My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Doll Herself

After Tang Jing left the prison, she visited Ouyang Li because the latter demanded she reports the situation in Flower City upon returning from that city to her.

Ouyang Li needed Tang Jing to update her of Ning Ran’s situation before she reported it to Ding Fei.

While Ouyang Li had no idea where Ding Fei came from or who she was, she was undoubtedly a great help to her. It was thanks to Ding Fei’s massive funds that Sunshine Corporation’s condition was temporarily stabilized.

Upon arriving at Ouyang Li’s office, Tang Jing briefed her about the situation in Flower City and, more importantly, Ning Ran’s latest development.

When the briefing concluded, Ouyang Li asked, “Do all men love beautiful women?”

That question stunned Tang Jing. What kind of question is that? I don’t think there’s any man in this world who likes ugly women or any woman who likes ugly men. Under normal circumstances, the more attractive a person is, the more likely someone will be drawn to them. That’s something even children comprehend. I think there’s more going on with Ouyang Li right now. Why else would she ask such an obvious question? Hmm, she seems to be a little different compared to before. Her current hairstyle is more fashionable, and she even has exquisite makeup on. It’s pretty obvious she’s paying more attention to her clothing, too. Overall, her image is better than before. It’s definitely not a small matter for a woman who is all focused on her work to care about her appearance out of a sudden. There’s a saying that goes, ‘a man’s willing to die for those who appreciate him, and a woman’s willing to doll herself up to please the person who loves her.’ However, that saying isn’t true. More often than not, a woman dresses herself up for someone she likes because she wants to look pretty in front of them. Ouyang Li’s sudden change is definitely the result of her falling for a man, and now, she’s worried he won’t be attracted to her plain looks.

“What are you staying silent for? Answer my question.” Ouyang Li’s voice pulled Tang Jing back to reality.

Without delay, Tang Jing answered, “Not entirely. Only shallow men will solely focus on a woman’s appearance. Men who are more refined will value a woman’s overall qualities more.”

That answer was tailored-made by Tang Jing for Ouyang Li because she knew that was what Ouyang Li really wanted to hear.

As expected, Ouyang Li revealed a satisfied expression.

“Have you fallen for a man before? Do you know how it feels?” she abruptly inquired.

That stunned Tang Jing again. Now that I think about it, I have never fallen for anyone before. Sure, I was infatuated with some men in the past, including the Nan brothers. However, I can’t really say I like them. I think I’m attracted to them mostly because they’re handsome and because they have prestigious status as well as outstanding backgrounds. Those qualities are the most important things to me. I’m fine with Ouyang Qi, but I don’t think I can claim that I like him. The only thing I can say for sure about him is that if I bet on him, I stand a good chance of winning. Still, I can’t tell Ouyang Li that I’ve never loved someone before.

As her train of thought ended there, she replied, “Yes, I have. As for how it feels… It’s different from person to person. For some, my feelings toward them are stronger. For others, my feelings are more subdued.”

“If you really hate someone, but you still want to get his attention and approval, does this mean you like him?” Ouyang Li asked.

“I’m afraid the answer is yes.”

Ouyang Li remained quiet for a long time. It’s undeniable that I’m a neophyte when it comes to romance. Many have chased after me before, but those men only did so because they were after my family’s resources. That’s why I never paid attention to them before, and that’s also why I thought I’ll never experience love. However, my thoughts have been dominated by that man recently, even though he isn’t even willing to look at me. It makes me feel dejected and angry, but at the same time, I desire his acknowledgment even more. I want to do everything right, achieve remarkable accomplishments, and then finally defeat him. That way, it will force him to look up at me as I step on him.

Then, with disdain, she responded, “I don’t have any particular reason for asking you that. I was simply curious about what goes through the minds of those in love. A romance between a man and a woman is most boring.”

Her words sounded odd as though she was trying to hide something.

Tang Jing snickered in her mind. I wonder which man this plain-looking woman is smitten with. ”I know. You’re a strong, independent woman. Men are worth nothing in your eyes.”

“Let’s get back to business. Have you found out the movie’s release date yet?”

“No. There’s still filming that needs to be done. However, I’ll continue to inquire about it. Once I receive news regarding the release date, I’ll inform you right away.”

“Good. Don’t forget to report everything Ning Ran does to me as soon as possible, regardless of how insignificant it is.”

“I will.”

Ouyang Li then gestured for Tang Jing to leave.

After Tang Jing left, Ouyang Li pulled out her phone and stared at the man’s photo again.

For the past two days, she had been doing the same thing over and over. However, she still couldn’t understand why her attention was repeatedly drawn to his image.

His cold, disdainful eyes, emotionless face, male-model figure, and everything else about him constantly popped up in her mind, driving her insane. Why am I like this? Why can’t I expel him from my mind?


Her resentment remained even after she smashed her phone on the ground, so she crushed it into pieces with her high heels until the screen was shattered, and she couldn’t see anything anymore.

A vicious glint glimmered in her eyes. You think you’re a god superior to everyone else, don’t you? Since you’re unwilling to even look at me, I’ll find a way to destroy you! You think you are god but I’ll drag you down and turn you into an ugly, poor, and worthless mortal! Then, I’ll have you lie in front of me like a lowly dog and then step on you until you crumble to dust!

When her train of thought ended there, she felt much better, as though everything she had wished for had been granted.

Ouyang Li was the type of woman who hardly experienced romantic feelings because she would never be drawn to any man with average performance while those who were outstanding looked down on her.

However, once she had romantic feelings for someone, she would transform into a terrifying being; especially when the person she set her eyes on was someone who would never even look at her.

She was aware of that fact, which was why she could only treat the man as a target.

If she couldn’t have him, then she would destroy him. Only then would she finally regain her peace of mind.

Such was human nature. Some people could charm someone and steal their hearts even with limited interactions. And then, that someone would be addicted to the feelings and couldn’t let them go.

Usually, that would only happen to those who were gentle. Yet, a weirdo like Ouyang Li actually experienced such feelings.

Hence, all she could do was use the most extreme method to deal with the throbbing sensation in her heart.

It was an unfortunate affair for those involved.

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