Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1883

Chapter 1883 Karma

Upon hearing that, Ian fell into silence. Ian’s face was flushed with embarrassment and panic. In fact, he looked like he had done something shameful, and he had nothing to say to defend himself. Susan then saw Ian running back into the apartment.

Right then, disappointment crushed Susan like a boulder. She had no idea how to describe what she was feeling at that precise moment, but if being on Ian’s back was heaven, then what she had just encountered had made her feel like she was in hell.

She had never felt so devastated before in her life. “Susan, what you did tonight was brilliant, but did you see that? You’ve lost. He actually cares about these things. Although you keep saying there’s nothing going on between the both of you, I don’t think he’s on the same page as you.” Sigrun stared at her and added salt to her wound. Hearing that, Susan felt even worse.

That night, she had no idea how she returned home, nor did she know how the night went by. All she could remember was that when the sun came up, she was still sitting in her chair and staring blankly at the window. Back then, he wasn’t the slightest bit bothered. On the other hand, it was me. I was scared, and I had backed away. That was what caused us to separate in the first place. After that, Ian decided to forget all about it. Why does he care again now that I’m back? Is this karma? Is this what I get for being a coward back then?

Susan couldn’t help but shiver when those thoughts ran through her mind. “Aunt Susan, are you up yet? We’re going to have breakfast before going to class.” Vivian knocked on her door worriedly when she didn’t see Susan coming out of her room.

Only then did Susan jolt to her senses after being in a daze all night long. “Vivi, I have something to deal with today, so I’ll attend class later. You guys should just go ahead.”

“A-All right…” With that, Vivian left.

Half an hour later, Susan finally got up from her chair after everyone had left the apartment. She then dragged herself into the restroom like a mindless zombie.

What am I supposed to do? I wouldn’t have a chance if he had already blocked off his memory and built a barrier between us because of our familial ties.

As she washed her face with cold water, she finally knew the pain Ian felt when she said those words to him back then.

Susan headed out after that. Instead of going to her university, she went to the embassy.

“Ms. Limmer, you’re here! I’m sorry, but I only found out you’re studying here after receiving a phone call from the White House yesterday. Please look through the accommodation and transportation we’ve arranged for you and let us know if you’re happy with the arrangements.”

It turned out that the embassy had specially arranged accommodation and a car for her right after receiving a phone call from the White House.

Susan was slightly startled. So my identity has really changed, and these people had taken the initiative to attend to me.

“Mister, is it okay if I take some time to think it through?”

“Sure! However, since you’re a descendant of the Limmer family, Mdm. Bennett, the wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, would like to see you today. Will you be available? She’s eager to meet you because she’s an admirer of your grandpa,” the person in charge of the embassy asked.

The wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs? Susan was confused, and she didn’t know what to decide because she had never met someone of that status.

“W-Why does she want to meet me? I don’t understand. I’m just a student,” Susan uttered.

“It’s nothing. She just wants to have a meal with you.” The person in charge smiled.

Without a choice, Susan agreed.

That day, Susan spent a long time at Mdm. Bennett’s house and she didn’t go to the university. She didn’t inform Vivian and the rest because the person in charge told her they would send her back in the afternoon.

However, in the afternoon, something came up, and Mdm. Bennett had to leave. “Ms. Limmer, would you like to visit the museum? I heard that the museum has things that belonged to your grandfather. If you do, I can get you there.”

“Really?” Susan’s eyes lit up.

Although she had never met her grandfather before, all she had for him was admiration. Besides, she was related to him, so she wanted to know more about him.

Susan agreed to visit the museum. Before Mdm. Bennett excused herself, she told a second lieutenant of the embassy, Vincent, to send Susan there.

“Ms. Limmer, this way, please.” Vincent was around twenty-five, and he was a handsome man. Apparently, he was also from an aristocratic family.

Despite that, he treated Susan with the utmost politeness.

After getting into the car, Susan asked, “Is the place we’re going far from here? I might have to go home in a while. Otherwise, my friends will get worried about me.”

As Vincent was driving, he looked at the beautiful Astorian girl through the rear-view mirror and comforted her, “It’s about half an hour away. Don’t worry, Ms. Limmer. After the museum, I’ll send you back personally.”

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