My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Bully

While Huang Zichao was an award-winning actor, he found it impossible to calm his nerve enough to put up an act in front of Nan Chen. Thus, his terror was clearly displayed for Nan Chen and even Qiao Zhan to see.

Still, Huang Zichao was unwilling to yield just like that because he was still hopeful for Ding Fei’s dirt on him would remain unknown to the world.

That was basically his greatest weakness. If the information Ding Fei had on him were leaked, his career would very likely be doomed. Thus, even though he was opening his mouth, he refused to answer Nan Chen’s question.

The silence Huang Zichao produced was born out of fear, unlike Nan Chen’s, which was due to his unwillingness to speak. “Tell me about Ding Fei,” Nan Chen asked again. With substantial effort, Huang Zichao managed to seal his mouth shut.

Nan Chen shot a tacit look at Qiao Zhan before the latter lifted a bottle. “Seems like you still haven’t drunk enough alcohol to speak your mind freely. How about another bottle?”

Crap, he’s going to make me drink again? If I glug down any more alcohol, I will really get drunk! Huang Zichao yelled, “How can you allow your subordinate to commit a crime, Mr. Nan?”

“You were always his idol. Meeting you today made him very happy. There’s nothing I can do if he wants you to drink with him,” Nan Chen responded plainly.

Speedily, Qiao Zhan went along with it. “Yeah, that’s right! I’ve always admired you. Today, I’ll toast to you using tea instead of alcohol.”

Huang Zichao’s lips trembled with outrage. He’s such a bully! I’m going to die if I keep drinking this sixty-percent-ABV vodka while he drinks tea!

“Are you going to drink it yourself or…?” As Qiao Zhan spoke, he handed the bottle to Huang Zichao.

Even though Qiao Zhan didn’t complete his sentence, Huang Zichao knew what words would follow. Either I drink this myself, or he’s going to knock me out and pour it down my throat! Obviously, if I have to choose, I rather drink it myself. It’s better than getting another deadly punch from this brute again! I’m going to suffer a concussion if he hits me a couple more times.

Despite his thoughts, he still didn’t want to drink because the alcohol was so strong that it burned his mouth.

“Fine, I’ll talk! I don’t want to drink this!” Huang Zichao relented and waved his hands. “Yes, I’m familiar with Ding Fei and I have met her before.”

Upon hearing that, Qiao Zhan released a sigh of relief. It would’ve been over sooner if he had answered Sir Chen’s question earlier. I really don’t want to hit him because he’s too squishy compared to me, and it’ll also make me look like a bully. It’s the same thing as a high-schooler fighting against a primary school student. It’s da*n boring.

“However, I don’t know who she is. All I know is that she’s an actor who bought a bunch of negligible awards overseas to boost her credentials. I have no knowledge of her abilities and her background,” Huang Zichao answered honestly.

“Tell me everything clearly,” Nan Chen demanded.

“From the beginning?”

Furrowing his eyebrows like Nan Chen, Qiao Zhan spat, “Of course! Do you think we want you to start from the middle?”

“Some time ago, I received an invitation to star as the first male lead in a drama. However, because it clashed with my schedule, I rejected the invitation. Still, they refused to give up. They said I only needed to attend the filming for a few days and show my face. After that, they could arrange for a double to film most of my scenes and then use technology to paste my face onto the double. The pay they offered was high, so my agency agreed. However, I still haven’t participated in a filming session yet. I planned to join them once the filming of my show ends,” Huang Zichao recounted.

Nan Chen didn’t reply. It’s not odd for an A-list actor to receive multiple invitations for movies or shows at the same time. Additionally, the actor and their agency have to consider many things before choosing which invitation to accept while rejecting the rest, which is most of them. That’s nothing out of the ordinary, either. So far, it seems like he’s telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Qiao Zhan signaled Huang Zichao to continue.

“As I kept delaying my appearance there, they said I’ve been slowing down their progress, which they are unhappy with—” Huang Zichao cut his sentence short when Nan Chen waved for him to stop.

After Qiao Zhan saw Nan Chen looking at him, he thought about what his employer wanted to say and inquired, “Get to the point. Why did you invite Madam to join your show and then cancel it?”

Nan Chen beamed at him with praise.

Yes! My guess was correct again! I can do Mr. Jiang’s job now! Qiao Zhan thought giddily.

“After that, Ding Fei asked me to film the show with her together. So, I canceled my collaboration with Ms. Ning. I made that decision and there was no complicated reason behind it.” There was a sparkle in Huang Zichao’s eyes.

Nan Chen was able to ascertain Huang Zichao was lying. Hence, he glanced at Qiao Zhan and then at the vodka on the table again.

Picking up the bottle, Qiao Zhan uttered, “Seems like you need to drink a little more, Mr. Huang. As they say, a drunken man is an honest man.”

A bitter expression was set on Huang Zichao’s face. “Please don’t do this. I have my own reasons…”

“We can help you solve your problems. However, if you refuse to speak the truth, more suffering awaits you,” Nan Chen warned.

Huang Zichao’s mouth was wide open, but no words came out. I’m aware of what kind of person Nan Chen is. If I offend him, then I’ll certainly die of alcohol poisoning after consuming the bottles of vodka sitting on the table. Nan Chen may not take another person’s life haphazardly, but that doesn’t apply to that subordinate of his! What if he does pour all the vodka down my throat by force? If I die of alcohol poisoning, Nan Chen will only need to spend some money to settle the matter because people will think we were simply drinking together! My fame may be important, but it’s worthless if I’m dead! Huh… It looks like I’ll have no choice but to spill the beans.

Moments later, he muttered, “Ding Fei has a grudge against Ning Ran. She wanted me to slander Ning Ran on the show, but I didn’t want to, so I canceled it. Ding Fei accepted my decision afterward.”

“Why did you take her orders?” Qiao Zhan questioned.

“I didn’t. I canceled the show.”

“That doesn’t seem right. You could’ve chosen not to slander Madam on the show if you wanted to disobey her. However, you canceled it instead. This means you’re afraid of antagonizing Ding Fei. Why?”

Nan Chen beamed at Qiao Zhan complimentarily again for asking the right question.

It made Qiao Zhan feel proud. I think I’m capable enough to become Sir Chen’s special assistant now! As for Mr. Jiang, he can work as a security guard. No, he’s too weak for that. I know! He can be a janitor who specializes in cleaning toilets!

“That…” Huang Zichao hesitated because he was unwilling to say why.

Therefore, Qiao Zhan picked up a bottle again. “You’re such an unpleasant man. Even after talking for so long, you still refuse to get to the crux of the matter!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll talk!” Huang Zichao surrendered.

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