Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885 Having A Good Time

“Ms. Limmer, let’s go over there.” “Okay.” Susan was getting more and more nervous. Right then, a beautiful and graceful woman spotted them. With a surprised expression, she approached them with a glass of wine in her hand. “Vincent, what’s this?”

Vincent was standing right beside Susan, and his expression suddenly turned awkward. “Mom…” Susan froze momentarily before realizing that the woman was Vincent’s mother.

“Wow! This Astorian girl is pretty! Are you going to introduce her to me? Where is she from?” The woman was very happy with what she saw, so she asked Vincent to introduce Susan to her.

In response, Vincent uttered awkwardly, “This is Mdm. Bennett’s guest. She’s from the Limmer family, and she’s Mr. Louis Limmer’s descendant. Mdm. Bennett invited her here.”

“Goodness!” Those words didn’t only shock Vincent’s mother, but everyone else in the ballroom, as well. Suddenly, everyone turned to look at Susan. Louis Limmer?

They knew Louis because he was a powerful and influential man in the country. He’s one of the most respected men in the world. Besides, his possessions can be found in the museum now!

Everyone in the ballroom started approaching Susan. At the same time, Vincent’s mother was filled with excitement. “Vincent, Mdm. Bennett has done well this time around!”

“What are you on about, Mom?” Vincent blushed at his mother’s frankness. He then stopped his mother from saying anything further because he was worried that Susan could overhear them.

In fact, Vincent was rather mesmerized by Susan the moment he laid eyes on her.

Susan wasn’t aware of what was going on. Instead, she was eagerly waiting for the auction to begin.


Suddenly, her phone vibrated.

When she took out her phone, she saw a text from Vivian that read: Aunt Susan, are you not coming back yet? It’s getting dark!

Susan replied: Vivi, I’m not done yet, so I think I’ll be home late. By the way, someone will send me back. Don’t worry.

Susan didn’t want the others to worry about her, so she just told them someone was going to send her home.

Vivian fell silent upon reading Susan’s reply.

She put her phone aside and turned toward the person behind her, who was waiting for her updates. “Aunt Susan said someone will send her back. Is Ian still going to fetch her?”

“He doesn’t need to now. Most probably, the embassy had already arranged for someone to send her back. I don’t think it’s nice of us to go over and disrupt their arrangements,” Sigrun suggested.

No one in the apartment said a word after hearing that, not even Kurt.

However, Susan still wasn’t home by eight that night. Since no one had gone to fetch her, no one knew what was Susan up to because none of them had heard from her.

Prior to that, Kurt was still waiting for Ian to make his move. However, it was getting late, and Ian didn’t seem like he was going to fetch Susan.

Kurt’s gaze darkened, and he went up to Ian. “Ian, are you not going to fetch her?”

“What?” Ian turned around in the middle of his video game.

At that moment, Kurt had a weird feeling about Ian. Why does he not take the initiative to do anything anymore? It’s as if he has lost all sense of reasoning.

“Ian, aren’t you worried about her? It’s getting late,” Kurt said.

After keeping mum for a while, Ian frowned. At that moment, he still had his headset on.

Surprisingly, he suddenly blurted, “You can fetch her, no?”

Kurt was stunned and annoyed.

Without saying a word, he walked toward Ian and pulled his headset off. He then dragged Ian off of his chair and said, “Quick, go fetch her. I’m not even eighteen yet. If I’m caught driving on the main road, they might toll my car away.”

Kurt’s tone was quite commanding.

Left without a choice, Ian took the car key and headed out.

When Sigrun heard the commotion from inside the restroom, she wanted to stop Ian. However, Kurt appeared in front of her out of nowhere with a cold aura.


“Isn’t it late already? Go to bed. You should stay out of matters that don’t concern you,” Kurt uttered coldly without holding back.

Sigrun was pissed after getting reprimanded. However, she was too scared of Kurt to say anything in retaliation.

Finally, Ian drove away.

It was almost nine when he arrived at the museum. By then, the auction had ended.

“Ms. Limmer, you’ve finally gotten what you want. This trip is worth it now that you’ve gotten your hands on your grandpa’s fountain pen.”

When Ian arrived at the magnificently decorated ballroom, he caught sight of a familiar figure.

However, he also saw a handsome young man dressed in military uniform standing in front of the girl.

Ian’s pupils began to constrict.

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