My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Brains And Brawn

Meanwhile, in Livingsfill, just as Huang Zichao entered a private room in a club, someone knocked on the door. When he opened the door, he saw a man built like a steel tower before him.

The man then stepped away, allowing the man without any facial expression to amble forward. “Mr. Nan? You’re the one who invited me?” Huang Zichao was surprised.

Nan Chen stepped past him and entered the room with Qiao Zhan before locking the door. “What do you two want?” Huang Zichao got nervous.

Qiao Zhan stood in front of Huang Zichao and grabbed him by his collar. “Sir Chen has invited you to a meeting multiple times, yet each time, you turned him down. However, when I sent that anonymous message to you with another phone, you showed up. This means you’re afraid of someone. Tell me, who’s that person and who did you think sent you that message?”

In response, Nan Chen shot a glance at Qiao Zhan, gesturing for him to be gentler.

Of course, Huang Zichao wasn’t going to surrender that easily. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

A sigh slipped out of Qiao Zhan’s mouth as he turned to Nan Chen. “Not everyone is as self-aware as me, Sir Chen. Some people are just that despicable, refusing to reveal what they know until violence is applied.”

Sitting down, Nan Chen grabbed a wine bottle, smelled it, and put it down. “Ask a server to bring me five bottles of highly concentrated vodka with at least sixty percent alcohol by volume.”

“Why do you want vodka with that high ABV percentage, Sir Chen? Do you want to drink it?” Qiao Zhan asked.

Nan Chen simply waved, nonverbally telling him to do as he was told.

Thus, Qiao Zhan left and soon returned with the bottles.

“The ABV percentage of this vodka is way too high, Sir Chen. Don’t drink too much of it. In fact, it’s best if you don’t drink it at all,” Qiao Zhan advised.

“I’m not drinking. He’s the one drinking.” Lifting his chin, Nan Chen stared at Huang Zichao.

Panickily, Huang Zichao waved his hands. “No, no, no. I don’t want to drink such strong alcohol. I can’t.”

“You want to, and you will. There are too many thoughts running around in that noggin of yours. Once you’re drunk, you’ll be able to let them spill out.” Qiao Zhan popped open a bottle.

“I really can’t. My body can’t handle it if I drink it.”

Nan Chen glanced at Qiao Zhan.

However, Qiao Zhan wasn’t as bright as Jiang Zhe, which was why Jiang Zhe was Nan Chen’s mouthpiece while Qiao Zhan wasn’t.

Hence, Qiao Zhan merely stared at Nan Chen, slightly puzzled. What does he want me to do next?

That ticked Nan Chen off. Isn’t he skilled at prying someone’s mouth open? He’s even holding the prop right now, yet he still doesn’t know how to act. Are muscle heads really that simple-minded? Is it truly impossible for one to possess both brawn and brain?

He ordered icily, “Pour the vodka.”

“Oh, okay.” Qiao Zhan proceeded to pour the vodka into a glass and placed it in front of Nan Chen.

Coldly, Nan Chen shot a glare at him. I’m not the one drinking! How can he still not understand the drink’s meant for Huang Zichao and not me?

In one second, Qiao Zhan would think he understood what Nan Chen meant, but in another, he would have no idea what Nan Chen was trying to convey.

Thus, he had no choice but to think about the situation carefully. What should I do with this strong liquor? Am I really supposed to make Huang Zichao drunk with this? But if that’s the case, then there’s no need to have this many bottles. It’s not like we’re using this for a steamboat. Oh, wait, does this mean these bottles are intended to frighten Huang Zichao?

He felt as though he had been enlightened when he finally grasped what he was supposed to do.

“Sir Chen has questions for you. If you answer them truthfully, you get to walk away unharmed. Should you refuse, you’ll be emptying all these bottles. Then, tomorrow, reporters will discover you’ve died of alcohol poisoning after you drank too much vodka! Oh, how pitiful will you be!” Qiao Zhan exaggerated.

Once he ended his sentence, he shifted his line of sight to Nan Chen. Upon receiving a look of approval from his employer, he let out a sigh of relief. I’ve finally got it right! Now I’m kind of impressed with Jiang Zhe. Not only does he know how to butter people up, but he’s also very good at figuring out what Sir Chen is thinking. Sir Chen’s usually pretty taciturn and he rarely expresses his thoughts directly, so I have to make out what he thinks. It’s incredible how Jiang Zhe’s able to nail his guesses every time whenever he conveyed Sir Chen’s words.

Huang Zichao’s expression changed. “You can’t do this! That’s a criminal offense!”

“We were just talking with you. It was such a pleasant time that we drank a lot. Sadly, you gulped down a little too much vodka and died from alcohol poisoning. That, naturally, doesn’t count as a criminal offense. At most, we’ll just pay for your funeral. Well, Sir Chen can afford it.” When Qiao Zhan’s threat concluded, he turned to Nan Chen and earned his employer’s approval again.

Suddenly, he felt as though Jiang Zhe wasn’t that amazing after all. I can guess what Sir Chen is thinking just like Jiang Zhe!

Huang Zichao’s mind was brimming with anxiousness. He knew it wouldn’t be feasible for him to resist if Qiao Zhan were to force him to drink.

Therefore, he relented. “What do you two want to know?”

“Why did you approach my madam with an offer for her to star in a television show and then cancel it afterward? Not only that, you were even willing to bear the losses. What are you afraid of?” Qiao Zhan interrogated.

“It’s nothing. I just didn’t want to continue filming the show anymore because it was boring.”

In response, Qiao Zhan glimpsed at Nan Chen, who was frowning. This isn’t good! I must’ve pissed him off because I’m not doing a good job! This is all Huang Zichao’s fault! If he had answered my questions properly, Sir Chen wouldn’t have gotten angry!

Furiously, he punched Huang Zichao, which knocked the latter out instantly.

After all, he was a professional, and his fist was as tough as steel. No ordinary person could take a punch from him and still be fine.

Nan Chen’s frown intensified. “What are you doing? I want you to question him, not render him unconscious.”

With an innocent expression, Qiao Zhan gazed at his fist. “How would I know he’s so weak? Although, I think it’s easier to make him drunk after he’s knocked out.”

Resignedly, Nan Chen shook his head. I should’ve known that Jiang Zhe is better at handling matters like this than a muscle head.

Qiao Zhan proceeded to grab Huang Zichao, opened the latter’s mouth, and poured some vodka in.

Huang Zichao was promptly woken up as he coughed violently. “You two—”

Rudely, Qiao Zhan interrupted, “It’s just me, not us. I’m the one responsible. Sir Chen has no involvement in this. Anyway, we had such a fantastic time together after we met that we drank a little too much. Then you died from alcohol poisoning. It can’t be helped.”

“If you keep doing that, I’ll call the cops!” Huang Zichao was panting heavily.

“Do it, then.” Upon pulling out a phone, Qiao Zhan handed the device to him. “What, do you think the police are going to care that we’re drinking?”

That shut Huang Zichao up. He was a celebrity, and he wanted to keep a low profile and avoid anyone getting dirt on him, so, naturally, he wasn’t going to call the cops willy-nilly.

Nan Chen, who had been staying silent, asked, “Who’s Ding Fei?”

Huang Zichao was stunned when he heard the name. Has Nan Chen figured out that Ding Fei got dirt on me? If that’s the case, doesn’t this mean Nan Chen also has the same dirt?

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