Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882 Heart Racing

He merely looked down at her and kept mum. However, Sigrun soon heard a set of footsteps walking down the stairs.

Around ten minutes later, both of them were seen taking the dog out for a walk. From a distance, one could see both their elongated shadows under the streetlights on both sides of the road.

“Ian, where shall we go today? We went to the east side yesterday.” “Let’s go to the west, then.” Although Ian’s tone was monotonous, there was a hint of warmth.

Susan was overjoyed when she heard that. She then held on to the leash and patted the dog on its head. “Lotus, let’s have a competition, shall we? Let’s see who arrives there first.”

Ian remained silent. “Woof!” the dog barked. With that, it lifted its legs and ran into the distance.

Left behind, Susan chased after it and shouted, “Hey, Lotus! How could you just run away? Stop right there! Stop!” At that moment, the whole street could hear her shouting.

Ian was utterly perplexed, and the veins on his forehead throbbed. How silly can this woman be?

He ran after them as well, but when he finally caught up with her, the dog was nowhere to be seen. As for Susan, she was seen bending down and rubbing her knee.

“What happened? Did you fall?” Ian asked. “What?” Susan didn’t dare to raise her head. This is so humiliating!

With her head still lowered, she suddenly saw a shadow in front of her. Ian then squatted down in front of her and looked at her trousers. Susan was stunned.

“Bear with it for a while.” Ian reached out his hands and rolled up her trousers. Right then, he saw the wound on Susan’s knee. In fact, the injury was quite serious.

As Susan was gasping in pain, she saw Ian’s gaze turned gloomy. “Are you a pig or something?”

“What?” Susan was dumbfounded, and she was at a loss. Pig? Did he just call me a pig? Am I not his aunt? How dare he call me a pig?

When Susan raised her gaze toward him, she could feel her heart pounding.

“All right. Let’s head back and deal with your wound.” Ian stood up and got ready to help her walk.

Susan was still in a daze. In that split second, she made a bold decision. “I-I can’t walk… It hurts.”

“What?” Ian glanced at her in disbelief. In fact, he was not convinced. She can’t walk? It’s just a minor injury, no? I would be stupid to believe her words.

Susan immediately averted her gaze when she saw him looking at her. Under the dim lights, one could definitely see her pale face blushing. Besides, her watery and clear eyes looked rather pitiful.

Ian froze momentarily upon seeing that.

Subconsciously, he bent down in front of her and said, “Come on.”

“Okay.” Susan was delighted.

She reached out her fair and slender hands and wrapped them around Ian’s shoulders before climbing onto his back.

That was the first time they were that close to one another.

When she got onto his back, she could feel the warmth radiating through his body. At that moment, her heart was racing, and she was blushing.

Needless to say, she loved every second of it.

“Thank you, Ian.”


It was as if he had blurted out his reply without even realizing it.

When he eventually regained his composure, his mind was a mess. Why did I do this? Have I gone mad?

Although he was shocked, he realized he wasn’t particularly annoyed by what was happening. It seems like I’ve indeed gone mad!

There, both of them made their way through the empty and silent sidewalk. Since it was chilly that night, the street was rather desolate.

Hence, only both of them were seen walking down the street.

While she was on his back, Susan wanted to say something, but she couldn’t find a topic to talk about. In the end, she merely wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned on his back to feel his warmth.

At the same time, she could even feel his heartbeat. In that blissful moment, she was happy and contented.

“Ian, are you guys back? You guys-” Someone had ruined the blissful moment.

When Sigrun appeared and saw what was happening, she was at a loss for words. At the same time, she kept pointing her finger at them.

Ian’s expression changed instantly when he saw that. He then quickly let go of his hands and let Susan down. “She… she fell.”

Susan remained silent. When she was watching Ian trying his best to distance himself from her, she was devastated.

“Even if she had fallen down, you shouldn’t have piggybacked her! She’s your aunt. Y-You could’ve called me or Kurt, no? Kurt is in the apartment as well!” Sigrun blurted emotionally.

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