Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1881

Chapter 1881 Grand Scheme

“Yes, that’s right. He has been addressing me as Aunt Susan for more than ten years. However, if we are unrelated, we are unrelated. You are the one who has done wrong. How dare you try to use morality on me?”

Susan sounded very calm when she said that. Sigrun was stumped.

“Sigrun, if the war hadn’t broken out back then, I would have been treated like a precious gem by the Limmer family just like you have been. As a victim, I couldn’t choose my environment when I was growing up. Regardless, this cannot be your reason for attacking me. By doing so, Ian will only hate you even more once he finds out about it. He will definitely keep away from you.”

After Susan calmed herself down, she did not reprimand Sigrun. Instead, she went on to analyze the situation for the younger woman and remind her that it was not to her advantage if she continued with her antics.

Sigrun was astonished. What is she doing? “What do you mean? You don’t blame me?”

“I didn’t say that. But if you really like him, then you shouldn’t become such a horrible person. Your ruthlessness may get you what you want, but can you guarantee that he will never find out?” Susan reminded her once again.

This time around, Sigrun was utterly lost for words. She could only stare at Susan with her crimson face as if someone had just slapped her. She had never met a girl who was so generous.

Or maybe this is Susan’s grand scheme. Didn’t she say that she likes Ian too? She has only just declared her feelings for him a while ago, so why is she telling me all these now? By trying to guide me, isn’t she worried that I will win him over?

Sigrun glanced at her. It was only after a long while before she heard herself ask, “Aren’t you afraid that I will win his heart?”

Susan laughed.

“It’s not your call. He isn’t an object; he’s a person. If he likes you, I will never win him over no matter how much I cling to him and vice versa. Isn’t that right?”

Sigrun was speechless, unable to formulate a response to that.

At that moment, whether Sigrun chose to admit it or not, she knew she was not as good as her rival in love.

In the end, she watched Susan walk away.

Half an hour later when she returned to her dorm, she finally managed to get some information on the two of them.

“Are you talking about Susan Jadeson and her nephew? Yes, they have a very good relationship. By the looks of it, they must be a couple now.”

“A couple?”

When Sigrun heard that, she clenched her fists.

Although she told herself to be generous as well, she still could not help but feel jealous when she heard about their true relationship.

“That’s right. Back then, there was a girl named Yasmin Snow who liked Ian very much. When she saw how close Susan was to her nephew, Yasmin wanted to kill her. Luckily, the police managed to apprehend her, and she surrendered herself. Unfortunately, that incident shook the entire school. Later on, when Ian’s dad found out about it, he became furious and took his son out of the school.”

“How about Susan? What happened to her after that?”

“She went to a faraway village in Yeringham to do charity work. I think she was being punished too. An incestuous love relationship between an aunt and her nephew will never be accepted by the grown-ups,” said her friend on the phone.

Sigrun instantly let out a sigh of relief when she heard that.

So, it seems that the Jadesons don’t approve of their relationship, as it should be. Although the two of them have no blood relation, they are still aunt and nephew in everyone’s eyes.

It’s okay if Susan doesn’t care about what others say. But, as the most powerful family in Jadeborough, the Jadesons will certainly mind what others say.

At that thought, Sigrun finally felt at ease.

Immediately, she moved back to the apartment once more and never made things difficult for Susan again. Instead, she became nicer to Ian and even looked after Susan as well.

“Aunt Susan, you’re cooking? Let me help you.”

“Aunt Susan, here, let me wash the dishes.”

“Aunt Susan…”

Every day, she kept calling Susan in a sweet way, even changing the way she addressed Susan.

Susan was exceptionally intelligent, so she knew what was going on. As such, she decided not to expose Sigrun. Since the latter was so eager to prove herself, Susan let her be. However, she did not let her touch the dog that she had brought back.

“Lotus, shall we go for a walk?”

That day, she was about to walk the dog after washing the dishes.

The moment Sigrun saw that, she jumped up and said, “Aunt Susan, can I come with you? I also want to walk the dog.”

Susan was at a loss for words.

I suppose she wants to be more familiar with the dog. After all, Ian seems to have taken more interest in it recently.

Susan turned her down. “It’s fine. I will be meeting Ian. Lotus won’t be comfortable if there are too many people. Just go ahead and do your own things.”

After that, she went downstairs with Lotus in her arms. Tilting her head back to look up at the lit window, she yelled, “Ian, let’s go. We are going to walk the dog.”

Sigrun also looked up and saw Ian’s silhouette appearing at the window upstairs.

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