My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 744

Chapter 744 You Have Got No Choice

If this is the standard, Ning Ran undoubtedly doesn’t fulfill the requirements of being the daughter-in-law of the Nan family. Upon seeing that Nan Chen wasn’t saying anything, Nan Zhengde panicked. “Don’t tell me she has never received any education!”

“Of course not. I’m really not all that sure about her academic qualifications, but I know she has studied abroad. Anyway, Grandpa, I’m going to marry her to be my wife, not recruit her to be my employee. Why are you asking about that?”

“Is getting married more important or recruiting an employee?” Nan Zhengde asked in return. “The former, of course!” Nan Chen answered.

“Exactly! Inquiring after someone’s academic qualifications is necessary even in an insignificant matter as recruiting an employee, so it’s only natural that the same inquiry is made when it comes to marriage,” Nan Zhengde riposted while glowering at the man.

That had Nan Chen at a loss for a retort. He had never thought that his grandfather would lay a trap for him.

“Everyone knows that having high academic qualifications doesn’t equate to being highly capable. That’s indeed true. But a person’s level of education can at least prove her learning ability and willingness to put in hard work in studying. That’s why recruiters like to hire those who graduated from prestigious universities. It’s not that they’re all elites, but at the very least, the probability of prestigious universities producing elites is higher. You do understand this principle, don’t you?” Nan Zhengde queried.

Having no other choice, Nan Chen could only nod. Naturally, he understood that principle.

“Thus, if Ning Ran’s level of education is very low, we’ve got to see whether it’s because she has poor learning ability, unwilling to study, or is lazy. If those are the reasons, she needs to redeem herself. Find a good university for her and have her pursue her studies. When she graduates, you can marry her!” Nan Zhengde declared.

Nan Chen couldn’t take it anymore. “Grandpa, she’s already the mother of two kids, yet you’re asking her to pursue her studies?”

“But she’s still young. Judging from her looks, she’s only in her twenties. She can totally pursue her studies. Besides, isn’t there a saying that learning is a lifelong journey? Having her improve her level of education is vital in ensuring that she’s capable of playing the role of your wife. Ultimately, she wouldn’t only be your wife but also the wife of the chairman of Nanshi Corporation, a person who has a significant influence on the company. It’s only natural that she has to be impeccable in terms of academic qualifications, character, capabilities, and every other aspect!” Nan Zhengde proclaimed loudly.

Those words made absolute sense, so Nan Chen really couldn’t find any fault with them.

I initially thought that he was pressuring me into getting married, but never had it crossed my mind that he had such a trick up his sleeve. It’s clear as day that he wants to test Ning Ran. Or in other words, he wants to temper her so that she’ll be more outstanding. Otherwise, she wouldn’t stand a chance of marrying into the Nan family. But she doesn’t seem as though she loves studying. Will she go up against me if I ask her to go and pursue her studies? Even if she doesn’t dare to do so and obey me, she might possibly play truant, no?

“What are you thinking about now? Do you think I’m asking too much of her?” Nan Zhengde questioned.

Only then was Nan Chen jolted out of his thoughts. “I understand your reasons, Grandpa. I’ll make the necessary arrangements.”

Half an hour later, Ning Ran’s cry of surprise rang out from her room. “What? You want me to pursue my studies? I’m already at this age, yet you want me to attend university?”

Her reaction was far more intense and exaggerated than Nan Chen had anticipated.

He furrowed his brows. “Calm down, won’t you? I’m just discussing this with you.”

Still, Ning Ran shrieked, “How can I possibly calm down? How would I have the time to study when I need to film?”

“What are your academic qualifications, then?”

“Didn’t I tell you already? I was sold off when I was a freshman. I later got pregnant and went abroad. Hence, I’ve got no academic qualifications!” Ning Ran groused with a bitter expression on her face.

“In other words, your highest level of education is high school?”

In response, Ning Ran nodded. “Yeah.”

Nan Chen heaved a sigh. The situation is really grave! Sure enough, she can almost be considered illiterate compared to me!

“In that case, you’ve got to keep it a secret,” Nan Chen uttered in a low voice.

“What do you mean?” Ning Ran couldn’t quite understand that.

“Don’t tell anyone that your level of education is so low, especially Grandpa! I’ll tell him that you only studied degree domestically and went abroad for your master’s,” Nan Chen asserted.

“But I was taking care of the kids while working abroad. Although I did learn some things, I didn’t study master’s!”

“Well, if I said you have a master’s degree, then you have a master’s degree! Later, I’ll have my friend abroad help to get you the certificates.”

Even greater surprise washed over Ning Ran. “Whoa! You’re even going so far as falsifying certificates? If your grandfather were to learn about it—”

“It won’t be false certificates, but real ones. I’ll have those universities issue you certificates, so they’ll be undoubtedly real!” Nan Chen amended.

At that, Ning Ran frowned. “Isn’t that tantamount to buying academic qualifications? It’ll still be fake, a lie to dupe others!”

Exasperation swamped Nan Chen. “Stop being so rigid! How is this considered a lie? You don’t want to lie, right? Fine, then. I’ll have Qiao Zhan get in touch with a university for you. Go and study when the semester begins. You must obtain a master’s degree at the very least. After that, you can even go for a PhD. This is in line with Grandpa’s request!”

“You might as well kill me. Why should I give myself more work and pursue my studies when even my son and daughter are already studying?”

“If you don’t want to do so, you must listen to me! I’ll make the arrangements for the academic qualifications!” Nan Chen affirmed.

Left with no choice, Ning Ran relented, “Fine. You make the arrangements. But first things first—if the falsification of my academic qualifications were to come to light, you’d be taking the blame. That has nothing to do with me!”

Hearing that, Nan Chen wore a thoughtful expression on his face. “Grandpa is shrewd, so he might investigate the matter. To be on the safe side, you should take a professional course online and pass the exam. With that, not only will you have the academic qualifications, but you’ll also have the knowledge!”

Again, anxiety gripped Ning Ran. “That still means that I’ll have to study!”

“How about this? Treat it as a job. As long as you complete the job, I’ll get you the certificate regardless of whether you pass the exam. Then, Grandpa will have no qualms about allowing you to be with me,” Nan Chen stated seriously.

“But I never said I want to be with you.”

Nan Chen’s expression darkened at once. “Then, who are you planning to be with?”

“I haven’t decided yet. But—”

“You’ve got a contract with Star Entertainment, and you can’t get married during the duration of your contract,” Nan Chen declared.

“What? There’s such a clause? Why didn’t I notice it? That contract is for a duration of decades. I’ll be an old lady by the time the contract expires. Who would I marry at that time?” Ning Ran exclaimed in astonishment.

A smug look spread across Nan Chen’s face. “Therefore, you can only marry me if you want to get married during the duration of your contract because I can pay the liquidated damages for you. Otherwise, no one would be able to afford them.”

“This is too much! This isn’t a management contract but an indenture!” Ning Ran protested.

“No matter what it is, you’ve already signed it, and everything is written in black and white. Thus, you have to abide by it. You’ve got no choice!”

Words eluded Ning Ran.

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