Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884 Fetch Her

Susan breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that. Since he’ll send me back, I have nothing to worry about.

She didn’t ask anything further after that. She also didn’t leave Vivian and the others a message because she thought she would be home right after her visit to the museum.

However, Vivian and the others were looking for her at noon that day because Susan didn’t tell them where she went.

“This is weird. Where is Aunt Susan? Where did she go? Why isn’t she here for lunch?”

Kurt was quite well-informed, so he answered, “I think someone from the embassy came to look for her.”

The embassy? Everyone was stunned upon hearing that. Ian was quite startled as well, and he looked at Kurt with a frown.

“What’s with the embassy? Why did they look for her?” Vivian asked.

Vivian was worried about Susan. After all, it was rare to hear about an embassy looking for a student like them.

At the same time, Sigrun pricked up her ears.

“I think they’ve found out about her identity. Her grandpa, Louis Limmer, came here to study before. Perhaps, an old acquaintance wants to meet her,” Kurt explained casually.

Goodness! As soon as those words were spoken, all sorts of facial expressions were seen in the dining room.

Vivian looked surprised. Who would’ve thought Aunt Susan would have an acquaintance here? This is good news!

Indeed, she was genuinely happy for Susan.

Sigrun’s face, on the other hand, fell instantly. She was shocked and angry at the same time. Within a few seconds, her eyes were filled with jealousy.

Since she was from a prominent family, she had always been proud of her social status.

As for Susan, her status of being a descendant of the Limmer family had never meant anything. Hence, Sigrun was surprised by the fact that Susan would be treated with respect in a foreign land.

Judging by what happened, Susan seemed to have surpassed her in terms of social status.

Sigrun was overwhelmed by jealousy.

After lunch, everyone went to rest. When Kurt saw Ian walking up the stairs, he approached Ian and asked, “Go fetch her later, okay?”

“O-Oh… Okay.” Surprisingly, Ian agreed.

Upon hearing that, Kurt smiled and passed him his car keys.

When he walked toward Vivian, she looked at him confusedly. “Kurt, who did you ask Ian to fetch?”

“Your Aunt Susan.”

“What?” Vivian scratched her head puzzledly. “Why does he need to fetch Aunt Susan? Wouldn’t someone send her back here? Didn’t you say someone from the embassy had picked her up?”

“Well, why should we trouble the others, right?” Kurt uttered patiently.

Knowing that she would ask further, he grabbed her by her shirt and brought her to the room upstairs for a nap.

Time flew by, and it was already nearing dusk.

Susan noticed the time, and she wanted to head back. “Mdm. Bennett, it’s getting late. I should head home now.”

“Oh?” Mdm. Bennett got up from her seat abruptly. “Are you in a rush? I thought you would stay for dinner. Do you see that fountain pen over there? That used to be your grandpa’s. It caught your attention just now, didn’t it? I was told that the fountain pen would be sold at an auction tonight.” She pointed at the fountain pen Susan was looking at prior to that and persuaded her to stay.

Wow! Susan was intrigued right away.

Although they had already moved into the Limmer family’s ancestral home, the house had been used as a tourist attraction spot before. Hence, nothing in the house belonged to the Limmer family.

Susan decided to stay because she wanted to take that fountain pen home.

When Vincent saw that, he continued his task by bringing Susan to the auction. He had even told her about the procedures there.

“Ms. Limmer, don’t be nervous. The auction is basically for charity. Hence, the prices won’t be astronomical,” he said.

“Is that so?” Susan was still worried.

Vincent nodded. When they arrived at the auction, he picked up a list of items for auction and showed it to Susan. At the same time, he was explaining to her the rules and regulations of the auction.

Since it was Susan’s first time attending such an event, she listened to him attentively.

At six in the evening, everyone was getting ready for dinner. Upon seeing that, Mdm. Bennett wanted to take Susan to the party so that she could introduce Susan to her friends. “Susan, may I address you this way?”

“Of course,” Susan quickly answered.

Mdm. Bennett was elated, and she brought Susan to the party. Immediately, Susan arrived in a magnificently decorated ballroom, and all the men there were dressed in suits.

Besides, the ladies present were all dressed in expensive clothes. As they were all chatting over glasses of wine, they looked like people with higher social status.

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