minutes later, they arrived outside the apartment building.

“Ian…” Susan was awakened. When she opened her eyes and saw a familiar face, she subconsciously opened her arms.

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